Friday Pic to Make You Smile (8)

This Sunday the best movies of 2012 will be celebrated at the Academy Awards. 

Unfortunately, there is no category for the sexiest performers of the year.  But there should be.

Below are my two nominations for the hottest female characters of 2012:  Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises and Scarlett Johannson as Black Widow in Marvel’s The Avengers

And the winner is….  You.  Because you get two pics today instead of one. 

Anne Hathaway was hot and bothersome as Catwoman Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises, which is now available on DVD and blu-ray from CD Universe.

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in “The Dark Knight Rises”


Anne Hathaway created a smart, alluring, kickass version of Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises. That should be worth some sort of award, don’t you think? (Well, at least she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Les Misérables.)


Scarlett Johansson played a seriously athletic and sexy babe as Black Widow in Marvel's The Avenguers, which you can now get on DVD or blu-ray from CD Universe.

Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in “Marvel’s The Avengers”


Scarlett Johansson was athletic, lethal, and seductive as Black Widow in Marvel’s The Avengers.  But she wasn’t nominated for anything this year.  Still, she co-starred in the highest-grossing movie of 2012 (Marvel’s The Avengers has raked in about $1.5 billion worldwide), so that should be some consolation. 

And Marvel’s The Avengers actually received an Academy Award nomination — for Visual Effects. 

You know, Scarlett Johannson is a visual effect all by herself.

So is Anne Hathaway. 

Hope these pics made you smile.  And if you want to re-live the hotness, click the links above to get both these movies on blu-ray.  (You’ll want to relish the detail.)

Entertainment Earth even has action figures of  both Catwoman and Black Widow. 

Too bad these characters inhabit different comic book universes.  Otherwise, someone could contrive a way to get them together in a movie.  They could fight.  And then make up…


Entertainment Earth


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