Blu Dot Toro Chair and Ottoman: A Comfortable, Modern Lounge Chair

I admit, when I sit in a lounge chair, the priority must be comfort. 

I don’t care how stylistically cool the chair is; if it’s not comfortable to sit in, I think it barely deserves the designation “chair.” 

After all, when you sit in a chair, you can’t see it.  Too many designers of modern chairs forget that.

On the other hand, if you can find a comfortable lounge chair that looks hip, that also rewards you in a visual sense, then you’ve got the best of both worlds.

Because when you’re not sitting in a chair, all you can do is look at it.

If you’re the kind of guy who believes that function trumps form when it comes to furniture — but that felicitous form is important, too, when you can get it — then…

The best of both worlds — physical comfort and cool style — is what you get with the Blu Dot Toro Chair.  Complete the set with the Blu Dot Toro Ottoman and you will accomplish both reclining comfort and stylistic nirvana.

Nirvana is a simple state (so I am told) and Blu Dot’s Toro Chair is a modern chair that is simple (the result of a painstaking design process), functional, and minimalist (in a good way).  It comes in two colors:  Night and Day.  It is made of wood — solid beech wood.  And saddle leather.  The frame is a sonata of simple trapezoids and obtuse angles with the seat itself being a simple sling.  It weighs a total of 15 pounds.

And it is comfortable.  Especially for a modern lounge chair.  When it comes to contemporary chairs, that is almost an unexpected bonus.

Add the Toro Ottoman, and you will achieve loungitude.

When shopping for contemporary chairs, many guys find that too many lounge chairs might look good but not be comfortable.  That is not the case with the Blu Dot Toro Chair -- a lounge chair for relaxing, a reading chair for thinking, or whatever you want to do -- that is both comfortable and hip.


Blu Dot is a company with a simple philosophy and mission:  bring good design to as many folks as possible.  The company was started in 1997 by three friends with backgrounds in architecture, art, and design.  They located it in the American midwest (another minimalist environment where, when you can achieve comfort, it is appreciated). 

When John Christakos, Maurice Blanks, and Charlie Lazor left college and embarked on being grown-ups furnishing their first homes, they discovered, as they put it, that “we didn’t like the stuff we could afford and we couldn’t afford the stuff we liked.”  They figured that there must be other people in the same boat.  So, as everyone would who has the same sort of thought, they started a company to bring cool and affordable furniture designs to everybody.  (Well, to everybody who appreciates hip, functional, modern furniture.)

People like you.

From the very beginning, the contemporary furniture designs created by Blu Dot have been a collaborative process.  And a labor of love. 

As Slate put it in an article about the company:  “The company marries whimsical taste with extreme practicality, which allows them to keep prices low without sacrificing quality.”

Maurice Blanks describes their design process thus: 

Our design process is solving a complex equation with lots of variables. We just go through and look at eight or 10 variable — whether material, machine process, packaging, assembly — and solve each one of those variables. And then when we’re done, the residue of that process is the product itself.

In conceiving and building the quintessential modern lounge chair — the Toro — John Chistakos waxes almost poetic about the process in an interview where he discusses discovering and realizing the right elements to create a chair with multiple benefits:

It is composed of a steam-bent hardwood frame with an elegant silhouette and a saddle leather bucket seat.  We made numerous seating buckets and experimented with dozens of patterns for the leather sling — and we are really happy with the comfort of the chair.  The leather is super thick and a touch gluttonous for us.  It has a beautiful hand and a gorgeous finish.

Gluttonous leather.  Elegant silhouette.  Isn’t that the sort of contemporary lounge chair you can get behind?  Or rather, in?

As you can tell from the photo of the Toro chair in black (Night) above, this is a fundamentally masculine chair design that will enhance the vibe of any room in which you locate it.  Its primary purpose is to allow you to relax.  Once you’ve slung yourself into its sumptuous leather seat and accomplished that, you can consider what you want to do next with your life.  Or perhaps just read a book.  I recommend the Blu Dot Toro lounge chair especially as a reading chair (particularly when you use an e-reader).  Or for listening to music.  Or sipping scotch.  A sophisticated activity with just a hint of subversiveness.   Like the chair itself.  It will mold you as you use it.  Subtly.

Just don’t sit in it to watch TV.  That’s what couches are for.

You can acquire the excellent Blu Dot Toro Chair and the Blu Dot Toro Ottoman from 2Modern, an online furniture and interior design store that prides itself on offering only the best, most interesting, yet useful and creatively-inspired contemporary furniture designs.

The Blu Dot Toro Ottoman completes your lounging comfort when paired with a Blu Dot Toro Chair.

Blu Dot Toro Ottoman in Day





When it comes to shopping for modern chairs and other contemporary furniture, you really can’t go wrong by starting with 2Modern.  Heck, you can even find a Blu Dot Sofa at 2Modern.

Then you’ll be able to watch TV


Regarding Blu Dot, here is what respected journalists and design experts have had to say about their furniture:

“With the inventive, can-do spirit that characterized the work of the Eameses, Blu Dot has resurrected the values of the Good Design movement and its popular potential.”

 — Marisa Bartolucci, author Living Large in Small Spaces

“Their furniture has a spirit and ingenuity, a down-to-earth appeal.”

— Andrew Blauvelt, Curator of Architecture and Design, Walker Art Center

“Running concurrently with Blu Dot’s high seriousness about utility, affordability, modernity…is a strain of high ridiculousness.”

— Alexandra Lange, Metropolis Magazine

Who says you can’t design great contemporary furniture without taking yourself too seriously?  Case in point… the following video from Blu Dot:


Anyway, get the Blu Dot Toro Chair and Ottoman.  Sit in it.  Put your feet up.  You are comfortable.  And cool.


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