Friday Pic to Make You Smile (16)

Today’s Friday pic is actually not a pic — or rather, it’s a lot of pictures strung together and displayed real fast.

In other words:  a video.

Once the Masters Tournament happens, ordinary golfers, penned up all winter, feel unleashed to begin pursuing their own links dreams.  To lower their lowest score.  To make a hole in one.  To shoot their age.  Whatever.

But do you know the origin of those dreams?

I won’t vouch for the historical accuracy of the following account, but it’s probably as good an explanation as any of how golf got started.  I mean, the game being invented by a drunken Scotsman makes as much sense as anything.  Especially the way Robin Williams explains it…



 I hope that description of how golf was invented made you smile on this Friday.

Now, here’s another question:  if I ask you to think of a brand of golf clubs, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? 

TaylorMade, right?

Oh, some guys might think of Ping, but they’re better known for drivers.  TaylorMade does it all. 

So how are you going to make your golfing dreams come true this season?  Why not upgrade your clubs?  You can find superior tools for golf at TaylorMade here.  (May as well see what they’re offering this season.)

Of course, if you want a Ping driver or maybe to check out the new line of Callaway RAZR clubs (also cool), go over to Edwin Watts Golf.  They have it all.  And they will help you find what you want.  For a discount, often.

I know, I know… your body is here, but your mind has already teed off.  

Hit it well. 


Here is a bit of golf history, too -- a flag from the 2005 Masters Tournament autographed by Jack Nicklaus.

Golf flag from the 2005 Masters Tournament autographed by Jack Nicklaus — a worthy addition to your collection of golf memorabilia.


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