A Cool Motorcycle Helmet, Especially for Scooter-Riders — the AGV Diesel Hi-Jack Helmet

When it comes to cool motorcyle helmets, the AGV Diesel Hi-Jack Helmet is one of the best motorcycle helmets for those who prefer an open-face motorcycle helmet.

AGV Diesel Hi-Jack Helmet in grey and matte black available at RevZilla


Diesel and AGV Helmet Collaboration

AGV is an Italian company (now owned by Dainese) that manufactures some of the best motorcycle and motorsports helmets in the world.  In the past, wearers of AGV helmets have included guys such as Grand Prix motorcycle racing world champion Giacomo Agostini and Formula One world champion Niki Lauda.

Diesel is an Italian company known for edgy, fashion-forward clothing design, particularly men’s jeans.  What is not so well known about Diesel is that they have been branching out into other areas of product and industrial design in recent years, partnering with design firms and manufacturers to create iconic, unique products — everything from headphones to designer motorcycles (with Ducati) to the Pelican Hotel in Miami Beach.  Some time back, I wrote a post about Diesel’s updated, contemporary desk lighting.

If you’re a motorcycle or scooter rider on the lookout for accessories and apparel with distinctive style, then you’ll want to know that AGV and Diesel have collaborated to bring out several cool and functional motorcycle helmets.  Today I want to review one of the most unique designs among open-face helmets — the AGV Diesel Hi-Jack Helmet.

As you can see from the helmet pictured above (in grey and matte black), the look Diesel was going for in the design of this helmet owes a lot to the look of helmets worn by helicopter pilots.  Diesel and AGV have taken the aero-inspired, military appearance of these helmets and adapted it to an open-face helmet design that is perfect for riders wanting a skid-lid that is distinctive and out-of-the-ordinary — especially for guys cruising urban streetscapes on anything from a scooter to a cafe racer. 

The AGV Diesel Hi-Jack Helmet features a visor that lifts up and tucks away inside the helmet.  It is available in seven different color combinations.  Some of the two-tone designs include Diesel logos for more overt fans of the company and some are more subtle.  All of them stand out from the crowd of run-of-the-mill open-face motorcycle helmets.  The colors are diverse enough that you can probably find one to match the paint scheme of your bike.

These cool motorcycle helmets can be made even more good-looking by adding one of the customized face shields available from Diesel, which you can get in clear, smoke tint, and iridium mirror.

As you would expect in a helmet made by AGV, which puts rider safety and cutting-edge functionality first, the helmet is DOT-approved.


RevZilla:  Top Source when Shopping for the Best Motorcycle Helmets

You can get the AGV Diesel Hi-Jack Helmet from RevZilla

If you are familiar with RevZilla, you’ll be happy to hear that.  If you haven’t heard of the company, suffice it to say that they are one of the best, if not the best, suppliers of motorcycle accessories, gear, equipment, and parts online. 

Give RevZilla a try by ordering from them and it’s a good bet you’ll become a customer for life.  They are one of the few retailers that carry the full line of AGV Diesel helmets (several of which are available for closeout pricing now on the RevZilla site).   In addition to open-face designs, AGV and Diesel have also collaborated on some of the best full-face motorcycle helmets, which RevZilla also carries (such as the AGV Diesel Full-Jack Helmet).


Reviews of the AGV Diesel Hi-Jack Helmet

RevZilla offers an extensive selection of motorcycle helmet reviews, both from their professional riders/staff and from their knowledgeable customers.  Check out the customer reviews for the AGV Diesel Hi-Jack Helmets — they average 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

One pleased customer had this to say in his review of the AGV Diesel Hi-Jack:

[I liked it so much I] had to buy a second helmet in a different color scheme.   Absolutely love this helmet, its styling and great comfort.  Very light weight and internal lining is soft and of great quality. Love the ratchet lock chin strap as it is easy to lock/unlock.  Noise is average for open face helmet as expected.  The visor is very well built… great quality.  Would highly recommend getting the silver-chrome visor shield too, as it is very easy replacing them for daytime/night-time vision. Visor folds in internally so it stays safe from scratches but yet when down, it leaves room for wearing glasses as well. Visor tends to let in wind turbulence at ~60+ mph so it can get uncomfortable [in]cold conditions, otherwise no problem in summer.  Fitment runs smaller so I would recommend going one size up.  Very glad REVZILLA carries this model, I would shop nowhere else but here for years now.  Thanks Revzilla team!

As the customer mentions above, the one drawback that some motorcycle helmet reviews for the AGV Diesel Hi-Jack Helmet brought up was that at highway speeds (50 mph and above) a fair amount of wind comes in under the face-shield, so it helps to wear an additional pair of protective glasses or light goggles if you plan to do a lot of fast riding.  (Something like Airfoil goggles or Bobster sunglasses, which RevZilla also carries.  Use the “Search” function on their site to find them.) 

But again, that’s not such a concern for scooter riders and in most urban riding situations.  And some reviewers found that they could ride comfortably at 70 mph and not be bothered by the wind when using only the face-shield of this helmet.

Here’s a video introduction and review of the AGV Diesel Hi-Jack by Anthony, one of the staff members at RevZilla:


As you’ll see on the product description page for the AGV Diesel Hi-Jack Helmet on the RevZilla site, they have a sizing chart for the helmet that corresponds to your hat size.  Also, if you scroll down to the bottom of the product description page, you’ll see a tab marked “Q&A.”  Many RevZilla product pages include this section where you can see answers to common questions that customers have asked, and you can ask your own question if you like.  And, of course, the RevZilla guys are happy to talk to you on the phone.

Among the video motorcycle helmet reviews for the AGV Diesel Hi-Jack Helmet, I found one where the guy was showing how the helmet looks and fits when it’s being worn.  Here it is:


In short, this is one of the most distinctive and stylish motorcycle helmets you can get, especially for scooter-riding, and particularly if you like that chopper pilot helmet look.  As a brand, Diesel has gathered a lot of fans, and they are doing some interesting things in the area of product design.  Their partnership with AGV has been a success when it comes to producing cool motorcycle helmets. 

The motorcycle helmet reviews on the RevZilla site give the AGV Diesel Hi-Jack Helmet high marks -- 4.5 out of 5 stars.

AGV Diesel Hi-Jack Helmet in black/green


And from the standpoint of protecting the rider, AGV helmets are second to none when considering the best motorcycle helmets in the world.  The company’s track record proves it.

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