10 Days of T-Shirts: Day 6 – Beta Unit Planetary Crew Tee from Revolve Clothing

Let it not be said that Best Stuff for Men neglects fashion.  We simply take the view that fashion consists primarily of a singular expression:  you.

No one else expresses your stylistic being.  No matter if you wear exactly what someone else wears, it will impinge on the world differently.  Fashion blends elements of function and art, industry and politics, nature and nurture, along with the personal vision of a designer.  We are tribal, after all.  So, unless you invent and construct your own clothing, whatever you wear is part of the zeitgeist.  Your unique part, animated by you.

Planetary Crew Tee - $44

Sometimes you want to know that you have something to wear that’s rather cutting edge, without trying too hard.  And this series of posts is about tees, after all, so here’s a T-shirt by Beta Unit:  the Planetary Crew Tee.  It’s got a an amorphous image with a vaguely forward-looking quality that’s in keeping with Beta Unit’s aesthetic:  that which used to work or is about to work, that which broke in an interesting way, the implications of almost-obsolescent technology, re-purposed as art.

Not that Beta Unit’s production is anything less than modern high-quality.  You get a 100% cotton T-shirt with iconoclastic styling and interesting details that you won’t find in T-shirts you get at Walmart (or any store with “mart” in the title).  That’s fashion.  And, via Revolve Clothing, not too expensive.  And you get free shipping.  And good prices today, cotton-wise, is what this series of posts is about.

Another cool thing about this shirt:  your girlfriend will want to sleep in it.  (That’s good for you.)  And if you don’t have a gf, this shirt will help you find one, because women pay attention to the fact that you’re not just an animal but a creative animal, and are more likely to come to you as a result.

You can get the Beta Unit Planetary Crew Tee from Revolve Clothing.  If you want to be au courant most of the time, Revolve Clothing is the solution, without trying too hard.  Shop there and they’ll take care of you (including accessories and lifestyle tech, such as interesting cameras).  Your canniness will impress.  See, for example, the “Editor’s Picks” section of their site (under “Men,” “New”).

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