Friday Pic to Make You Smile (7)

Here’s a fit babe for today’s Friday pic…


When you're physically fit, like this babe, you are not only healthier, you have a better chance of favorably impressing a babe like her when you meet her at the gym or elsewhere.  In the meantime, you can enjoy this picture and use it as inspiration.


When the New Year started, did you make a resolution to get in shape? 

How’s it going?

Sure, it’s fun to look at the woman in this photo, but if you’re already starting to slack on your fitness goals, use it as motivation to keep on keeping on.

After all, someday you may meet her (or someone similar) in the gym…  Or on a hiking trail.  Or at an outdoor music festival. 

When you do meet her, it will be helpful for you to be as healthy and fit as she is.

TGIF!  (Do something fun and active this weekend.)

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