10 Days of T-Shirts: Day 2 – The Shutter Tee from O’Neill

Here’s the second in our 10 days of cool T-shirts:  the Shutter Tee by O’Neill.  You can find it at O’Neill surf shop online, along with other cool clothing and gear.

How does your store become legendary?  By being the first in the water.  By being the first to sell something that, eventually, people all over the world want to use.  It adds to the legend if people ridicule you when you first start out.  And it helps if you start by selling stuff out of your garage.

That’s what happened when Jack O’Neill invented the wetsuit and began selling it back in 1952.

Now, O’Neill is a famous brand around the world, and Jack O’Neill is credited with helping to turn surfing into a hugely popular, year-round pastime.  O’Neill makes not only some of the best wetsuits available, but everything you need when it comes to clothing and accessories to live the surfing and beach lifestyle

Do you have to be a surfer to wear an O’Neill T-shirt?  No.  But it helps.  However, an O’Neill tee is also good to wear if you aspire to be a surfer.  Or if you simply admire surfing.  Or if you visit the beach.  Or you want to visit the beach.  Or you want to enjoy a laid-back lifestyle.  Or you just want to have a well-made item of clothing from an iconic brand.

I’ll get into a review of wetsuits another time (after all, I did grow up in Santa Cruz, where O’Neill’s headquarters is located)…

O'Neill makes T-shirts and other surf lifestyle apparel that is famous among the surfing community world wide.  These are some of the best surf-style T-shirts you can find.

Shutter Tee by O’Neill

Today is about T-shirts, and the T-shirt at left is the Shutter, from O’Neill.  It’s creative yet understated.  Cool.  Like you.

Colorwise, it comes in black heather (pictured at left), heather grey, and olive heather.  And costs only $22, as this is written.  A cotton/poly blend, for durability and smooth appearance.  (They also carry a lot of 100% ringspun cotton T-shirts, too.)

Of course, if the Shutter tee doesn’t quite do it for you, O’Neill carries nearly 200 more T-shirts on their site (long sleeve and short sleeve), plus shorts, jeans and pants, fleece and hoodies, jackets, backpacks, and much more.  And bikinis.  Which enable you to easily admire women at the beach — or, if you are a woman, to swim.   (But only swim in the Pacific Ocean if you’ve got an O’Neill wetsuit, because the Pacific is freakin’ cold.)

After 60 years in business, O’Neill knows how to make gear and apparel that works.  That’s why the company is known from Argentina to Japan. 

While you’re shopping the huge amount of stuff O’Neill offers online, be sure to check out their footwear.  When you’re wearing an O’Neill T-shirt and a blazer, you can hit the swankier clubs on Saturday night, but a pair of their shorts and leather flip-flops will array you suitably for eating mussels and drinking beer with your friends at Bungalow 8 at King Street Wharf in Sydney.  Use code “ONEILLAWESOME” to get 10% off your purchase of O’Neill sandals or shoes.

If you want a more flamboyant tee, you can surf  many more T-shirt designs at O’Neill.  And again, use coupon code “ONEILLAWESOME” to get 10% off any order on their site.

After you explore the O’Neill site and pick up a few of their iconic items, you can check out my epic post on more T-shirt options and get further inspired by clicking here.

Since you’ve been good enough to read this post, I want to let you know that you can also get free shipping on all orders at O’Neill online.  Click the banner below.

281150_Free Shipping


If you want to know more about surf shop founder and wetsuit inventor Jack O’Neill, who is still going strong at the age of 89, still surfing, still involved with his organization, O’Neill Sea Odyssey, which educates elementary-school kids about the marine environment, watch the video below:


Remember, I’m doing 10 days of T-shirt posts so you can stock up and avoid the price increases that are going to hit cotton clothing.  Regarding cotton, here’s a factoid:  China produces more cotton than any other country.  You might have thought it was the US, but no, the US is not even second.  That would be India.  The US is third.  China and India had a lot of inconvenient rain last year, which reduced the cotton yield.  Half of all the world’s clothing is made of cotton.  That’s one reason you’ll be paying more for T-shirts in coming months.  And jeans, socks, sweaters, handkerchiefs… 

There, now you’ll have some conversational ammunition to fall back on after you arrive at a party wearing your O’Neill Shutter T-shirt and a cute girl eyes it with approval.  First, say hi to her.  Then, after the initial chit-chat lags — and it will — tell her, “I got a bunch of shirts at O’Neill recently because, you know, of the rain in China…”  If this line of talk goes well — and it will — you can then say, “You’ll probably want to stock up on thongs.”  Then excuse yourself to get a beer.  (But, of course, you plan to catch up with her later.)

When you do, you will find her receptive.

No, you don’t have to thank me.  Come back here tomorrow and find another excellent tee for additional parties.  And remember to scope the rest of O’Neill’s high-quality inventory

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