Jennifer Lawrence is Cool…

…and apparently Hollywood press people are complete idiots.

We already knew that Jennifer Lawrence can act.  You don’t get nominated for two Academy Awards for best actress by the age of 22 without being, you know, capable.  What we didn’t know is that, in addition to being talented and smart, Jennifer is also down-to-earth, funny, and unassuming.   

Those qualities were on display when she was interviewed in the press room at the Academy Awards after receiving the Oscar for Best Actress.  As you’ll see in the following video, she is asked some of the dumbest questions in history:


“What is your process for getting ready?”

“Was that a fall?”  [!???]  “What happened?”

“You’re not worried about peaking too soon?”

Are you kidding me?  Is this the best these so-called journalists can come up with?

Well, I suppose the brightest bulbs in the box don’t grow up wanting to be entertainment reporters. 

That Ms. Lawrence manages to be charming in the face of such inanity — while still managing to convey the understandable response of “What kind of question is that?” — says a lot for her. 

Which may not be surprising.  After all, she is the second-youngest winner ever of an Academy Award for Best Actress (behind Marlee Matlin) for her gritty, heartfelt, and versatile performance in Silver Linings Playbook.  Previously, she was a revelation in the harrowing role of Ree in Winter’s Bone.  And she did a pretty good job in that little role as an expert archer in a dystopian future where entertainment media sacrifice children for public consumption.  Maybe you saw that

After demonstrating that level of artistic intelligence and creativity, I don’t suppose it’s too much of a stretch to handle a few Hollywood dimbulbs.  Still, she was gracious about it. 

I wonder how Sean Penn would have responded if someone inquired about his process for getting dressed?

I’ve got an answer for that last reporter:  Of course she hasn’t fucking peaked too soon, you nitwit.  (Sorry, though, that you will never peak at all.)

Anyway, it’s nice to see that level of normality and poise in someone who probably has to deal with such people all the time.

We’ll keep an eye on Jennifer Lawrence.

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