10 Days of T-Shirts: Day 1 – Take Advantage of Less Expensive Cotton Now

You may have noticed news reports about cotton going up in price and how this will impact the cost of cotton clothing.  Short version: it’s heading north.  So shop for cotton clothing now.

Cotton prices have been rising steeply for about a year-and-a-half.  In March, cotton hit nearly $2.30 per pound on the world market, a 267% increase over the previous year. 

Driven by increasing consumer demand, poor harvests, and farmers diversifying into more lucrative crops, cotton will not be decreasing in price any time soon. 

What does that have to do with me, you ask?  It means that cotton clothing — T-shirts, jeans, and many other manly wardrobe staples made of cotton — will be getting more expensive.  Don’t get behind the curve.  Shop for cotton clothing — and put T-shirts near the top of your list — now.

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Retailers and clothing manufacturers predict that major price increases in cotton clothes will hit between now and the end of the year.  That means, if you want to save money on cotton duds, now’s the time to do it.  Or the “fabric of our lives” might become a little too pricey to include much of in your life.

Accordingly, since I’m all about adding value to your life here, I’m going to feature a different T-shirt every day for the next 10 days so you can get them at a price that’s still relatively okeydoke.  I’ll be trolling for superior designs.  And will offer diversified navigation to the best retailers of T-shirts and other cotton clothing online, including jeans, shorts, and underwear. (C’mon, you need a few boxer shorts too; admit it.)





 Price increases could hit as soon as June 1, so I recommend not waiting.  When summer arrives (and it’s already getting hot, or haven’t you been outside?), you’re going to want a few threadful tee’s to keep you cool.  And looking good.  Not like some clueless, donked-out, sweaty churl.

Of course, if for some weird reason you don’t think a design I suggest is deck, the online retailers I’ll be recommending have about 140 thousand more.  Just be sure you take advantage of lowest prices.  Like, today.

Shop wisely, Moriarty.  And return for additional jersey-centric intel tomorrow.  Meanwhile…

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