Decorating Ideas for Guys at ModCloth

It’s a pretty good bet that you haven’t heard of ModCloth, the site that is a staple of women shoppers dedicated to vintage-inspired, retro, indie clothing.  I mean, raise your hand if you’ve heard of ModCloth… 

Anyone?  Anyone?

That’s what I thought.

But there are reasons for you to know about it because, while ModCloth is the kind of go-to online shopping site that guys can use to find can’t-miss gifts for the women in their lives, it’s also a place where you can get home decorating ideas and find decorative accessories that are actually cool. 

In other words, guys can find stuff for themselves at ModCloth as well.

Guys interested in quirky, unusual, and unique decorating accessories for their home or apartment should explore ModCloth.  On the ModCloth site, along with the dresses, vintage-inspired handbags, indie shoes, and unique jewelry, you’ll find a category labeled “Apartment.”  That is where you want to begin getting stuff to decorate your home.  You’ll find objects there that are amusing, retro in an updated way, borderline geeky yet utilitarian.  ModCloth offers everything from dinosaur Christmas ornaments to a pencil sharpener that looks like a twin-lens reflex camera to retro-inspired dishes to a tent shaped like a VW bus.

In other words, if you’re looking for entertaining decorative accessories for your home, apartment, or dorm that will amuse you and your friends — along with any intelligent, creative-minded female you happen to want to impress — give ModCloth a go.  To add a touch of personality to your place, it’s an infinitely better store to shop than, say, Kmart.  On top of that, the prices are reasonable.

ModCloth has a number of decorating ideas for men to decorate their home, apartment, dorm, or office.






Below are some  specific product ideas for amping up the decorative charisma of your dwelling or office…

When it comes to decorating ideas for guys, you can't lose with retro technology.  Historically accurate, technologically contemporary, this reproduction of the classic British 746 telephone works well.

This authentic reproduction of a vintage telephone from ModCloth will enhance not only your style but the quality of your conversations.

In the late 1960s and through the next two decades, the most popular model of telephone in Great Britain was the 746.  Here is a faithful reproduction of that vintage telephone from ModCloth, known as the Ring True Push Button Phone.  This retro telephone is featured in a blue that was one of the original telephone’s colors, along with a red cord.  Of course, this vintage phone is completely functional, employing push buttons for dialing.  You plug it into a standard phone socket.  And it features a bell ringer.

Hopefully, you still have a landline at your place, because if you don’t, you won’t be able to appreciate talking to your friends or ordering a pizza on this phone.  (A certain charm goes out of telephone conversations when you can’t comfortably cradle a handset between your shoulder and ear.) 

But even if you don’t have a landline, you can get this phone and use it as a “conversation piece” (heh).  It’s so true to the original phone that it even includes the British emergency numbers printed on the dial (but you should still dial 911).  ModCloth describes this as the vintage 747 telephone, but that’s a typo.  For years — and to this day — the UK 746 model defined the basic design of the telephone.  (But this reproduction from ModCloth is only for US customers.)  This vintage phone originates with British design firm Wild & Wolf.  You can have it for under $65 (not British pounds) from ModCloth.


Ideas for decorating your home includes ideas for decorating your kitchen -- and this cutting board that looks like a mix tape is a good way to start your decorative upgrade.

A cutting board that looks like a cassette tape. Your kitchen thanks you.

When it’s time to slice some salami and cheese, or chop some cilantro for guacamole, you need a cutting board.  But why use just any old plastic cutting board when you can have a cutting board that looks like a cassette tape?  It’s a fun way to spruce up your kitchen, man — especially if you’re a musician (or you know a musician).  Or if, you know, you dig traditional recording technology.

The Mix Up the Menu Cutting Board is made of heavy-duty glass and measures 11¾” by 7¾”.  It’s heat-resistant up to 536°F and has a lifetime warranty against breakage. 

But, more importantly, what will this “Citrus Mix” decorative accessory do for your kitchen style?  Should spruce it up pretty darn good.  Here’s what one customer at ModCloth (“gary”, by name) had to say in his review of this cutting board:

THIS BOARD ROCKS!!!  Get one before they are gone. If you are a music guy like me, then it’s definitely for you. And the Women dig it!!!!

Hey, I think he likes it.  He capitalized “Women.”  Get this board, and maybe you’ll be able to capitalize women, too.  Or offer them some salami.


A decorative accessory that would work for any guy's home or office is the Knox on Wood Savings Bank -- gold bullion inspires the saving impulse..

Hedge funds have to begin somewhere… Get the ball rolling with the Knox on Wood Savings Bank

It’s good to save.  To save something for a rainy day.  A penny saved is a penny earned.  A stitch in time saves nine…whatever.  What these sayings don’t address is having some proper saving technology.  That’s where this inspiring savings bank comes in.  At the end of each day, toss the spare change from your pocket into this bank shaped like a gold ingot and watch your savings grow.  At the end of the month, take your gold bar to the bank and empty it into your savings account.  Then remember to take the savings bank home because, you know, it’s not real gold.

In the meantime, it adds an air of prosperity to your home, apartment, or office.

It’s encouraging to have a gold bar lying around your bedroom or living room or wherever else you want to place a symbol of wealth.  The Knox on Wood Savings Bank from ModCloth is made of plastic overlaid with a brilliant gold finish — looks just like the real thing.  Don’t chomp on it, though, it’s not soft.

If a bar of gold bullion isn’t quite your style when it comes to being thrifty and saving for a rainy day, then you can always go with ModCloth’s Skulls to Pay the Bills Bank.

ModCloth has a ton of unusual decorating ideas that guys can use -- including this coin bank charmingly shaped like a skull

A skull makes a good savings bank, too

Hey, death metal band members, goth artists, and fans of the macabre like to save some coin as much as the next guy.  They can do it while staying true to their aesthetic sensibilities with this high-quality ceramic skull from ModCloth.  After a few weeks of dumping change into its matte-black cranium, you’ll probably have enough to buy a pizza.  Or a glass of absinthe.




It’s a shame that reading books is on the decline.  On the bright side, the reduction in regularly-practiced literacy gives you an edge (I assume you’re one of the smart ones who still reads regularly) because reading will help you be better-informed than your fellows and out-compete them for…just about anything.

If you read, books are always a factor in decorating your home or apartment.  Hold them with hip decorative accessory -- the Literal Bookends from ModCloth.

Click to acquire the stylistic Literal Bookends from ModCloth

The only thing you need now, my esteemed reader, is a cool way to display your books in your home or office.  A bookcase would work.  And on that bookcase, you’ll want a hip set of bookends.  ModCloth’s got you covered there with the Literal Bookends that, literally, book and end your books.

These hefty, stylish, literary bookends will contain your books, magazines, journals, comic books, and textbooks on a bookshelf, end table, desk, floor, coffee table, or on the deck of a Chris Craft runabout (well, maybe not the Chris Craft runabout so much).  One thing is for sure:  they will make you look smart.  Which can’t hurt.

They’ll help you keep reading, too.


Since you’re here, reading this, you’re probably a creative person.  And you want to organize your ideas and inspirations.  And you also want to remember, rather than forget (which, it must be admitted, happens not  infrequently), important appointments — pay your rent, take your dog in for worming, have coffee with that girl from the fourth floor, meet with the venture capital guy.  And since you’re a hands-on, visual kind of dude, you prefer an analog way of keeping track of all those thoughts and pursuits — with scribbled bits of paper, photos, diagrams, and post-it notes.  But how to arrange them in an aesthetically-interesting way? 

Sure, you could put up a square old bulletin board.  But you are definitely not a square person.  Plus, you’re interested in expansive notions of the geography of ideas.  In that case, you’ll want the Let’s Make a Date Line Bulletin Board

A home decorating idea such as a bulletin board takes a very creative direction when it becomes the world map Let's Make a Date Line Bulletin Board from ModCloth.

The Let’s Make a Date Line Bulletin Board will help you keep track of…everything.

This board consisting of map-shaped cork pieces is definitely an expanded version of the bulletin board — it offers the world as a staging area, in effect.  Just stick the 16 self-adhesive cork map pieces to your wall (or ceiling) and begin pinning all your hopes, dreams, and trivial pursuits onto it.  Plan your travels.  Stick in a pin for every Facebook friend across the globe.  Memorize the location of all 196 countries.  And track those appointments. 

But you’re creative enough that I don’t have to make suggestions for ways to use perhaps the most unique bulletin board in the world — because it is the world.

ModCloth has much more when it comes to decor.

The decorative accessories reviewed above are just a small sample of the hundreds of decorating ideas guys can find online at ModCloth. 

Sure, some of what they carry is more appropriate for a feminine-oriented domicile, but not all of them are.  I’ve barely scratched the surface of their tech-type items, for example, as well as many things suitable for a guy’s office, living room, kitchen, and man-cave.  Pillows, mugs, quirky lamps, pizza slicers, Star Wars coffee-table books…  You’ll be able to find a few things at ModCloth that work for you.  Or work for someone you know.  So explore further.

Leverage your expression.


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