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The Best Waterproof Case for iPhone

If you want to protect your iPhone when you’re caught out in the rain or, even worse, when it actually gets dunked, there is no better waterproof case than the LifeProof Fre. The LifeProof Fre (pronounced “Free”) has been getting lots of positive buzz in the press and among users since these waterproof iPhone cases […]

Friday Pic to Make You Smile (17) Read more

Friday Pic to Make You Smile (17)

You know what happens when Friday rolls around (I mean, besides the Friday pic to make you smile)… It’s time to think about the weekend.  Maybe even leave work a little early.  Put up the sign:  “Gone Fishin’.” Head out to your favorite spot to toss in a lure.  Won’t think about anything else till […]

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The Only 3 Nutritional Supplements You Need to Take

Should most men be taking nutritional supplements?  As with many matters relating to eating, nutrition, and health, the best answer is:  it depends.  It depends on your age, your level of activity, your genetic makeup, whether you are currently dealing with health problems, your philosophy about food versus supplementation, and especially what you are eating […]

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Friday Pic to Make You Smile (16)

Today’s Friday pic is actually not a pic — or rather, it’s a lot of pictures strung together and displayed real fast. In other words:  a video. Once the Masters Tournament happens, ordinary golfers, penned up all winter, feel unleashed to begin pursuing their own links dreams.  To lower their lowest score.  To make a […]

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When Faced with the Absurdities of Human Civilization, There Are Two Things You Can Do, One Positive, One Negative

When you hear about an event like the bombing at the Boston Marathon yesterday — or, worse, directly experience it yourself — there’s a momentary response that can occur, a split-second thought and associated feeling that often flashes through the mind before other questions and objectifying rational analysis set in. The feeling/thought is:  that’s absurd. […]

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Friday Pic to Make You Smile (15)

It’s spring, when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of… well, you know. That’s right:  motorcycle riding. The weather’s getting warmer and the call of the open road gets stronger. That’s what happens when a young man looks out the window and notices a lack of ice and snow. Heck, happens with older guys, […]

The Kestrel Legend is a Top-Rated Road Bike for 2013 Read more

The Kestrel Legend is a Top-Rated Road Bike for 2013

As spring weather increasingly displaces winter, dedicated cyclists begin thinking that this is the year they will upgrade their road bike so they can ride faster and more effectively during prime biking season.  2013 is definitely a good time to do it, because the current selection of road bikes from the best bicycle manufacturers is […]