Are You Inspired By John’s Win on Biggest Loser to Become a Big Loser Yourself?

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Nearly 8 million viewers tuned in last night to see who would win Biggest Loser, Season 12. 

It had come down to three guys — Ramon Madeiros, Antone Davis, and John Rhode.  Between the three of them, they had lost a total of 576 pounds. 

John Rhode, a determined, focused contestant, crushed the final weigh-in, having lost an impressive 220 pounds, and took the title and the $250,000 prize.  (Along the way, he had also set the record for the contestant to lose 100 pounds in the shortest time.)

But Antone Davis and Ramon Madeiros acquitted themselves well, too, so there was really no “loser.” (Anna Kournikova, one of the trainers, said Ramon was “Hot”!)

Actually, all the men on Season 12 “Battle of the Ages” achieved remarkable success with their fitness, health, and weight-loss goals.  Vinny Hickerson came within 3 pounds of winning the “At Home” contest for previously eliminated contestants (he had started out weighing 426 pounds), and looked totally transformed, sporting an air of fitness and confidence, as did Patrick Ferrari.

61-year-old contestant Johnny Forger, who last night could not stop doffing the straw boater he’s taken to wearing, looked great and said “I’m 66, I feel 40!”

And, lest we forget, Ramon had to win the marathon to come back and make the final three.  It was a dramatic and, for the contestants, fulfilling season.

Even more remarkably, Dr. Rob Huizenga, the doctor for The Biggest Loser, reported that the fatty liver disease of the final three contestants had seen exceptional improvement — a reduction in the size of the liver of up to 2 inches was observed — and that two of them (John and Ramon) had beaten diabetes, a medically rare outcome that no drug (as Dr. Huizenga said) could bring about.

Here’s a video of the winning moment from the live Finale:


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One final observation… If you watched the show, you noticed the new confidence and satisfaction expressed by the successful contestants.  They exuded well-being as they stood on the stage.  Ramon in particular was a “new man” — happier, healthier, more vigorous, more sure of himself. 

If you’re overweight, it is within your power to make the same transformation.  If you’re not overweight, but there are things in your life that are troubling you, why not make the same type of effort that The Biggest Loser contestants make to change it, to transform it to something better?

After all, Ramon, John, Vinny, and the rest were ecstatic about achieving a goal that many take for granted — being at a healthy weight and not dealing with pressing health concerns.  So, if you’re slim, why can’t you be just as happy as Antone, Jennifer, or Johnny?  If you’re at a good weight, but not feeling great, the only difference between you and them is that they have a new-found appreciation for themselves and what they can accomplish.  How they feel about themselves has been improved a thousand-fold.

And that’s the bottom line:  to be happy, you must feel good about yourself.

Just do what it takes to start making that journey.


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