10 Days of T-Shirts: Day 7 – The Most Inexpensive T-Shirts You Can Get Online

Sometimes you just want a basic T-shirt.  Whether it’s to wear under a dress shirt, or to wear when you change the oil or mow the lawn, a T-shirt is one of the most functional, versatile, and cost-effective parts of your wardrobe.  It doesn’t always have to be fashion-forward and attention-getting.  Here I’ll list places to buy the most inexpensive T-shirts online.

First, some criteria…  One is that, in keeping with the rest of this series of posts, these T-shirts are made of cotton.  You might find cheaper T-shirts made of polyester, but who wants a substandard polyester T-shirt when you can enjoy cotton?  Two is that they are well-made — you might be able to find 100% cotton T-shirts for less at the flea market, but they will probably fall apart after you wear and wash them a couple times (and they will not be comfortable or good-looking in the meantime).  Three is that I’ve tried to find the cheapest, best-quality T-shirts available in a complete range of sizes.  It won’t do you much good if a store is having a closeout on T-shirts and you’re a size Medium and they only have one shirt in Small or XXXL.  The idea here is to provide a useful selection and consistent choice for all of you.

That said, there are a number of excellent deals you can find online for basic, inexpensive T-shirts from reliable retailers.  These are places you can find tees that are useful for layering, for wearing to the gym, playing hoops, to walk your dog, or just to lounge around watching a game.  And when they finally wear out, they’ll make great rags.

Hanes makes some of the best T-shirts when it comes to balancing price and quality.  These are good, everyday undershirts available from Freshpair.

A 3-pack of Hanes T-shirts for $12.25 at Freshpair

So, how about a 3-pack of 100% cotton Hanes T-shirts for just $12.25 (with free shipping on all US orders)?  These are white T-shirts cut long to stay tucked in, with a 1×1 ribbed neckband.  You can’t get much more basic — or better — than these shirts. 

When it comes to buying underwear, Freshpair offers the whole enchilada.  

Another handy thing is that Freshpair generally has a lot of customer reviews.  These Hanes Crew T-shirts average 4.5 out of 5 stars in reviews.  About them, customers said:

“My go-to for undershirts. It fits well and does not ruffle around the neck.”

“A T-shirt’s a T-shirt but Hanes has brand recognition and is very well priced for the Average Joe.  I like my CN2, 2Xist and CK brand T-shirts particularly if I am wearing them out, but Hanes makes a great durable undershirt for everyday work wear.”

Some customers felt that these shirts were a bit light to wear by themselves, but that’s to be expected.  Others thought they tended to run big in sizing.  But overall the reviews indicate a lot of satisfied guys.

The Hanes shirts are not the only outstanding deals Freshpair offers when it comes to T-shirts, however.  You can also get a 3-pack of Fruit of the Loom White Crew Neck T-shirts for $15.39, and Fruit of the Loom White V-neck T-shirts for $15.39.  Both the Fruit of the Loom Crew Neck and V-neck T-shirts average 4.5 stars in reviews.

Those are some of the best prices you can find at Freshpair — or online anywhere.  Explore the rest of their inventory for men to see other good deals or to find high-quality options from many other companies.  You won’t find a better underwear selection online.  And remember, they provide free shipping on US orders.


Desert Wash Vivid-Dyed Football Jersey T-Shirt from Buy.com

This next deal might have been number one, but you do have to pay for shipping.  Still, how about $2.47 per shirt, with a choice of 8 colors and 5 sizes?  That’s what you’ll find at Buy.com:  the Desert Wash Short-Sleeve Men’s Vivid-Dyed Football Jersey T-shirt.  These are well-made, 5.2-ounce cotton T-shirts, with ribbed collars, double-needle stitching, and taped seams.  The colors are unusual (as you might expect) and interesting.  You can’t beat a T-shirt for under $2.50.  Plus, when you shop at Buy.com, you earn Rakuten Super Points, which you can redeem for Buy.com merchandise.  The shipping cost is reasonable and, since you’re buying online, you can usually avoid sales tax.





Urban Pipeline Heather Tee from Kohl’s – $7.99

This next T-shirt is from Kohl’s:  the Urban Pipeline Heather Tee, $7.99 each, on sale.  Kohl’s is the new Gap.  Remember in their early years how you could count on the Gap for attractively-designed, well-made, basic clothing for reasonable prices?  That’s what Kohl’s is now.  Unfortunately, the Gap no longer offers products that have the best value, but for shoppers who’ve discovered Kohl’s, that’s not a problem.  Their in-store brands — such as Urban Pipeline, Sonoma, and Apt. 9 — are better quality than you might expect while still having good prices. 

For basic T-shirts, the Urban Pipeline Heather Tee comes in 9 colors and 5 sizes.  Buy several online — spend at last $50 — and you’ll get free shipping.  Or browse more of their basic T-shirts.  Of course, Kohl’s is a full-on department store, so they carry more clothing and other products than the Gap ever did.  Nothing against the Gap — I shopped there a lot in the 90s — but things change.  Fortunately, innovative companies, such as Kohl’s, step in to fill the gap.  Click here to see all their men’s clothing.


Cotton Military T-Shirt in Olive Drab

If you read my very first post on T-shirts, then you know that they had their origin — as much of men’s clothing has — as a utilitarian garment worn by soldiers.  So it’s only fitting that I include military-grade cotton T-shirts in this collection of inexpensive T-shirts:  the 100% Cotton Military T-shirt in Olive Drab.  $8.55 from the Army Navy Shop online.  Since we live in more modern times than WWII, you can also get it in black and brown.  And really, what man needs a T-shirt in any other color than olive drab, black, or brown?  The description is “100% cotton tee” and that’s what you get.  Hang something around your neck on a chain or leather thong when you wear this shirt.  It also might help if you chomp a cigar.  No shirt is more masculine.  Except maybe one of those rough linen pirate shirts.




The Structure Men's T-shirt from Sears combines good quality and a good price.

Structure Men’s Strech T-shirt from Sears – $9.99

Of course, as you might expect, Sears offers a pretty good basic T-shirt for a reasonable price:  the Structure Men’s Stretch T-shirt.  Unlike all the other T-shirts here, this tee contains a substance that is not cotton — it’s got 3% Spandex, which actually adds an extra measure of comfort and fit.  It conforms well to your body, which is handy if you’re in good shape, and works well under other shirts.  (And why not look good even when you’re wearing just a basic T-shirt?)  It’s only $9.99.  It comes in 4 colors. Customer reviews for these T-shirts are almost uniformly positive.  Such as:

“In cold weather, I need an ‘athletic type’ t-shirt to wear under my judo gi.  I’ve tried the all-nylon and all-polyester shirts.  They’re OK but look too 21st-century.  (Judo and Karate gi’s are nothing but ancient-design kimonos.)  This shirt is not polar white, so it matches the slightly off-white color of the gi.  It is about the same color of a regular t-shirt, but fits a lot neater.  Occasionally, I’ve worn one with a dressier street shirt.  If bought at sale price, an excellent value.  Seems ‘fanatical’ to shop for an undershirt for a judo gi, I suppose.  So be it!  The shirts will shrink a little.  If you have a long trunk, keep that in mind.”

“I wear these as an undershirt every day and have for nearly 2 years now.  They are without doubt the best undershirt or stand alone t-shirt I’ve ever owned.  Durable, keep their shape and very comfortable.”

“How can you beat this great price for a Structure shirt that wears well, fits great, and washes with ease.”

One handy option is to buy this shirt for the low online price and pick it up in a nearby Sears store.  That way, you don’t have to pay for shipping.  See the Sears site for details.


Celtek Bird T-Shirt from Dogfunk – $9.98

Finally, when it comes to low prices, you don’t have to consider only plain T-shirts.  You can get a pretty hip graphic tee from Dogfunk that’s only $9.98, on sale:  the Celtek Bird T-shirt.  This is a 100% cotton T-shirt that has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.  It comes in 2 primary colors — black and white — with 3 different “bird” design options.  You can wear it solo, or it will work under a dress shirt.  Double duty for one low price!  Just another useful, cutting-edge product from Dogfunk.  Again, take advantage of this price while it lasts.

Celtek Bird T-Shirt in black and orange







I mentioned that I wouldn’t be featuring T-shirts for low prices that only offered a few of one size.  However, I don’t want you to miss out on deals like that.  So I will recommend two online retailers where you can find a wide variety of good T-shirts at closeout prices.  Just check their inventory for your size.  If they’ve got it, great.  If not…check the shirts and stores listed above; you’ll still be able to find inexpensive T-shirts there.  The first online store I’ll mention is Sierra Trading Post.  They have T-shirts clearance-priced for as low as $2.50.  The other online retailer is Eastbay, a store that carries a huge selection of sports equipment, shoes, and apparel.  They have a good selection of T-shirts (including graphic tees) for as low as $4.99.  Both of these companies are known for good customer service and large selection.  Plus they each have frequent sales.  Both are good places to shop.

Get yourself some cheap, basic T-shirts.  It’ll be satisfying to know you’ve got that wardrobe staple covered and you can reach in your drawer and pull out a good tee whenever you need one.

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