Friday Pic to Make You Smile (15)

It’s spring, when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of… well, you know.

That’s right:  motorcycle riding.

The weather’s getting warmer and the call of the open road gets stronger.

That’s what happens when a young man looks out the window and notices a lack of ice and snow.

Heck, happens with older guys, too.

In keeping with that yearning, here’s a Friday pic to make you smile:

 For your Friday viewing pleasure, here's a beautiful girl in a leather motorcycle jacket astride a Norvin motorcyle -- a combination of a Vincent engine and a Norton frame.


Of course, we also know what other things a young man’s fancy turns to in the spring. 

Or anytime, really.  So, of course there’s a girl.

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Note:  Vincent Motorcycles manufactured motorcycles in Great Britain until 1955.  In 1948 their “Black Shadow” motorcycle was the fastest production bike in the world.  Riders with mechanical aptitude began inserting Vincent engines into Norton frames (Norton being another UK motorcycle brand, as you’re probably aware).  So, this girl is not only gorgeous, she’s hip to a cool motorcyle mod:  the Norvin.


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