10 Days of T-Shirts: Day 10 – Bamboo T-Shirts from ONNO

This series of posts has been in response to the imminent price increases in cotton clothing.  If you had gotten one each of the T-shirts I’ve been reviewing over the past 10 days, you would now have 9 cool new T-shirts and you would have saved money.  But if the price of wearing cotton goes up, who says you have to wear cotton?  There are cool alternatives to cotton!  For example, you could wear bamboo clothing instead.  That’s where the final T-shirt in this series comes in:  the Bamboo T-shirt from ONNO Textiles.

When it comes to a resource from which to make stuff, few things beat bamboo (hemp might give it a run for its money).  Bamboo can be used to make many things, from virtually earthquake-proof houses to needles for turntables to bicycles.  And bamboo can be used for T-shirts.  A hell of a nice T-shirt can be made out of bamboo.

ONNO Textiles is an innovative company devoted to making clothing from “green” sources:  organic bamboo, organic cotton, and hemp.  The shirt I’m featuring today is their Bamboo T-shirt (pictured at left in charcoal blue), which is made from 70% viscose from organic bamboo and 30% organic cotton.  (Viscose is a viscous organic liquid produced from a cellulose-based material, e.g. trees.  Or bamboo.)  Since it’s organic, that means this shirt is made without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified seed, and with less water.  One cool thing about bamboo is that it will grow with rainwater as its only source of water (by contrast, cotton requires intensive irrigation to be grown commercially).

Bamboo has many impressive qualities:  it will grow just about anywhere except Antarctica; it grows up to 3 feet a day; it is stronger than oak; it will grow without cultivation; it produces more oxygen than trees; it is insanely renewable.

But, you might be wondering, what are bamboo T-shirts like?

Bamboo fabric makes T-shirts that are softer than any cotton T-shirt you’ve ever worn, yet are quite durable.  They hold their shape wash after wash (ONNO pre-washes them to minimize shrinkage) — just toss them in the machine (or beat them on a rock), toss them in the dryer (or line dry), and put them back on.

People rave about the comfort of bamboo tees:  light, airy, and soft.  They wick better than cotton.  They are about as soft as silk.  Girls will want to touch you.  Often. You think I’m kidding?  Here’s what one online-reviewer said about ONNO bamboo T-shirts:

“Bamboo T-shirts are the greatest shirt I’ve ever worn. The material is silkier than cotton, they wick away sweat, stay cooler when it’s hot and warmer in colder weather.  Aside from a slight shrinkage, I wear this shirt to work, to play and to bed.  If the world all wore bamboo, we’d all be touching each other.”

Bottom line:  you will like this T-shirt.

ONNO is known for the quality of its organic-cotton clothing and tote bags.  They are a Better Business Bureau-accredited business.  They purchase carbon offsets to reduce their carbon footprint.  They are a member of the Organic Trade Association.  And they are fanatical about using the best raw materials to make their clothing.

You should check out their organic cotton and hemp T-shirts as well.

Click for men's bamboo T-shirts at ONNO

Anyway, get yourself a short-sleeve or long-sleeve bamboo T-shirt from ONNO and judge for yourself.  They come in 19 different colors — yes, 19 — and 7 different sizes.  (For colors, click on the “Color Chart” button on their respective T-shirt pages.)  You should be able to find one to fit your style.  Or several.  They’re priced at only $26, which is comparable to regular cotton T-shirts.  The thing that is not comparable is that, as cotton clothing goes up in price, bamboo will stay about the same.  Heh.  Thus the point of this final post.

By the way, ONNO also offers wholesale pricing.  If you want to buy a whole bunch of cotton shirts to put your logo on, or whatever, they can cover orders like that.  They have wholesale info on their website.

That about wraps up 10 Days of T-Shirts.  I hope you’ve found this series of posts helpful, and I hope you’ll enjoy wearing some hip new cotton (or bamboo) T-shirts.  (Of course, I’ll be highlighting more superior T-shirts — and the companies that make them — as I discover them in the future, so this isn’t my last word on the topic.)  One final note:  remember that whenever you buy a product from any of the outstanding businesses recommended here over the past several days, not only are you getting top-of-the-line goods, you are voting with your dollars for high quality and excellent customer service.  Not a bad thing to do with your consumer dollar.


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