10 Days of T-Shirts: Day 4 – Vox Logo T-Shirt from Musician’s Friend

Sometimes you need to channel your inner rock musician.  Or actually be a rock musician.  In either case, you’ll want a T-shirt to fit the role.   Something cool and not too unsubtle.  Here it is:  the Vox Logo T-shirt from Musician’s Friend.

Vox is the English company that helped pioneer electric guitar amps, adding technical power to the British Invasion (musically) of the US.  Their AC30 amp is legendary, having been used by rockers such as Keith Richards and Pete Townshend.  Plus a successful little group called The Beatles.

The Vox Logo T-shirt expresses the right blend of brand cachet, musical cool, and laid-back creative detachment.  Those who know music will know Vox.  But even chicks who don’t know the difference between tube reverb and solid state sustain will dig the stylized Vox crown.  Like earlier T-shirts in this series, this shirt will handle diverse sartorial applications, from catching a new electronica group at an underground club to starring in your buddy’s skateboard movie.  Of course, if you’re a guitar player, you can wear it everywhere.

It’s black, heavyweight 100% cotton, and only 18 bucks.  It’ll vibe with you.

Musician’s Friend carries dozens of other musically-themed T-shirts, too — enough to give a roadie back problems. 

If the Vox Logo Tee doesn’t do it for you (or you already own one), check out the Paiste Alpha Thorn T-shirt, the Vic Firth Goth T-shirt, or the Dean Wings Logo Custom T-shirt.  All the prices are reasonable.

Get the Vox shirt, wear it, and wash it, because it’s only going to get softer and better-looking with age.  Cotton was cheaper when they priced this shirt, so grab it now — or two or three — and save.  Put it on when you start feeling like head-banging.  Or finger-popping.  Whatever.  Bands from U2 to Radiohead have relied on Vox.  Not a bad legacy.

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Jazz guitarist Vinny Valentino is one of those discerning guys who plays a Vox guitar.  In the video below, he performs with drummer Steve Smith and the group Vital Information.  A harmonically simple yet rhythmically-sophisticated fusion jam borrowing from Indian konnakol.  Let it remind you:  nothing is cooler than music.  And, by extension, musicians.  Capiche?


Get your shirt from Musician’s Friend.  And you can search for more musical essentials by clicking the banner below.  Click here to see Day 5 of my 10 days of posts on T-shirts.

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