If You Like Quiznos Subs, Here’s a Good Deal from Groupon: 8 Regular-Sized Subs for $26

Today you can get this deal from Groupon:  Get 8 regular-sized subs at a Quiznos location of your choice for just $26.  (I’ll save you having to do the math:  that’s just $3.25 a sandwich.)  See the links below for your city. (Or for other good Groupon deals if this one is done.)

I don’t know about you, but I like Quiznos subs (my favorites are the Turkey Bacon Guacamole and the Prime Rib & Peppercorn).  They have that toasty quality going on (which everybody else has copied), the ingredients are fresh (and ethically sourced — see their site for info), and they got a pepper bar!  Plus, I tend to enjoy their ads, which are usually creative and entertaining in a sea of otherwise tepid TV ads (who could ever forget the sponge monkeys?).

Here’s a great opportunity to get 8 regular-sized Quiznos subs for just $26 through Groupon, but it’s only available today, May 18, through midnight.

You choose the Quiznos location you want to get the subs from, take your Groupon there, and they’ll give you a punch card for your 8 subs (up to a $51.92 value).  The punch card does not expire, but you must use your Groupon to get the punch card by July 4, 2011.  (This would also make a good gift for a sub-loving friend.)

Not familiar with Groupon?  Basically, it’s a business that offers good deals at local merchants and services in your area.  They aggregate the buying power of a “group” approach to purchasing.  You, the consumer, get a good deal.  The business who offers the deal gets a lot of new customers.  Thus, a win-win.  Each day, new deals are offered by Groupon.  Each deal usually only lasts for one day (such as today’s Quiznos deal, which expires at midnight tonight).  If not enough people buy the deal, then Groupon returns your purchase price.  If enough take advantage of the deal, the Groupon site says, “The deal is on!” and that means it’s good to go.  “Groupon” is a combination of “Group” and “Coupon.”  Group + Coupon = Groupon.  Simple.  Take a look at the video below for further explanation of how Groupon works and what it can do for you (it’s only 1:34).  And check the Groupon site.

By the way, Groupon is the only group-buying service I’m currently recommending.  I like the way they run their business and I like the attitude of their people.  Plus their ratings and reviews are good.  They care about their customers.  All of the other aggregate-deal services have some problems, it seems, at least for now.  As with every business I recommend here at Best Stuff for Men, it’s something I’ve researched and something I use myself and recommend to my friends.  And you and I could be friends if we met, right?

(Be sure to read all the “fine print” of any deal on Groupon so you know exactly what you’re getting.)

Okay, so you want the Quiznos deal (which, if you already like Quiznos, will save you about 25 bucks on sandwiches you were probably going to get anyway).  Below I’ve created links for most cities (or counties or regions) in the US where you can take advantage of this deal.  Click on the city name:

Okay, that was a lot of link building.  Enjoy your subs!  Let me know in the comments below if you have thoughts about Groupon.  Click the banner below the video for Groupon deals tailored to your area.


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