Figs, Chocolate, and Mother’s Day Equals a Unique Gift Idea for Your Mom

Your mom probably likes chocolate.  She also probably likes the idea of exotic travel destinations, out-of-the-ordinary experiences, delicious artisanal food, and the fact that you care about her.

Which is what Mother’s Day is all about.  You want to show her that she’s special to you, so why not get her a unique, special gift that no one else’s mom is going to be receiving on Mother’s Day? 

Combine all of the above ideas and they add up to a thoughtful gift that will impress her, not only for the taste, but for the colorful vibe of its origin:  Rabitos Royale Dark Chocolate Fig Bonbons from La Tienda.

A unique Mother's Day idea is the gift of gourmet chocolate-stuffed fig bonbons -- the Rabitos Royale Dark Chocolate Fig Bonbons from La Tienda in a limited-edition gift box.

Click here for the limited-edition gift box of the Rabitos Royale Dark Chocolate Fig Bonbons — a delicious and out-of-the-ordinary Mother’s Day gift idea.


La Tienda covers the exotic travel destination component of this Mother’s Day gift idea.  La Tienda is the premier online source for the best of all things relating to Spanish food and cooking — from actual meats, vegetables, wine, prepared gourmet foods, and cheese imported from Spain, to all the kitchen gear you need to prepare and serve your own Spanish feast.

The out-of-the-ordinary part of this gift is covered by the fact that, not only are you giving her chocolate, you are giving her chocolate-stuffed-and-covered figs — the most delectable figs from Spain’s Extremadura region.  In that western part of Spain, Pajarero figs are grown.  Pajarero figs are known for having thinner skins than the typical Turkish figs you find in most markets and they are smaller and sweeter as well.  Their thin skins allow more moistness and flavor to come through when you eat them.

The delicious artisanal food aspect comes from the fact that these Rabitos Royale Dark Chocolate Fig Bonbons were created by couple of creative foodies from southwest Spain, Raquel and Señador Valero.  They came up with the idea to stuff baby Pajarero figs with chocolate mousse flavored with brandy.  They then hand-dipped the stuffed figs in dark chocolate.  You end up with one of the most decadent chocolate treats in the world.

You don’t have to take only my word for it.  When the Valeros presented their Rabitos Royale Dark Chocolate Fig Bonbons at the Fancy Food Show in New York in 2006, they earned “Best Confection in Show” honors. 

You can find any number of customer reviews online that rave about the Rabitos Royale Bonbons:

“This is an annual must buy.  My wife adores these and usually makes two packages last until the next Christmas.”

“DELICIOUS. A wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys figs…..and the dark chocolate is heavenly.”

“So rich and so wonderful! I have given boxes of these to friends and the vote is 5 stars by all!”

“If you like chocolate and figs then you will love these decadent little treats. Something different then the standard box of chocolates.”

So, you know, there’s a good chance your mom will really enjoy these.  She will certainly appreciate the fact that you went to the trouble to get her a unique treat from Spain. 

You can get the Rabitos Royale Dark Chocolate Fig Bonbons from La Tienda by clicking here.  There are several ordering options available.  Two of the most popular are the 5-piece Limited Edition Gift Box (linked-to above, currently $11.50, ), and a 16-piece box.  The Limited Edition Gift Box is just the right size and packaging for a unique Mother’s Day gift.  If she likes them (and she will), you can get her the 16-piece box for her birthday or Christmas.

Be aware that the Rabitos Royale Bonbons are a seasonal product — you can’t get them all year round.  That simply makes them that much more special. 

La Tienda offers a flat-rate shipping fee of $9.95 — a little pricey for a box of dark chocolate fig bonbons, but keep in mind that you can add several more items to your order and the shipping cost remains the same.  Maybe, for example, your mother would appreciate some specialty coffee beans from Spain to go with her chocolate, or a paella-making kit, or some wine.  The Rabitos Royale Bonbons go well with white wine.  In any event, the box of chocolate fig bonbons alone is well worth it.

If you want further unusual gift ideas for Mother’s Day, check my post that lists many out-of-the-ordinary Mother’s Day ideas.  You might also consider getting her some imported jewelry made by artisans from around the world.  And if you’d like many more gift ideas related to chocolate, see my in-depth post about chocolate.

Just remember, when it comes to Mother’s Day, “special” is the operative word.

La Tienda offers many exotic gifts that would be suitable for Mother's Day -- especially if she likes to cook -- or any other special occasion.









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