10 Days of T-Shirts: Day 3 – Pat Perry Tees Feature Cool Limited-Edition Art

T-shirts have become an artistic medium.  One of the more interesting artists to venture into T-shirt design is Pat Perry.  For those who are into cycling, his T-shirts with bicycles are pretty cool.  

For those who are not into cycling, he also does surreal designs. 

Although, I suppose if you’re not into cycling, you’re not necessarily into surrealism either. 


Artistic T-shirts allow you to expres yourself.  Many serious artists contribute to the design community on Threadless and you can wear their art.

“Flower Face” T-shirt by Pat Perry. Unfortunately, sold out. But click here to see many other artistic tee designs at Threadless.

Pat Perry is first and foremost an artist.  He is a wizard with brush and pencil.  Self-described as a “Drawer and Painter,”  he also takes excellent and evocative Photographs.  In any medium, he has a knack for coming up with original, visually-arresting images that are both fun and disturbing, accurate yet warped. 

And, fortunately, he occasionally deigns to print his art on T-shirts.  So you can wear it.  Which is much more cost-effective than buying one of his original paintings for thousands of dollars and wrapping it around yourself… 

Unfortunately, his artistic T-shirts are generally produced in limited quantities.  Which means most of them are gone, sold out.   

Except for this one:  Pat Perry “Howl Around Town” T-shirt for kids from Threadless.

Pat is a pretty cool dude, with varied interests, including backpacking, so he understands and appreciates function when it comes to clothing.  And art.

T-shirts are one of the few clothing options that allow you to express yourself and your personal taste artistically.

Since most of Pat’s T-shirts are being hoarded by someone else in their closet, I thought I’d celebrate the spirit of his work and clue you in on some of the best places to get artistic, creative (and yes, made of cotton) T-shirts that are genuinely interesting.  Unique.  Often limited editions.

These are not your Nike-type T-shirts (not that there’s anything wrong with Nike).

ShirtWoot is a user-based community of T-shirt fanatics and voters who carefully comb through many cotton T-shirts to find the best designs.

See more limited-edition artistic T-shirts at ShirtWoot

 ShirtWoot is a site with a large selection of one-of-a-kind T-shirts that are offered for a short time and either sell out or are withdrawn to make room for another.  You can find something new there on a daily basis.  If you carefully explore their offerings of artistic, scientific, literary, and humorous T-shirts, you’re sure to find something you like.  Users of the ShirtWoot community vote their favorite designs to the top!  You can, too…


Threadless is one of the best community-generated sites for finding truly interesting, artistic T-shirts. These guys and gals are serious artists. And, even better, some are seriously demented. Which means you can acquire some entertaining clothing (and other products).

185860_Threadless - check out the New Designs Daily!


Next, check out That’sMyShirt — a site devoted to culture-inspired T-shirts that cover everything from beer to video games.  In the mix, you can find some pretty arty stuff, especially among their vintage T-shirt designs.



Finally, if you’re especially into collecting limited-edition T-shirts, you should go every day to TeeFury.  Why every day?  Because they offer one shirt each day for 24 hours or until it sells out.  Then it’s gone.  Fffft!  Can’t get much more limited than that…   And their tees only cost $10.  Ten dollars!  Where else can you get limited-edition art for a price like that?  Many of their designs are pretty cool, too.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t have survived as a business for the last 4 years.   The shirts are 100% ringspun cotton, so there’s another opportunity to hold down your costs for acquiring cotton clothing. 

TeeFury is a site that offers one unique T-shirt each day designed by artists from around the world.  And they're only $10.

Black Stout Stag. Just one example of the limited-edition artistic tees offered at TeeFury. Click here for the latest.

To be thorough, I should mention that some people find TeeFury’s shipping rather slow (they print the shirts after the orders come in), and others carp about them being a copycat of ShirtWoot.  And maybe they are.  (Success breeds imitation.)  On the other hand, it does give more artists the opportunity to share their work and even make a little money.  TeeFury combs the entire world for art to feature on their shirts.  If you think you have what it takes, you can even submit your work to them for consideration.

With Threadless, ShirtWoot, That’sMyShirt, and TeeFury, you’ll have a lifetime of artistic T-shirt designs to explore and display on your body.  Heck, you may eventually be accused of being an artist yourself.

Let me know how that works out for you…

If you’ve read my preceding two T-shirt posts, you’ll be aware that I’ve been providing some 411 about cotton for your dressing edification.  So, what do we have today?

How about the question:  is cotton a flower?

No, Jimmy, cotton is actually the fiber that grows to protect and help disperse the seeds of the cotton plant after the flower has fallen off.  Cotton is the fibrous “boll” that surround the seeds.   The cotton plant is a member of the genus Gossypium, which includes about 50 species.  Only a few of these are cultivated commercially.  Some are genetically modified.  When you see cotton growing in the United States, it’s most likely Gossypium hirsutum, or Upland Cotton.  When you’re driving by a cotton field with your parents, point at the field and say, “Look, Mom and Dad, that’s probably Gossypium hirsutum.”

They will think you are smart.  Maybe they will buy you a cotton T-shirt.

Back to Pat Perry.  (Yes, I do ultimately tie it all together.)  Here is a time-lapse video of Pat Perry doing a painting.  This shows about 2 weeks of work with acrylic paint and ink:

Timelapse Painting Two from Pat Perry on Vimeo.

 Click here to go to Day 4 of my “10 Days of T-shirts” posts.

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