10 Days of T-Shirts: Day 9 – Panda Armed and Dangerous T-Shirt from Cafe Press

CafePress has about 4 billion T-shirts to choose from.  (Okay, I’m exaggerating, but they do have millions of T-shirts.)  They carry over 330 million unique products and at least 10 million are T-shirts.  Which means you could spend 8 hours a day, every day, combing through the funny, unique, cool, creative, vintage, rude, sporty, and artistic T-shirt designs at CafePress and never explore them all (particularly since 45,000 new designs are added each day).

The bottom line is that CafePress has something for everybody.  And everybody, in this case, is you.  And a T-shirt I think you’ll like is this pistol-packing panda.

I looked through every T-shirt CafePress offers (okay, another slight exaggeration) and found one you could not help but appreciate:  the Panda Armed and Dangerous T-shirt.  (Yes, the actual title of this shirt at CafePress is “Panda Arm and Dangerous” but I figured I’d help them out with their grammar some.)  The picture at left shows the shirt in black but you can get it in 9 different colors.  The black and white panda design should work well with any color. The shirt is made of 5.6-ounce, 100% cotton (of course) and retails for $25 (for now, before cotton clothes go up in price).  

This T-shirt is a bit edgy, a bit humorous, sort of aggressive without being obnoxious.  Where could you wear this shirt?  The question should actually be:  where couldn’t you wear this shirt?  You could wear it to church (depending on what church you go to) or you could wear it to a pub.  You could wear it to work (depending on where you work) or you could wear it to a lacrosse game.  About the only place you wouldn’t want to wear it would be on a hay ride.

You could definitely wear it to yoga class and impress the cute girl stretching herself supplely on the mat next to yours.


CafePress bills itself as “The world’s favorite place to find or make unique T-shirts and gifts.”  I suppose Zazzle might dispute that somewhat (Zazzle bills itself as “the world’s leading platform for quality custom products”), but the bottom line is that CafePress has 2 million unique shops where people just like you (well, not just like you) can offer their personal designs to the world.

Of course, if you don’t quite cotton to the Panda T-shirt, you could design your own at CafePress, taking advantage of dozens of clothing and customizing options.

In fact, you can also create many kinds of customized gifts at CafePressclick here to explore T-shirts and more.  The Panda T-shirt is just a starting point — check out jewelry, iPhone cases, water bottles, greeting cards, and more.

Another nice thing about CafePress is that they unconditionally guarantee their products.  If you don’t like it, you can return it, no questions asked.  Not many businesses stand behind their products as firmly these days, nor treat their customers as well as CafePress.  So, whether you acquire a design that someone else has made, or you creatively create your own, you really can’t go wrong with any merchandise from CafePress.  See the video below to hear Allison give an overview of their approach to T-shirts:

T-Shirt – CafePress Product Info from CafePress on Vimeo.


Chicago Cubs Vintage Tee from CafePress

Now, maybe the Panda Armed and Dangerous T-shirt isn’t quite your cup of tea.  In that case, I’ve selected another T-shirt from CafePress for your sartorial consideration:  the Chicago Cubs Vintage Tee.  Not only is this design kind of a charming throwback (harking back to a time when Cubs fans were simply hopeful, rather than desperately hopeful), this T-shirt is made of organic cotton, enzyme-washed to be super soft, and mixed with a little spandex to keep its shape.  Of course, the character on the shirt is still a bear, but a different species of bear, and he’s carrying a baseball bat instead of two semi-automatics.  Take your choice of weapons.

Or get one of each.

Or, if you’ve been inspired by this post, design your own shirt or other product at CafePress.

Okay, so I put in 10 hours today working in a warehouse, so I’m going to go have dinner.  Not that you necessarily care about that.  I’m just sayin’, you work up a powerful appetite searching for good T-shirts at CafePress plus working in a warehouse.


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