Friday Pic to Make You Smile (18)

No doubt she is someone’s mother.  Or aspires to be.

Mother’s Day is only a week away, so in recognition of that this Friday pic to make you smile features a woman at home doing something…well, motherly, perhaps. 


A woman taking care of things in the kitchen.  To appreciate your own mother on Mother's Day, which is coming up soon, get her a gift of perfume.  You can find perfume shopping info below.


Actually, Lucy Pinder (who this is) is involved in charities that benefit children.  Until she has some of her own, that’s a nice way of looking out for kids.

So what about your own mom?  Are you going to express your appreciation for her on Mother’s Day? 

I know…  you always wonder if you should get her something besides flowers. 

You should.

Not that there’s anything wrong with flowers but, you know, moms like variety, too.

So this year I’ve got just the thing for you. 


Flowers smell good and look good — but take a glance at the picture above again.  This time, instead of just admiring how she looks, imagine how she smells.   What sort of scent is she wearing? 

Perfume turns a woman into a beautiful flower. 

Your mom would appreciate that.  And perfume will last for months, as opposed to a bouquet of flowers, which lasts for days.

So where to get the best perfume as a gift for Mother’s Day?  Click here to go to  Thousands of women (and men) swear by FragranceNet for shopping for perfume and many other beauty products and accessories.  If you wonder what fragrance to get, just check the customer reviews.  If your mother has a favorite perfume, you can usually find it at FragranceNet for less.  (For example, search for “I Love Love” by Moschino, a good, everyday perfume.  Be sure to use the current discount code on the site.  Their special Mother’s Day coupon code is:  MOMTEN,  which is good until May 15, 2013.)

Also, don’t forget the mother of your kids.  She’d enjoy a sophisticated bottle of perfume, too.

If you think that your mom — or whoever you’re shopping for for Mother’s Day — isn’t exactly a perfume kind of person, well, you might be surprised if you checked with her.  But if you want to venture further afield for even more unique Mother’s Day gifts, see my post that has many suggestions for unusual Mother’s Day gift ideas.  Guaranteed that she’ll like.

Moms face a lot of uncertainty in raising the likes of you.  You want a sure thing when it comes to appreciating her on Mother’s Day.  Don’t wait.  Today is Friday. 


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