The Energy RC Micro 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System is an Ultra-Compact System with Superb Sound

If you’ve been shopping for a high-quality compact home theater speaker system, you’ve probably encountered a common problem most of these systems have:  small speakers can exhibit a nasal-sounding quality and bass tones can be out of balance with the small speakers. 

Fortunately, for those looking for one of the best ultra-compact home theater speaker systems, the Energy RC Micro 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System has solved these problems.  For a very reasonable price, you can get superb audio quality with these speakers. 

If the Energy RC Micro 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System is not the best ultra-compact surround-sound system around, it is darn close.  With its 4 jewel-like satellite speakers that measure a mere 4.75 inches high by 3.5 inches wide by 4 inches deep, along with a center-channel speaker and a powered subwoofer, this pre-matched (i.e., sharing the same tonal characteristics) speaker system meets the needs of those who want a compact set of speakers that provide excellent sound quality with a tiny footprint (or no footprint if you take advantage of the well-mounting capability). 

One of the best ultra-compact home theater speaker systems is the Energy RC Micro 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System.  See it at Crutchfield.

The Energy RC Micro 5.1 Home Theater System is an outstanding ultra-compact speaker system. See it at Crutchfield.

The Energy RC Micro 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System is a consistently top-rated surround-sound speaker system when it comes to both professional reviews and customer reviews. 

CNET (see their video review of the RC Micro 5.1 System below) rated this home theater system “Excellent,” and the customer reviews from the most reputable online electronics retailers — such as Crutchfield, Vann’s, and Newegg — are heavily in the 5-star range (with a few 4s).

If you’re in the market for a very compact home theater system that will give superior performance for a good price, I recommend the Energy RC Micro 5.1 Home Theater System.  Crutchfield has it for $500 off the original list price now, along with free shipping.  Factor in Crutchfield’s legendary customer service, and you can’t go wrong with this deal.

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Energy Speakers Are Well-Known in the Audio Industry for High Quality

As an audio-engineering company, Energy has a well-earned reputation for high quality after nearly 40 years of innovation in producing state-of-the-art sound systems for both professional and home use. 

Energy’s technical philosophy can be summed up as “striving for acoustic perfection.”  To achieve that objective, Energy’s engineers have studied not only the physics of speaker systems but how people listen to and respond to sound (psycho-acoustics).   Their speaker systems combine technical excellence with satisfying audio performance.  The end result of decades of applied research are speakers and home theater systems such as the RC Micro 5.1 System — high-performance audio components that deliver clear, realistic sound — the sort of audio quality that will remind you of what you hear at a live concert, or the way movies sound at your local theater.

Here’s the Energy RC Micro 5.1 Home Theater System video review by CNET:


From an engineering standpoint, Energy explains the development of their superior sound systems as hinging on three important factors:  flat frequency response (flat on-axis response with wide bandwidth); wide, constant dispersion; and low distortion and resonance.  Focusing on these criteria, they developed their first breakthrough speaker in 1982 — the Pro 22 — which has since become legendary in the history of audio system development.  In fact, the Canadian National Research Council and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation made the Pro 22 speaker the benchmark for speaker audio performance.

What all this means for you is that when you buy a speaker system made by Energy, you will own an audio system whose performance you can rely on.

In the RC Micro 5.1 surround-sound system, Energy created a home theater system that produces immense sound from a tiny form factor that is both stylish in appearance and acoustically-sophisticated.

Customer Reviews of the Energy RC Micro 5.1 Home Theater System

Satisfied customers have found that the Energy RC Micro 5.1 Home Theater System meets and even exceeds their expectations.  Since its introduction in 2008, this system has built a proven track record of success among home theater sound system users.  Here are excerpts from some of the online reviews of this system:

“I’m no audiophile, but [I] had a 7.2 speaker system costing several times what I spent on the RC Micros which my ex took possession of.  I was getting by on a pair of self-rebuilt bookshelf speakers that are nice, but 30 years old. When I watched a movie, I’d have to resort to headphones to make out the dialog. 

Well, I’d read the reviews on these speakers and decided to splurge…   These speakers are small!  But they more than fill my condo with its 18 foot ceilings.  And they sound great right out of the box!  I’m maybe 20 hours into the break-in period and really happy with them. I’m still playing with the receiver to get them perfect, but I’ve played classical, all kinds of rock, Internet radio, vinyl, DVDs, iPod, regular radio, Jazz, CDs — it all sounds great. Really rich sounds.”

Another reviewer wrote:

“Awesome speaker system. Very clean and natural sounding speakers.  And they are very compact and perfect for satellite speakers. Get a decent receiver to go with them, and you will be blown away by the sound.  I wouldn’t say they are really too boomy or loud, but sound quality is very good and can be compared to what you find on some high-end systems.”

The Energy RC Micro 5.1 System looks stylish with its glossy black cases and small size, and will complement the decor of whatever room you put it in

The Energy RC Micro 5.1 System is stylish and will complement whatever room you put it in

This system inspired another reviewer to become a life-long customer of Energy:

“I mostly use [the Energy RC Micro 5.1 speakers] for movies and TV shows. Great high sound from speakers and great lows from subwoofer. Best speakers I have ever owned. First time buying Energy and I think I will always stick with them…as long as the parent company doesn’t mess it up.”

Given Energy’s track record, I doubt that they will “mess it up.”

A couple of caveats that customers mentioned in their reviews are:  don’t expect these compact speakers to perform loudly and well in a huge room.  (For a really big room — where you still want to use a compact system — one audiophile reviewer recommended getting five NHT SuperZero 2.0 speakers along with a NHT subwoofer.  The NHT system can be bought for just about triple the price of the Energy RC Micro 5.1 System.)

Two customers said that they wished the small satellite speakers had a little richer mid-range and low frequency response, but that this didn’t really impact their satisfaction with the RC Micro 5.1 System.  One of them went on to say that, considering the price, “This system is a steal.”

The Energy Micro RC 5.1 Speaker System features an elegant, sleek design, as can be seen here with the subwoofer.

The back of the subwoofer of the Energy RC Micro 5.1 surround sound system — elegant, compact, and attractive.


Bottom line: you can pay more for a compact home theater surround sound system, but for superior performance at a reasonable price, the Energy RC Micro 5.1 Home Theater System is hard to beat.


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