Find Some of the Best Black Friday Electronics Deals at Vann’s

If you’re in the market for electronic and tech products right now, you’ll probably be hoping to find some excellent Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. 

I recommend Vann’s as the place to get great discounts and deals on the best home entertainment, audio, HDTV, and home theater products, as well as tablets, computers, cameras, phones, appliances, software, electronic components, and more.

Why Vann’s?  Read on to see why.  There are a number of good electronics retailers on the Web  — Newegg, Best Buy, Crutchfield, Tiger Direct, etc. — and they will all be offering some pretty attractive Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts for 2012.  But I think Vann’s manages to stand out even among this popular and respected line-up of online stores that cater to fans of high-tech.

Right off the bat you may be wondering: what sort of Black Friday deals on electronics can you expect from Vann’s?

An example of some of the best electronics deals for Black Friday includes getting $630 off this top-rated Samsung PNE7000 3D Plasma HDTV at Vann's.  Click here to see full spec's and to purchase.

Click to see the Black Friday deal on the Samsung PN60E7000 3D Plasma Flat Screen HDTV at Vann’s

How about this as an example of just one of the attractive Black Friday opportunities Vann’s is offering right now:  a $630 discount on a top-rated 60″ Samsung PN60E7000 3D Plasma Flat Screen HDTV with built-in Wi-Fi.  Vann’s current “Black Friday” price, as of November 19 and until December 3 (as long as supplies last), is $1,898 (retail prices is $2,529).

That’s a great discount on a Samsung TV that CNET chose as the worthy and improved successor to their 2011 Editor’s Choice plasma HDTV, the Samsung PND7000.  One of the reviewers at CNET wrote of the Samsung PNE7000:

Samsung says it has improved black-level performance  [of the PNE7000] — a key ingredient of a good picture — by 10 percent for 2012…  Considering that the 2011 models also had the best color accuracy I’d tested on any TV, the PNE7000 is already a strong contender for best picture quality of 2012.

 Customer reviews for the Samsung PNE7000 have been highly positive.  Customers have stated such things as:  “Plasma picture is gorgeous, the best in its class right out of the box…”  “Picture is outstanding — sharp, crisp, clear, lots of adjustments — and Blu-ray is amazing!”  “The picture is stunning…I’m giving it 4 stars now but I may upgrade to 5 after I’ve had more time to judge the quality long-term.”  “Great TV and great value…”

To be fair, some commentators have mentioned that they thought this Samsung plasma HDTV buzzed louder than they would prefer, but many other customers and forum commenters said that they never encountered a buzzing issue.

So, bottom line, if you’re looking for an excellent deal on one of the best plasma HDTVs, this discounted price at Vann’s may be just what you’re looking for.  Click here to see the Samsung PN60E7000 on their site — and if you like the spec’s, buy it; it won’t be around long at that price.

What about other good Black Friday deals?  Well, Vann’s has a Wadia Mini Stereo Integrated Amplifier with DAC for almost $400 off. 

They’re offering a Cambridge Audio 2.1 Channel Mini Hi-Fi System for a discount of $159 off the MSRP. 

And they have the Canon Powershot SX230 12.1 Mega-Pixel Digital Camera for a savings of $80. 

And all of these deals include free shipping from Vanns.

Of course, they have dozens more Black Friday/Cyber Monday product offers, but you must shop their entire site to see…

Aside from these good Black Friday offers, why shop Vann’s?

Service.  Vann’s is located in Montana and has been in business for 50 years.  Montana is not generally known as a hotbed of electronics enthusiasts — gamers, audiophiles, pro photographers, ham radio operators, and the like — and so for Vann’s to survive and prosper for that long in an area where every single customer that walks into their store is crucial for their business survival indicates serious dedication to customer service and taking care of their customers long-term.  You have to become a customer of Vann’s to truly appreciate this level of customer care.

Savings.  Vann’s does not charge sales tax online and offers free shipping on almost every order over $50.  When you shop Vann’s online you’ll be saving money, even when it’s August and Black Friday is barely a glimmer on the shopping horizon…

Competitive Pricing.  If you find that somehow a price for a product at Vann’s is higher than a competitor’s price, just let Vann’s know about the price (must be from an authorized dealer of that product) and they will do their best to match it and earn your business.  And if Vann’s advertises a lower price on a product that you’ve bought from them within 15 days of your original purchase, they will give you the difference back.

Vann’s offers a live chat feature on their website for questions and inquiries.

Trust.  Vann’s is an authorized dealer for the top electronics and appliance brands in the world.  They have earned the trust of these manufacturers and strive to represent them in an exemplary fashion.

Reliable Service.  From the moment you click the button to order a product from Vann’s online (again, whether it’s Black Friday or May Day), they will keep you, their precious customer, apprised of your order’s progress until you receive it (and receive it fast in the vast majority of cases).  If you need help, you can just give them a call.

Check out Our Sneak Peek for Black Friday Sales at!

What you really want to know is whether Vann’s will take care of you if, by some misfortune, there is a problem with your order or product.  They will.  For example, following is an account from an actual Vann’s customer who had a problem.  Vann’s service in this instance was as succinct as the customer’s summary of it (July 21, 2012):

Excellent service. The A/V receiver was defective. The Vanns representative gave me the choice of a refund, a replacement unit or an exchange for a different brand. The service was immediate, polite and knowledgeable.

Check reviews of Vann’s in online electronics and high-tech forums and shopping-rating sites, such as epinions.  I think you’ll find them encouraging.

 So, for all these reasons — a good deal on the Samsung plasma TV and the other products mentioned above, the fast, reliable customer service, low prices and price matching, and the fact that they’re located in God’s country in Montana — I recommend that you give Vann’s the chance to earn your appreciation too, whether on this Black Friday shopping day, Cyber Monday, or any other day on which you’re shopping for the best electronics products.

And if you want to check out some other worthy retailers of electronics and high-tech stuff, browse through the listings on my Good Deals and Outlets page for current outstanding offers.

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