An Easy Place to Find Gifts for Guys Is at “Presents For Men”

Are you trying to find a gift for a man who’s hard to shop for?  When it comes to shopping for gifts for guys, you will certainly be able to find something suitable at Presents For Men — the UK men’s store online that features 2,000 gifts, tech gadgets, and manly accessories for men, travelers — even women.  But mostly for men.  Presents For Men has gathered some of the most interesting, unusual, useful, and fun gifts in one convenient place.

If you can’t find a present for a man at, then you are not online.  That is a prerequisite — you must be able to get on the Internet.  Presents for Men will take it from there.  (Even better, see below for a special, secret deal.)

Fun Gifts for Men

Presents for Men in the UK has some of the most interesting gifts and gadgets for men -- such as this Camera Lens Cup -- a mug that looks just like a camera lens.

Click to get a Camera Lens Cup from Presents For Men

For example, at Presents For Men, you can find a Camera Lens Cup — a mug that looks just like a camera lens, and includes a removable lens cap that doubles as a coaster.  How many male photographers do you know who would enjoy a cup that looks like a lens?  All of them!  (If they don’t, they have no sense of humor or whimsy, so why are you hanging out with them?)

This lens looks and feels like a real lens and is insulated to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

Hey, photographers get thirsty, too.


Puzzles and Games

Do you know a guy who likes to solve puzzles?  Does he enjoy the challenges of things like Rubik’s Cube and Sudoku?  Then what better gift to get him than a Sudokube — a 3-dimensional Sudoku game where the object is to get the numbers 1 to 9 on each face of the cube by rotating the different rows.

Presents for Men has some of the best, most unusual gifts for men, including puzzles like the Sudokube -- a combination of Sudoku and Rubik's Cube -- sure to entertain for hours

Click to get the Sudokube for a puzzle-solving guy

Get him a Sudokube and he will probably miss his next flight because he will be too absorbed in enjoying his new puzzle and won’t hear the boarding announcement in the terminal.  He will blame you.  But it will not be your fault.

Anyway, he will forget all about it after he boards the next flight out and continues to play on the plane.  And the Sudokube is just £3.99! (Multiply that by 1.6 to get approximate US dollars.)


Travel Gifts

You don’t want your traveler guy getting lost, so a handy tech-related gift you can get him at Presents For Men is a Universal GPS Nav-Pack.  This ingenious travel case will hold and protect his portable GPS device — and, when he wants to use it, he can set it up on the dashboard of his car so he can easily read the screen.

When shopping for tech gifts for men, you can find many good possibilities at Presents For Men, such as this Universal GPS Nav-Pack -- a holder for a portable GPS device that will sit on the dashboard of a car.

Get a Universal GPS Nav-Pack for your techy traveler

No more fumbling with or holding the GPS device when driving.  Instead, the Universal GPS Nav-Pack will position the screen of the GPS at 3 different angles, depending on preference.  And the case will not slide off the dashboard because it has a weighted base.  It will hold most standard portable GPS devices 3½” and 5″ in size.  The case is padded to protect his unit.


See the video below that explains the uses of the Universal GPS Nav-Pack.

You can also explore their travel-related gift store at Travel Paraphernalia for even more gift ideas related to travel.



Brilliant!  Click here to get the Universal GPS Nav-Pack from Presents For Men.

I could go on listing dozens of cool, unusual gift ideas for men that are available at Presents For Men, but where would be the fun in that for you?  I think you get the idea.

It will be much more fun for you to explore the site yourself and find just the right present for that man who’s hard to buy for.  (You know the one I mean.)  Plus, see the text link below for a special Christmas deal!

Just for your holiday-shopping ease…  Click here to go to a “Secret Christmas Gift Ideas” page at Presents For Men and get 50% off everything you see there by using code SECRET50 at checkout. This is a special code that is not generally available!

The Presents For Men website has guides to Best-Selling Christmas Gifts, the latest fun products (see “New Products”), and Stocking Fillers.

Presents For Men even has an interactive “Gift Finder” that helps you find just the right present for your guy (or gal).  You input the recipient (man, teen, grandparent, etc.), the price range, and an area of interest — Presents For Men then suggests many different gift ideas suitable for that person.  What could be easier?  You can do all this while wearing your pajamas.

They have gifts in the categories of Home, Garden, Travel, Gadgets, Fun & Games, Health & Beauty, Books, and more.  They even have Clearance items on sale for ridiculously small amounts of money, so you can shop economically there, too.  (If you’re shopping from the US, shipping to American addresses is not terribly expensive — starts around $18).

The Presents for Men site is laid out intelligently and is easy to navigate.  It has a search function and will let you know whether items are in stock or not.

The Presents For Men company has been in business for 22 years.  They have built their success on word-of-mouth recommendations and repeat orders, so you can shop there with confidence.  Presents For Men pride themselves on their customer service and providing quality, practicality, and value when it comes to shopping for a gift.

Try ’em!  Solve all your challenging gift-shopping problems now!

If you’d like additional interesting gift ideas for men, click here to see my post on cool Father’s Day gifts.


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