Chaco Sandals Sale at LeftLane Sports — Up to 50% Off — Plus Other Discount Retailers

As the weather warms up, you’ve probably been thinking about upgrading your sandals for the summer.  Today is the day to do it:  LeftLane Sports is having a sale on Chaco sandals and shoes for a limited time.

If you know about Chaco, then I don’t need to go into why you should jump at the chance to get Chaco sandals, flip-flops, and shoes for a great discount.  They are simply some of the best sandals and footwear made.

If you’re not aware of Chaco, here’s a quick description:

  •  Marc Paigen, a maker of custom shoes and also a whitewater rafting guide, began constructing his own sandals, aiming for comfort, superior performance, and durability.
  • His sandals were so good, other river guides wanted them.
  • Paigen launched the Chaco company in 1989, operating out of the tiny town of Paonia, Colorado.
  • The company acquired lots of outdoor adventure fans who liked their sandals, shoes, and flip-flops and by 2008 Chaco was generating revenue of over $20 million a year.

I want to let you know two things:  Chaco men’s sandals and other footwear has been drastically discounted at outdoor gear and sports outfitter LeftLane Sports until this Sunday or while supplies last.  The second is that there are alternative reliable retailers where you can get Chaco shoes for a good discount if you happen to miss this sale or if the particular Chaco model you want is sold out.  (See below.)

Chaco sandals and shoes are known primarily for their comfortable fit and reliable performance in outdoor adventure situations, such as rafting, approach hikes to your favorite rock climbing routes, or tramping along a remote beach looking for interesting driftwood.

Chaco is also known for the fact that their sandals are repairable and resoleable, so that they can far outlast most competing brands of sandals.

Some of the best men's sandals are made by Chaco.  Chacos are know for their durability, comfort, and peformance.   The Chacos sandals sale at LeftLane Sports is a good chance to get these great sandals for men.

Click to get in on the Chaco sandals and shoes sale at LeftLane Sports for a limited time.


So, you get a nice combination of comfort, performance, and durability.  That’s why Chacos have tended to inspire fanatical customer loyalty and why this current Chaco sandals sale is a welcome event as we approach summer. 

What kind of prices are we talking about? 

  • Chaco Z/1 Yampa Sandals for Men, regularly $100, now on sale for $59.95 at LeftLane
  • Chaco Cordonazo EcoTread Flip-Flops for Guys, regularly $80, now $39.95
  • Chaco Tedinho Bulloo Boots (Men’s), regularly $120, now $62.95 (a great price for an outstanding pair of amphibious boots)

Keep in mind that any U.S. order over $75 ships free from LeftLane Sports.

Click here to explore the broad selection of Chaco sandals, flip-flops, and closed-toe shoes for men available now at LeftLane Sports for up to 50% off.  They will be selling fast, so if you need some high-quality sandals or flip-flops for your outdoor adventures (or just lounging at the tiki bar), shop now.  (And, as far as flip-flops go, these are not cheap flip-flops by any means.  Full grain leather, double stitching, EcoTread outsole made of recycled rubber.)

The Biocentric foot beds on Chaco sandals and footwear are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association to prevent over-pronation (when the foot rolls too far inward) as you walk or run. The extra arch support and shock absorption mimic the natural surface of walking barefoot on soil (which is what we evolved to walk on).

Here is a video of Chaco founder Marc Paigen explaining the design and performance advantages of Chaco sandals:


Now, if you happen to be reading this and the Chaco sandals sale at LeftLane Sports is over — first of all, why did you miss it?  If you’re an outdoor or sports guy, you should be a member of LeftLane Sports (it’s free), then you would be notified in advance about outstanding flash sales like this.  LeftLane offers new sales constantly on a host of outdoor gear and active-lifestyle brands.  To learn more about LeftLane Sports, read my post here.  Then sign up.

So, if you missed LeftLane’s Chaco sale, you can still get Chaco footwear for a good discount at two other gear retailers I wanted to let you know about…

First, Sierra Trading Post.  They always have a good selection of all types of Chaco sandals, flip-flops, and shoes for both men and women at up to a 50% discount.

Second, DepartmentOfGoods, one of the better outdoor and sports gear discount sites, where you can find good prices and confidence-inspiring customer service, as well as a big selection of top brands, including Chaco, for guys (and gals).

Both Sierra Trading Post and DepartmentOfGoods offer superior customer service, so you can shop there with confidence. 

Just like you’ll walk with confidence (and comfort) when you’re wearing your Chacos.

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