Get Sweet Chocolate-Covered Peeps for Easter

Sweet!  Easter is the time of year when most people indulge their craving for Peeps, the popular marshmallow candy that has been hatching in the spring for over 50 years. 

Marshmallow Peeps are a classic American candy, have inspired a cult following, and now appear in numerous variations year-round — including tasty Chocolate-covered Bunny Peeps that you can get from, one of the best places to get all kinds of excellent chocolate online.

You can order these Chocolate-covered Peeps today and get them in time for Easter.  (But even if it’s after Easter, why not get some anyway?  You know you want to.)  Of course, as a guy, you don’t eat Peeps, right?  (wink, wink)  So get them for your girl.

These Easter Bunny Chocolate-covered Peeps are made by the Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company of St. Louis, Missouri.  They take 8 innocent bunny-shaped Peeps and smother them with their award-winning milk chocolate, creating one of the sweetest, most luxurious marshmallow candy treats you can find. 

Customers come back for these year after year.  Here’s what one customer review stated at

“Please take my word for it…  You will be loved from the receiver of a gift from a fine place like this… even if it [is] yourself!  10-star rating… easily!”

There are other positive and even more coherent reviews for these Chocolate-Covered Peeps at  The bottom line is that this sweet, marshmallow-chocolate Easter treat will be a hit, whether you scarf them all yourself or get them for your family or a loved one.  You can get 8 chocolate-covered, bunny-shaped Peeps for $13 right now from

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Peeps Lore and History

Did you know that Peeps are born — er, manufactured — by the Just Born company right here in the USA?  Just Born has been making iconic American candy for over 80 years.  In 1953, they acquired the Rodda Candy Company of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which was well-known for its jelly beans. Coincidentally, Rodda had a small side-line making marshmallow candy called Easter Peeps, which they produced by hand-squeezing marshmallow through pastry tubes. 

Bob Born, the son of Sam Born, who founded the Just Born candy company in 1910, figured out a way to mechanize the marshmallow-molding process and the rest, as they say, is Peeps history.  (You can’t really beat a product name like “Peeps,” can you?) 

Today, 4.2 million Marshmallow Peeps skip out of Bethlehem, PA every day.

The Born family apparently has candy-making in their veins.  Sam Born, the founder, who emigrated to the US from Russia, invented a way to mechanically insert sticks into lollipops.  He might have been the first to put a hard chocolate coating on ice cream bars.  Sam’s successors invented HOT TAMALES candy in 1950.  And the company is being run by members of the Born family to this day — definitely an American success story.

Think of all that the next time you run across a package of yellow Peeps or snowman Peeps or Valentine Peeps.

By the way, here are some interesting facts you can use to impress your colleagues when you’re all waiting to board a plane at the airport:  Marshmallow was originally made from the mucilage obtained from the roots of the marshmallow plant, which is indigenous to Africa, and grows in damp areas such as, well, marshes.  The root extract was mixed with honey by the ancient Egyptians to use as a treatment for sore throats.  In fact, various parts of the marshmallow plant have been used medicinally by a number of cultures. 

But it was the French (of course) who figured out a way in the 1800s to whip it into the more candy-like substance we’re familiar with today.  Nowadays, there is no marshmallow root in marshmallow candy — it consists of gelatin and corn syrup and dextrose and other stuff that might not be too good for you (but who cares?).

Actually, if you get some Chocolate-Covered Easter Peeps from, at least you add some of chocolate’s healthy properties.  Although that’s not the main point… success story is another American success story.  In business for about 6 years, they gather artisan chocolate makers from around the globe and make their products available to you in one huge online chocolate emporium. 

Most of the small chocolate shops associated with are located in the US, so when you buy from them you know you are supporting small businesses and family-owned enterprises (just like Sam Born started in 1910).  And you’re supporting chocolate! brings together some of the most passionate, skilled, chocolate-making artists in the world under one online “roof” and makes their best products available to you.  They have a blog and a Chocolate-of-the-Month Club that you can check out.

Of course, it being Easter, you should explore some of their other delicious offerings for the holiday.  As well as other times of the year…  Chocolate knows no limitations of time or menu.  It’s just one of those things that makes life fun.  Like Peeps.

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