Two Outstanding Online Shopping Sites for Eco-Friendly Products

It’s Earth Day, so you might be thinking of doing something that will help you live more harmoniously on this old Earth we’re a part of.  (You did notice it was Earth Day, right?)

Like what?  Well, you could recycle your plastic water bottle…  plant a tree…  take a member of the Sierra Club to lunch…

But you know, you can feed a Sierra Club member for a day, but if you actually live like you care about the purity and health of the land, air, and water we all depend on, you will ensure that future generations of humans (Sierra Club members or not) will be able to feed themselves and their children and remain robustly healthy. 

Not to mention preserving some of the natural beauty that makes this planet the only garden spot of the Universe that we know of.

If you have children, it’s easy to look at them and think that you really don’t want to mess up the planet that they’ll be living on after you’re gone — as well as their children and their children’s children.

But what to do?  There are so many things that everybody, from your next-door neighbor to all the environmental organizations in the world, like to recommend — from riding a bike instead of driving to never using a Styrofoam container to donating money to their cause.  There’s nothing wrong with any of those things, if that’s what inspires you. 

However, here’s another idea:  why not vote with your dollars for products that are not only eco-friendly but function in such a way that they do not damage the environment or inject pollutants into the ecosystem when they’re being used or when they’re finally “thrown away?” 

In other words, when you buy environmentally-friendly products, you not only get a product that works in a more sustainable manner, you support a business that is working to foster and enhance “green living.”

And green living is the color of living you want to do, if you think that as one of the 7 billion humans on Earth you owe it to Mother Nature to ease the burden just a little bit.

There are some cool developments in the area of green products nowadays.  Many of them work better than their old-fashioned conventional counterparts.  Many of them are cooler.  Which makes them not only environmentally hip, they’re technologically hip as well.

Earthtech Products carries eco-products that are not only environmentally friendly, they are hip and high-tech, like this levitating globe and display base.

See the high-tech Levitron World Stage with Levitating Globe at Earthtech Products


If you’re going to be buying a certain type of product to accomplish a certain thing anyway — let’s say you want some paper plates and cups, for example — why not buy the more earth-friendly version?  It’s often not any more expensive than the polluting product, it often works just as well if not better, and it adds the benefit of giving you a good feeling when you use it.  You feel like you’re contributing to the future well-being of the human race, not to mention every other creature that shares this world.

Okay, so where can you get products like that?  I have two online shopping sites to recommend that offer some of the widest array of eco-friendly products anywhere:  Buy Green and Earthtech Products.  And not only are their products environmentally cool, these online retailers treat their customers right, with good customer service and up-to-date websites that are enjoyable to shop and explore.  They even educate you about aspects of green living, such as the impacts of resource use and consumption.

Buy Green carries just about every sort of consumer product you could want for home or business use, from green cleaning products to clothes for men, women, and kids, to office furniture to sustainable plant-based house paints.

What kind of stuff for guys can you find at Buy Green?  Well, in addition to eco-friendly paper plates, you can shop for Flat Tire Plant Pots, construction materials for do-it-yourselfers and contractors, a waterless car wash system, messenger bags made of hemp (pictured and linked-to below),  solar lanterns, and a bike rack for your office parking lot made of recycled plastic.  And about 1,000 other things.  

Eco-friendly products do not have to be dull and charmless.  You can find many cool products that qualify as environmentally friendly at Buy Green.

Click to see this rugged and stylish hemp messenger bag at Buy Green, along with thousands of other products for green living


The Buy Green site is interesting to explore.  You can also check their stuff on Pinterest.  They are a Shop Wiki approved store. is rated “Excellent” by STELLAService.  They donate to 1% for the Planet.

The second online shopping site I’m recommending for eco-friendly products is Earthtech Products.  Earthtech has gone in a more specialized direction than Buy Green when it comes to eco products.  As you might guess from the name, they emphasize cutting-edge technology with an environmental focus.  Given that it’s tech, you’ll probably like their stuff.

They carry products that you may not even be aware exist, such as solar backpacks (backpacks that charge your laptop, iPod, or other electronic device using solar power), rechargeable LED flashlights, tubular skylights, wooden earbuds, solar-powered motion detectors, electricity-generating wind turbines, and door locks operated by fingerprint ID. 

They also carry a range of more traditional products for green living, including rain storage barrels, compost bins, hand-cranked radios, high-tech air purifiers, and cooking utensils made of bamboo.  Like Buy Green, it pays to explore the Earthtech Products site.  If you’re interested in being more self-sufficient, as well as environmentally harmonious, Earthtech Products offers many solutions that help you accomplish that — and you can find a ton of cool gifts to give to friends and family members who are not afraid of the word “recyclable.”

Earthtech Products has an “A” rating from the BBB.  You can use PayPal on their site, and they often offer free shipping deals.  Treehugger endorses Earthtech Products.

I’m going to put some banners to BuyGreen and Earth Tech Products below.   Please don’t click on these banners…

…and especially not on this Earthtech banner…

…unless you realize that, when you come right down to it, every day is Earth Day.  It doesn’t just happen on April 22.  Because we depend on the earth every freakin’ day of our lives.

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