A More Inspiring Gift — a Charitable Gift from Gifts In Action

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Maybe you’ve been racking your brain trying to come up with the ideal gift from someone who seems to have it all. Well, now you can give a unique gift that will help someone who doesn’t have that much — and simultaneously warm the heart and even inspire that person who doesn’t really need much in the way of material possessions. A charitable gift from Gifts In Action changes lives and spreads a message of hope, empowerment, and greater community.

And — perfect for you, the procrastinator — you can still get it to your recipient in time for Christmas!

Click here to get details about how Gifts In Action works and choose the charity gift that appeals to you (and your recipient) and fits your budget

Gifts In Action is a charity gift-giving organization based in the UK.  The Gifts In Action program is the brainchild of ActionAid, a non-profit organization that has been working since 1972 to end poverty and injustice in the world.  Now with programs in 40 countries, ActionAid — and Gifts In Action — attack the problem of poverty at the root, providing programs that help people become self-sustaining and financially independent.  It’s not just charity — it’s creative assistance that makes a real difference in the lives of those it helps.  The folks at Gifts In Action work to provide long-term solutions.

How Gifts In Action Works

You give the gift of supporting a project somewhere in the world in the name of someone else.  The person in whose name you give the gift receives a personalized card from you — either a paper card that you can have sent to them (or have it sent to you to give to them personally), or an e-Card that Gifts In Action will email directly to your gift recipient.  They will receive the details of how the gift you’ve given in their name is helping someone in the world address problems experienced by their family, their community, or their country.

Do you know someone who is passionate about education?  Give a gift in their name that helps ActionAid train volunteer teachers to teach rural students in Cambodia — thus spreading the benefits of education and economic advancement.  Similarly, a gift to Gifts In Action of £20 will provide school books for a child in Haiti for an entire year.

You simply choose which gift program appeals to you and match it to the donation amount that fits your budget

Do you know an environmentalist?  Maybe they would like a gift of helping rural Vietnamese children plant 400 trees — teaching the kids about the value of preserving the environment, while simultaneously helping them rid themselves of disease problems caused by mosquitoes and flies.

Do you know someone who extols the virtues of entrepreneurship and financial independence?  Maybe that person would appreciate the gift of helping to support a chicken-breeding program in Malawi.  A donation of only £10 helps rural women buy broods of chicks.  The eggs the chickens produce helps feed their families and can be sold at local markets to support themselves financially.

There are many categories of gifts from Gifts In Action — projects and initiatives that should interest just about any gift recipient you have — from energy-saving stoves for women in Uganda to river ambulances for people without access to good roads in Bangladesh.  All of the charity gifts from Gifts In Action are reasonably priced and are used efficiently on long-term projects that can help entire communities.

And right now, you can get £1 off when you buy two or more Gifts In Action and use voucher code GIAAFF on the checkout page.  When you use this voucher, Bluefrog Ltd. (the corporate partner of Gifts In Action), will pay £1 (one British pound) of your gift for you.  Just choose two or more gifts and enter code GIAAFF on the checkout page.

If you use the e-Card option on the Gifts In Action site, you can still get the gift to your recipient in time for Christmas (sorry, but the deadline for paper cards to arrive by Christmas has passed).  Do something good for your fellow human beings around the world, please and inspire your gift recipient, feel better that you’re making a difference, and meet the Christmas deadline…  What could be better?  It’s a win-win-win-win.

I imagine your gift recipient will never have received a gift quite like the one you give them from Gifts In Action.  See the video below to get up close and personal about what they do:


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