Friday Pic to Make You Smile (11)

As you’re no doubt aware, a bunch of gun-control bills have passed in Colorado this week, while further restrictions are being considered at the federal level and in other states.  Here’s a pic for people on both sides of the debate…

 Here's a girl exercising her ability to shoot a shotgun.  The still is Christina Lindberg from the movie "Thriller:  A Cruel Picture."


Myself, I tend to be a contrarian.  With respect to a given issue, I’ll come down on the side of more freedom, regardless of the ideologies involved.  The girl in the photo above seems to know what she’s doing with that shotgun.

Gun rights?  Well, sure, you can hunt with a firearm, though I don’t suppose it’s very “sporting.”  Then again, if you’re hungry, do you care about sport?  If you hunt big game with a high-powered rifle just to stick a head up on your wall, then you’re a lout. 

Any moron can kill themselves or someone else with a gun.  If you want to be a genuine badass, then you should learn the stuff that they teach you at Paladin Press.  Of course, that will cut into your time for kibitzing political issues — but if you want to broaden your perspective on that, check Claire Wolfe’s book The Bad Attitude Guide to Good Citizenship.  Click the banner below for more…



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