Great Deal Today on an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) from Vann’s to Protect Your Audio-Visual System

You have spent thousands on your video system — HDTV, blu-ray player, DVD server, DVR, video projector, and so on — and your audio system — amplifier, receiver, speakers, etc. — but have you invested in a device to protect your high-end Home Theater and other equipment from power surges and other power problems?  If your answer is no, then here’s a great deal:  today only, Vann’s has the APC S15 900W UPS Power Conditioner, which normally retails for $1,499.00, on sale for $249.88.  That’s a savings of $1,250! Today’s price includes an additional $50 instant rebate from Vann’s.  This “deal of the day” ends May 17, 2011.

Click for APC S15 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with Battery Backup

Sensitive audio-visual electronic equipment — your high-definition television, DVR, surround-sound speakers, audio amp, and the rest — is susceptible to power surges, interruptions, brownouts, blackouts, lightning strikes, and other “surprises” that our overtaxed system for providing electricity to homes and businesses can deliver.  These unwanted occurrences will not only compromise the performance of your audio-visual electronics, they can destroy your components entirely — chips, hard-drives, and boards — along with the pricey cables (ethernet, video, and audio) that you use to connect them.  The solution to power interruptions, spikes, and fluctuations is an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with battery backup, that “smooths out” power distortions and protects your components from damaging surges, blackouts, and start-up spikes.

To protect your home theater equipment and data devices, an excellent choice of UPS is the S15 900W/1500VA Power Conditioner with Battery Backup from American Power Conversion (APC).  This unit will protect your expensive audio-visual components from undesirable power events, keeping your devices running smoothly on battery power long enough for you to shut them down properly.  And today, Vann’s is offering the APC S15 900W UPS Power Conditioner for the incredibly low price of just $249.88.  And US buyers get free shipping to the lower 48.

Saving your video projector bulb alone could easily re-pay the cost of this device.

Rear view of APC S15. Click to get it from Vann's.

The ACP S15 900W UPS Power Conditioner has received excellent reviews, both in professional publications (such as and from customers.  You can read a complete description of this unit on the Vann’s site, and purchase it from Vann’s for under $250, today only.  For a UPS that normally retails for nearly $1,500, this is a great deal.  For in-depth spec’s from the manufacturer, click here to go to the APC site.  APC is a well-respected name in the physical infrastructure protection industry.

Can you trust this low price?  Of course.  The unit is new, factory-sealed, and comes from Vann’s, one of the most respected, customer-friendly, and knowledgeable retailers of electronic equipment in the world.

Here are some excerpts of reviews from customers who have purchased the APC S15 900W UPS Power Conditioner from Vann’s:

“I wanted to buy a power conditioner for my Home Theater (HT) setup. After looking at much more expensive units from other manufacturers, I happened to see that APC made HT power conditioners as well. Upon taking a closer look, I found that the value on this piece was too good to be true. It originally listed for $1500 when it first came out & it had great professional reviews. The silver version that I bought was only $299! Seemed like a steal.

“The 2 features that are unheard of at this price level are the voltage regulation and the battery backup with pure sine wave output. Right now, I have my 55-inch flat screen TV, computer, stereo components, and DVD player plugged into it. The information setup screens are easy to use and very intuitive. I loaded the Powerchute software onto my computer which will power the computer down automatically if the power goes out and the battery goes low. I did a test by shutting off the circuit breaker simulating a power failure. My TV and stereo didn’t even blink. You wouldn’t even know the power dropped out. For the $299 price, this product can’t be beat. From what I found, similar HT units with battery backup are going for over $2000. I highly recommend it.”

“I’ve been looking and procrastinating over which power conditioner I was going to buy. Not one of them was under $1000.00.  I happened on this site [Vann’s] and saw the APC S15 unit, saw the price and spent the next 10 minutes researching this unit, and could not believe what I was getting for the money. I was amazed how quickly I received the unit. Vanns was amazing!  I have had it set up for a week now, and am incredibly impressed, some people say you can’t tell a difference sonically, I disagree. It cleaned up my soundstage, especially with vocals and bass response. I recommend this unit to anyone who has been looking for a very good conditioner, but afraid to spend the money.  You really can’t go wrong, you can’t get a half-way decent power strip for this price, GO AHEAD take the plunge and get one of these before they are gone!”

Vann’s can offer the APC S15 900W UPS Power Conditioner at this price because they bought all the remaining inventory from the manufacturer.  But they only have about 200 units left, so this deal won’t last long before they sell out (and the additional $50 instant rebate ends May 17).  If you want a reliable UPS to protect your home theater investment, get it now.  You will not find a price this low for this unit anywhere else.

Note:  some consumers have mentioned that the software that comes with the S15 is not compatible with Windows 7.  However, you can upgrade the included software with a download from the APC site that will enable it to work fine with Windows 7.

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