Friday Pic to Make You Smile (17)

You know what happens when Friday rolls around (I mean, besides the Friday pic to make you smile)…

It’s time to think about the weekend.  Maybe even leave work a little early. 

Put up the sign:  “Gone Fishin’.”

Head out to your favorite spot to toss in a lure.  Won’t think about anything else till Monday.


This girl has gone fishing, just like you're probably thinking of doing.  When you go, bring along Panther Martin lures -- the "greatest fish catcher of all time."

The tip’s bending… Is she using a Panther Martin lure?


Well, almost nothin’ else…

Just like the girl above, you know that when it’s time to fish, that’s what you concentrate on.

Panther Martin knows that, too.  In case you forgot or never remembered, Panther Martin is the maker of legendary fishing lures.  Legendary because they work so well that they’ve become known as “The Greatest Fish Catcher of All Time.”

(I know, that’s what your grandad called himself — but did you ever ask him if he used Panther Martin lures?)

Panther Martin knows that now is the time to visit your finny friends at your favorite fishin’ hole.  That’s why they’ve come up with the new FishSeeUV lure.

The scientific principle of ultraviolet (UV) lures is that fish see colors as if they were under a blacklight — by ultraviolet rays. Fish identify each other by using UV vision to pick out markings on other fish.  These markings are invisible to the human eye.   The FishSeeUV lure from Panther Martin helps fish notice it in the UV spectrum.  These lures will attract and catch fish anywhere you use them. 

The new FishSeeUV lures are not available in stores.  (Fortunately, Panther Martin offers free shipping on orders over $25.)  These lures will work or you can send them back to Panther Martin.

Call your fishin’ buddy and put up the sign…


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