The Best Men’s Winter Slip-On Shoes

Comfortable slip-on shoes for après-ski wear don’t get any better than the Maui Woolzy Fold men’s shoes by Patagonia. 

Case in point…when Outside magazine reviewed these clog-style shoes for their current winter gear guide, they wrote:  “Of the dozens [of clogs] we’ve tested over the years, the Woolzy is our favorite.  It’s light and packable, and the step-down heel lets you slip it on in a hurry.  The tweed wool upper is both warm and breathable.  Plus, Patagonia figured out a way to make a cloggy shoe actually look cool.”

Men don't have to give up their comfortable loafers in the winter -- not when there are the top-rated Patagonia Maui Woolzy Fold shoes.

Patagonia Maui Woolzy Fold — the best men’s slip-on shoes for winter

And they’ll add style to your après ski attire, which we know is important when you’re hitting the hot spots in Telluride.  Or Chamonix.

This review of the Patagonia Maui Woolzy covers their construction, function, and how and where to get them.

Even if you don’t ski or snowboard, you can enjoy the versatility and comfort of these well-constructed slip-on shoes for winter wear, whether for work or weekend adventures.  They’re as comfortable as slippers while looking stylish enough to not be out of place when doing your thing at the office. 

Just because it’s winter and there’s snow on the ground doesn’t mean you can’t wear loafers.  Especially these cozy slip-ons.  The Maui Woozy winter shoes are surprisingly warm and very breathable, with uppers made of wool tweed and a moisture-wicking inner liner.   The leather heel folds down to convert the shoes to slide-in, clog-style shoes (convenient when you’re slipping them on to exit your tent at night).

Since these men’s loafers are made by Patagonia, the supportive footbed and midsole are constructed of recycled EVA.  EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) is a durable, dense foam that acts both as an insulator and shock-absorber in these shoes, and is a rather environmentally-friendly material, especially when recycled. 

Patagonia is dedicated to making their products as “green” as possible.

The abrasion-resistant EVA outsole of the Maui Woolzy Fold provides light-weight traction as you’re strolling down snowy sidewalks in your favorite ski resort town.  Or  just running a quick errand to the corner store to pick up some Häagen-Dazs for your pregnant wife on a late night in February.

Patagonia Air Cushion Plus adds further comfort to your winter rambles.

Along with the editors at Outside, customers praise the performance of these men’s winter shoes.  One online reviewer stated:

The Woolzy Fold is extremely well made; the wool is lined with a thin synthetic.  The shoes are very lightweight and look like they will be very versatile as a warmish shoe or airy clog with the leather heel folded down.  A very nice product!

Another reviewer wrote:

Love the comfort of these shoes, they are so lightweight and the heel folds down easily for slip-ons.

However, some reviewers noted that the Patagonia Maui Woolzy slip-ons tend to run a bit large in size.  So you might consider sizing down a half-size or whole-size when ordering these shoes.  (Of course, when you order from Massey’s Professional Outfitters, returns and exchanges are easy.  So if your new shoes seem a bit big, you can return them and get the next smaller size.  See the Massey’s site for details on returns and exchanges.)  

Then again, if you plan to wear your Maui Woolzy Fold loafers with fairly thick socks, ordering your regular shoe size should be okay.  If you plan to wear them with thin socks or no socks (and these winter clogs are quite comfortable against your skin when worn without socks), then consider ordering a smaller size than you usually wear.

The best winter slip-on shoes for men are made by Patagonia, which also means they're environmentally friendly.

Secure winter traction in a comfortable slip-on for men

Massey’s Professional Outfitters is a family-owned business located in the heart of New Orleans in a section of town that was formerly devastated by Hurricane Katrina.  After rebuilding the store, Massey’s was chosen as Backpacker magazine’s Retailer of the Year in 2011, and has been nominated again for 2012.  So you have to know they’re doing something right.

That’s why I wanted to highlight Massey’s as a source for Patagonia gear in this review.

They offer free shipping on orders over $75, which means you’ll get this top-rated Patagonia winter footwear shipped for free (and it also means you’ll save over buying them in a brick-and-mortar store, if you can even find a store near you that carries them). 

Massey’s carries the entire Patagonia catalog on their website, and right now you can benefit from the fact that, for a limited time, they are offering 20% off on most Patagonia items, and free shipping on orders over $75. 

And, of course, Massey’s offers good deals on many other brands of high-quality outdoor gear and apparel for both winter and summer.

If you need an alternative source, you can also find the Patagonia Maui Woolzy winter slip-ons from Zappos by clicking here.

By the way, if you still need to get a reliable pair of winter boots for more rugged activities (or just to keep your feet warm and dry while you’re dealing every day with ice, slush, rain, or freezing temps), check my review of the best winter boots for men.

In summary, you’ll enjoy both  functional comfort and attractive style when wearing the Patagonia Maui Woolzy Fold shoes — the best winter slip-ons for men.  Outside’s testers would not call them “our favorite” otherwise.  In fact, some have said that this just might be “the perfect shoe.”



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