More Flannel Goodness: the Stio Rambler Reversible Jacket

Yesterday I wrote about improved flannel shirts.  New fabrics have transformed them into technical wear for outdoor activities, travelers on the go, and guys doing jobs outside.

But the updating of flannel doesn’t stop there.  Case in point:  the Rambler Reversible Jacket from Stio.   (Sort of an updated, technical version of your granddad’s Filson plaid cruiser).

Flannel clothing for men is making a comeback -- case in point, the men's Rambler Reversible Jacket from Stio, a versatile, doubled-sided jacket.

The Rambler Reversible Jacket from Stio is a versatile men’s jacket suitable for everything from spring skiing to canoeing your local lake. Click to see it.

The Rambler Reversible Jacket is a versatile top layer made of heavyweight, brushed cotton flannel.  The plaid cotton outside is tough and good-looking and would be right at home in a lumber camp.  However, where this jacket really shows its versatility is when you reverse it and wear it with the Microlight Nylon on the outside.  Voilà:  you’ve now got a technical windshell with a DWR coating that sheds water. 

That means that the Stio Rambler Reversible is not only suitable when you have to get out and carry in firewood for the stove, it will also work as a ski, snowboard, or mountain-biking jacket on a sunny, though chilly, spring day.

Plus it’s a nice jacket for knocking around town.

Basically, you get two jackets for the price of one, which is not a bad deal at $165.  The testers at Outside magazine found the jacket so useful, they recommended it as “essential” winter gear (good for spring and fall, too).  In fact, they liked the whole line of Stio apparel and accessories so much that Rambling Rippers, the magazine’s popular online column, named Stio the “Family Brand of the Year.”

One of the best jackets for men who like the outdoors, the Stio Rambler Reversible Flannel Plaid Jacket is warm, durable, and well-made.

The Stio Rambler Reversible Jacket with nylon side out (Sky Captain color).

Stio is an innovate start-up company based in Jackson, Wyoming — a good place to base an outdoor apparel and adventure brand if there ever was one.  The mission of the guys who started Stio (the same ones who founded Cloudveil) is to produce clothing that enhances connection with the outdoors.  Whether you pursue active adventures or just want to chill in natural settings, Stio makes clothing that can handle it.  And looks good at the same time. 

Browse through the Stio site to see all of their products for men, women, and kids, and also check out their “News” section to see the positive buzz that this company is garnering.

And don’t wait to get your own Rambler Reversible Jacket in one of three plaid color combinations — inventory is going fast.  Who knew that technical flannel would prove so popular?

Well, Stio.  But those guys are smart entrepreneurs.


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