Two Colorado Basketball Games Mirror Each Other Interestingly Last Night

The two major basketball teams in Colorado — the Denver Nuggets and the University of Colorado Buffaloes — were both in action last night and it was uncanny how the games mirrored each other, especially at the end.

Both games were on television.  The Nuggets were on Altitude Sports.  ESPN2 broadcast the game with the CU-Boulder Buffs.   There must have been people in Colorado switching back and forth between coverage of the two games.  Who noticed all the similarities?

To start, each Colorado team was on the road on the west coast.  The Nuggets were in Portland playing the Trail Blazers and the Buffs men’s team was in Stanford playing the Cardinal.  Both games were played at the same time.  In each game the Colorado teams had to come back from deficits.  Neither Colorado team shot well from behind the arc — the Buffaloes made 22% (4 of 18) of their 3-pointers and the Nuggets made 21.4% (3 of 14).  Both Colorado teams made mistakes as the games came down to the wire — Dinwiddie’s boneheaded technical that gave Stanford a better chance to pull the game out, and Nuggets guards Lawson and Miller missing crucial free throws with seconds remaining.

Nearly Identical Endings

The uncanny thing was how similarly the two games ended.  In Stanford, the Cardinal were down by two to the visiting team, 65-63, but had possession of the ball.  After a stoppage, there were 2.4 seconds left on the clock — plenty of time to inbound the ball and get a reasonable shot.  A three would win and a two would tie.  When play resumed, the pass went in to Stanford’s Dwight Powell, who drove to the basket and dunked, but the officials ruled that he still had his hand on the ball when time expired.

Colorado Coach Tad Boyle saw his Buffaloes pull out a victory in a basketball game against the Stanford Cardinal February 27, 2013.

Colorado Coach Tad Boyle celebrates the end of the game at Stanford (Ron Chenoy–USA TODAY Sports)

The Buffs won by two.

In Portland, the Blazers were down by two to the visiting team, 111 to 109, but had possession of the ball and called time out.  There were 2.4 seconds left on the clock.  When play resumed, the ball went in to LaMarcus Aldridge, whose fade-away jumper was just short.

The Nuggets won by two.

I wonder what the odds are that two Colorado basketball teams playing simultaneously in the same region of the country would come to the end of each game leading by two and having to defend against the other team’s final shot attempt with 2.4 seconds left on the clock?  Eh?  Anybody?  Mathematicians over a CU-Boulder?

Quite a coincidence.  Both games even featured nifty hesitation moves and driving layups by guards on each Colorado team.  (Ty Lawson schooled Portland’s Meyers Leonard on his.  See the video below.)

So, two reasons for Colorado basketball fans to be happy today, while there is no joy in West Coast-ville.

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