How to Get a Good Discount On Perry Ellis Men’s Clothing and Accessories

Perry Ellis offers one of the most complete collections of high-quality, affordable men’s fashion, clothing, and accessories online.  Everything in their men’s store harmonizes with their design philosophy of function, relaxed style, and classic look. 

You can get just about anything you want from Perry Ellis when it comes to clothes for your everyday roles and reasons for dressing.  (If you don’t wear clothes, stop reading now.)  Fortunately, in this review you can hook up with it all for less — much less than retail. 

Perry Ellis offers stylish men's clothing and accessories and frequently offer discounts and sales.  Click here to shop Perry Ellis now.

Click to explore Perry Ellis online — a complete clothing and accessories store for men

Use the info and links below to save money on your everyday needs for men’s clothing and accessories.  I have included discount coupon codes and links to special areas of the Perry Ellis site where you can get sale prices.  (And read all the way to the bottom for a special reward.)  This includes Original Penguin clothing, too!

We can all benefit from ways to make our money go farther when it comes to living the lifestyle we want — dressing well, looking sharp, and expressing our unique sense of style. 

Perry Ellis gives you the best of both worlds — classic design and reasonable prices.  Visit this post when you need to shop for clothes, shoes, outerwear, and more (and we all need to do that periodically).  Delve into their site and get a sense of their extensive offerings.  You’re very likely to find something you like.  And it’s possible to get it for significant discounts.  Save money and dress well.   Perry Ellis is not about taking chances, fashion-wise — it’s about a look and quality you can depend on in a variety of circumstances, from the office to travel.

To get started, click here to go to the Perry Ellis homepage.  There you can begin to explore all the categories of menswear and accessories Perry Ellis offers.  They also announce frequent discounts and special deals on their homepage.

Current discount:  Save on the Perry Ellis “Portfolio” collection — which basically consists of high-quality business-wear and stylish items such as wallets and belts.  You’ll find dress shirts, pants, and more high-end items by clicking here.  Then use code PORTFOLIO30 at checkout to get 30% off your purchase!  This is an exclusive offer I’m authorized to let you know about.  You won’t find it generally publicized.

A limited time offer:  Save up to 45% sitewide at   Use code PEHOLIDAY45.  Plus when you use that code SHIPPING is FREE.  Ends 12/19/12.  

Here’s another limited-time offer that gets you a discount on a sale!  You must use my exclusive link here to shop 180 previously discounted items.  Pick what you want, then use code PEAFSALE40 at checkout to get an additional 40% off!  That’s a huge savings!  Through 12/31/12 only.

And BTW, if you’re interested in finding the absolutely cheapest T-shirts online, check my post on inexpensive yet good-quality T-shirt sources.



Perry Ellis Men’s Shirts — and Underwear, Too

As you probably know, Perry Ellis is known for its classically-American shirts — dress shirts and casual shirts.  But did you know they carry a diverse selection of high-quality underwear, too?  Everything from microfiber boxers to boxer briefs to 100% cotton briefs.  Check out the positive customer reviews… 

Really, if you’re in the market for any kind of top-quality men’s clothes, check out the entire PerryEllis site.

Perry Ellis is a complete men's clothing and accessory store online. An example of their varied merchandise to meet men's needs is this stylish messenger-style bag.

Perry Ellis Convertible Portfolio Backpack

At left is one of the men’s accessory items you can find at Perry Ellis — a Convertible Portfolio Backpack in durable black nylon.  It offers varied carrying options, good for work and school.  This bag goes for $59.50 on the Perry Ellis site (but see the bottom of this post for an additional coupon code so you can get it for 30% off).


Much More Than Shirts — Suits, Jeans, Shoes, Etc. — A Complete Men’s Clothing Store Online

Perry Ellis strives to be all things to all people.  In that respect, if you want to find bizarre fashion statements, you should probably look elsewhere.  On the other hand, if you want to cover your head-to-toe clothing and style needs with well-constructed items from one location, Perry Ellis has just about everything you’d want.  They carry men’s coats and sweaters, classic blazers, ties, jeans, dress pants, underwear, shoes, slippers, socks, belts, cufflinks, sunglasses, wallets, watches, suits, resort wear, and more. 

That means, when you want a watch, need a new tie, or would like to try a new fragrance, check Perry Ellis.  Then use the discount codes posted here and get it for less. 

(Check the video below to see examples of what’s new from Perry Ellis.)

Original Penguin — Perry Ellis’s partner site for sportswear and casual clothing

Perry Ellis’s related brand, Original Penguin, is also offering good prices and deals on men’s active-wear and casual clothing.  Their designs are a little more fashion-forward and boldy-patterned than Perry Ellis.  Right now, you can get 40% off the entire Original Penguin site using code OPGHH40.  (Excludes watches, fragrance, and resort; ends 12/24/12.)

Also at Original Penguin, you can get a discount on previously-reduced items.  Click this exclusive link to shop, and use promo code OPGPRIVATE45.  You’ll get 45% off 50 already-reduced items.  Ends 12/31/12.

You can also take advantage of free shipping from Original Penguin throughout the 2012 holidays.  Click here to get free shipping at Original Penguin.  No code needed.  Free shipping automatically applied at checkout. Ends 12/31/12.

Women’s Clothes at Perry Ellis, too (plus Rafaella Women’s Sportswear)

But wait, there’s more!  Perry Ellis does not just sell men’s clothes and accessories on their site.  They also offer something for women:  swimwear!  Now, you may debate the merits of buying a swimsuit for your girl, though I don’t know why you would — I don’t think a guy would ever argue with the wisdom of a woman having plenty of bikinis and beachwear. 

If you’re too nervous to do it, send her a link to this post and let her do her own beach wear shopping — there are plenty of social sharing buttons at the bottom of this post to let people know about it via email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

And if you’ve got a gal pal (or you are a gal) who wants to shop for additional women’s clothes at good prices, click here to go to the site of Perry Ellis’s sister company, Rafaella Sportswear, where you can free shipping throughout the entire 2012 holiday season!  Tell your fashionista buddies about this deal.  (No minimum order and no code required.)

Let her know that Rafaella’s brand has succeeded because it meets the needs of contemporary women.  Rafaella combines luxury fabrics and cool style with impeccable fit — they have become famous for The Perfect Fitting Pant.  Their design team looks at the process of product design as a fusion of art and science, designing clothes that perform the way modern women need them to perform.

You can also let your female friend know that she can shop now and get 50% off sitewide on all orders — and a free wallet with a purchase of $75+.  Click this link to shop now — used code “RAF50SITE”.  Enter code RAF50SITE at checkout.  (Offer ends 12/24/12.)

Anyway, back to men…

The bottom line is you can find everything you need to wear for less at Perry Ellis.  If you don’t need anything personally, does someone you know have a birthday coming up?  And remember Father’s Day…

Hey:  if you live in Canada, you might like to know that Perry Ellis offers free shipping to Canada on orders of $150 or more at

Don’t say you can’t find good men’s attire at good prices.  If your buddies (who, let’s face it, might not dress as hiply as you), are complaining about that sort of thing, give them a heads-up about this post via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or other social sharing using the buttons below this post. 

As far as you’re concerned, I figure you would regret it if you didn’t take advantage of the deals here — after all, you have to wear clothes at some point, right?

Maintain your style, man. 

See, for example, the new Slim Fit line from Perry Ellis for Fall, 2012:

 And, since you’ve persevered and read this post all the way to the bottom, here’s a reward… Check out the banner below.  Click it and use code PESITE30AF to get 30% off the entire Perry Ellis site — anything you order! 

PERRY ELLIS 120x600 Cold Weather Essentials

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