A Big Deal on a Big-Screen TV for the Big Game from Abt Electronics

You’ve been thinking of pulling the trigger this year and buying a high-quality, big-screen TV to watch the Big Game.  But you haven’t found exactly the right deal yet.  I’m here to tell you:  wait no further. 

The price you’ve been waiting for on a well-reviewed flat-screen TV is here:  now you can get a 60-inch Sharp Aquos LED HDTV (LC-60LE640U) from Abt Electronics for a little over $1,000.

An outstanding deal from one of the best online electronics stores on a Sharp Aquos — no time like the present.  This should do it for you.  (See links to the deal below.)

Features of the 60-inch Sharp Aquos LC-60LE640

The Sharp Aquos LC-60LE640U fits the bill when it comes to an affordable, big-screen, high-def TV.  It includes all the basic features of typical better-performing LED TVs, such as 1080p resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate (for crisp motion images).  It comes with built-in Wi-Fi, full USB and DLNA Media access, and a number of apps for streaming video, including Netflix, Vudu, YouTube, Blockbuster, and CinemaNow (no Hulu Plus or Amazon Instant, however).

Regarding picture settings, you get 5 adjustable picture modes, a gamma slider, a complete color management system, and gray-scale control.  You can also select Vyper Drive gaming mode for use with your game console.

This TV also includes built-in surround-sound audio.

Best Bang for Your Buck on a Big-Screen TV

In my Philosophy of Buying, one recommendation I make is to “buy the best product that fits your budget.”  When it comes to balancing performance versus price, it’s hard to beat this Sharp Aquos 60-inch HDTV.  And now that Abt Electronics is taking $700 off the price (for a limited time), this is an even better deal.  That’s why, if you’re looking to get a big-screen TV and you want an affordable model with good features, this is a big deal.

Abt Electronics’ current price for the Sharp LC-60LE640U is $1,097, which is about the lowest price I can find anywhere online from a reputable dealer (Abt Electronics is a Google Trusted Store, among other reliability indicators).  Abt Electronics will be offering this TV for this price until February 3, 2013.  When you buy from Abt you also do not pay sales tax (for most locations).   Click here to see full spec’s for this HDTV and take advantage of the current good deal to buy it from Abt Electronics.

As an alternative (and in case you miss the opportunity at Abt Electronics), you can also get the Sharp LC-60LE640U from Best Buy right now for $1,099, with free shipping.  That’s an excellent deal, too.

A number of customer reviews for this Sharp Aquos TV state simply:  “Best bang for your buck.”

You can get a Sharp big-screen LED HDTV now from Abt Electronics for a little over $1,000 -- a lot of TV for the money and one of the best deals on a big-screen TV right now.

Click to see the big deal for this 60-inch Sharp Aquos LED HDTV from Abt Electronics


Reviews of the Sharp LC-60LE640

 The testers at CNET rated the Sharp LC-60LE640 “Very Good.”  In their summary they stated: 

With good picture quality and great pricing, the Sharp LC-LE640 series makes a strong case for mainstream TV shoppers who want to go bigger.

CNET praised the Sharp’s accurate color, ample picture controls, and the matte screen that works well in bright rooms.  They thought the feature set “hit all the right notes” for the price, and they appreciate the understated styling for a set this size.

CNET termed the Sharp’s built-in “Help” function as “the best in the business.”

Drawbacks that CNET mentioned are somewhat lighter black levels and occasional uneven lighting across the screen.  They also noticed slight stutter in certain scenes when showing film-based 1080p/24 content.

 The editors at PCMag rated the Sharp LC-60LE640 “Excellent.”  They liked the TV’s “crisp, bright picture, and dark black levels.”  In summarizing their review, they stated:

Sharp’s Aquos LE640 line is full of big HDTVs with gorgeous pictures, but their interface isn’t as polished as other screens.

 On the down side, they thought this line of Sharp TVs had an unattractive interface and remote.

 LCDTV Buying Guide gave the Sharp LC-60LE640 an overall rating of 8.7 out of 10 — but they rated its “bang for the buck” 9.6 out of 10, which indicates outstanding value for your money.

TestFreaks gave the LC-60LE640 9 out of 10 stars, stating that its stand-out qualities were value for the money, number of features, and audio quality.

As I write this, there are 51 customer reviews for this HDTV on Bizrate.  The average rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars.  76% of the customer reviewers gave the LC-60LE640 5 stars and 15% gave it 4 stars.

 Here is an excerpt from a customer review on CNET for the Sharp Aquos LC-60LE640:

Purchased my LC-60LE640U about a month ago and I am still very pleased with the product.  I viewed this model at Best Buy, the floor model was being featured directly next to a Samsung 60″ LED model and I clearly saw the immediate difference between the two.  The Sharp’s images/picture quality and overall color accuracy IMO were far better than the Samsung being displayed next to it .  I currently have a 52″ Sharp Aquos in my man cave at home and love it. My wife and I wanted something a bit larger for our living room upstairs and this was absolutely perfect. Matte screen is definitely a plus as well, since our living room space has a good amount of light coming in but even so, there is very minimal glare if any at all.  Overall, the clarity that this TV produces I feel is exceptional. The only problem that I did notice was with slight instances of motion blur during fast paced scenes and sometimes when objects criss-crossed each other during movies/shows.  Again, this was NOT a deal breaker for me since it only happens every now and then and there are plenty of ways to reduce the blur with proper calibration. HD movies almost appear 3D like even though the TV is not. Images are extremely life-like and very detailed and crisp…  During sports events, primarily football, golf, baseball, soccer, and hockey, you may notice that the balls, puck, etc. may produce a “double image”. I found that if you turn the motion enhancement from 120hz to off it will eliminate the “ghosting” effect, especially when balls are flying or during slap shots in hockey or with any sport that has trajectory items being used.  Basketball seems to be just fine.  Can’t think of anything else at this point, but I will say that anyone who decides to purchase this TV will undoubtedly be happy, not only in the beginning but in the long run as well.

Here’s an excerpt from a customer review for this 60-inch Sharp Aquos from Abt Electronics:

Great picture and sound, also light weight.  It’s easy to set up, energy efficient, and has reduced glare. 

And here’s an excerpt from one of the hundreds of customer reviews for this set at Best Buy:

I like everything about this TV, with the exception of an occasional lock-up. It froze on Netflix and sometimes satellite is black and I can’t get channels to come up. I have had to unplug the TV to get it to work.

 Oh, well, nothing’s perfect.  (Sometimes you have to wonder about user error, though.)

Finally, here’s a video of the CNET review of the Sharp LC-60LE640:


Bottom line:  take advantage of a very good deal right now from Abt Electronics (or Best Buy) on this big-screen Sharp LED HDTV and enjoy the upcoming Big Game (whatever game that happens to be for you). 

There are big games to enjoy all year.


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