Alvaro Quiros Drives to the Lead in the 2011 Masters Using His Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver

Alvaro Quiros is one of the longest drivers among pro golfers and his ability to blast tee shots to the 330-yard mark and beyond has now been coupled with one of the most advanced golf drivers ever created — the Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver.

The combination of the Callaway RAZR Hawk and Quiros’ talent propelled him to a share of the lead on the first day of the 2011 Masters Tournament.

This apparently is no fluke.  After Callaway released the RAZR Hawk Driver to the world in February, Quiros promptly used it to capture the Dubai Desert Classic in, well, classic fashion, hitting a hole-in-one on the 11th hole (after triple-bogeying the eighth) to win by one stroke.  (And the week before, also using the new Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver, fellow Callaway pro Thomas Bjorn out-dueled Quiros and won the Qatar Masters title.)  After years of middling-to-good results on the European Tour, the 28-year-old Spaniard seems to have hit his stride at just the right time.  As he mentions in a Callaway bio video, when he finally got clubs made for him (as a boy, he used his father’s heavy clubs), he found that his quick swing, long arms, and height allowed him to regularly hit golf drives which most mortals can only dream about.  (An “average” golfer hits a drive around 200 yards.)  On the first day of the 2011 Masters Tournament, he was hitting crazy-long, achieving the best distance out of a field of 99 players, and also putted effectively to card a 65 and share the top of the leader board with Rory McIlroy.



What does this have to do with you?  Maybe you’ve been thinking about upgrading your golf equipment, and a great driver is one of the best things to start with…

The drive in golf is perhaps the most crucial shot on each hole (a view shared by Ben Hogan, among others), and the Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver is a precision instrument that still manages to do a great amount of violence to the ball.  When it’s time to tee it up, if you can’t consistently drive it straight (or draw it around a corner or fade it away from water), almost no amount of skill with the irons will save you (unless you’re Phil Mickelson).  And if you can’t drive it accurately and fairly long — whether as a pro, a low-handicap amateur, or an aspiring recreational golfer — you’ll never get to take full advantage of your ability to make a reasonable putt.


In other words, the drive is the foundation of the score on a given hole, and the Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver is a cutting-edge implement that will enable you to propel the ball down the fairway in impressive fashion and give yourself the best opportunity to birdie the hole.

Pro Reviews of the Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver

Here’s what some of the professional testers at had to say about the RAZR Hawk Driver after they tested it along with a collection of other new drivers in March, 2011:

  • “Among the top-rated models in the test.  RAZR Hawk packs a big punch.”
  • “Several testers hit the club longer than their current club — as much as 20 yards farther — with consistent results.”
  • “Heel or toe hits are quite playable.”
  • “Very stable, head-heavy feel; shots jump off the springy face…”
  • “Improved feel over previous Callaway composite drivers.”
  • “Testers hit all sorts of shots with ease; repeatable, hot flight.”

Repeatable hot flight — that sounds like what you need, doesn’t it?  That’s what Alvaro Quiros is experiencing.

Click to see spec's of the Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver

You can tell from their product description of this golf club that Callaway is proud of it.  The Forged Composite technology they used to build the club was developed in collaboration with Lamborghini; engineers from the two companies fabricated a material that uses millions of “turbostratic carbon fibers” to precisely control the thickness and shape of the head.  The new material is one-third as dense as titanium yet features a greater load-carrying capacity per unit mass in bending.  This translates to greater lightness in the head, which enables a longer club configuration for faster head speed, ball speed, and greater distance without sacrificing “forgiveness.”

Anyway, you’ve got to figure that any golf club developed in conjunction with Lamborghini has got to be cool.

Customer Reviews of the RAZR Hawk Driver

What does this translate to for, say, an intermediate player?  Here’s a review of the Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver from a customer (who plays “every couple of months”) at Golfsmith:

“Yes, this Callaway driver is great!  I’ve tested a lot of the drivers but the Callaway definitely tops it…  This driver is much better than their Diablo and the feel is fantastic.  I have the Callaway FT-9 Tour which is almost a mirror to the new RAZR.  Give it a chance and rip it… you will not be disappointed.”

Here’s what a couple of customers had to say about the RAZR Hawk Driver on the Callaway site:

“I like the way it looks when at address.  It is easier to hit than I thought it would be and gave me 20 yards more in my drives — it gave me 20 yards further distance in my swing and the comments from my fellow golfers were: ‘Boy, did you hit the ball much farther than you did before’.”

“Head volume/size seems to be a little smaller, and really sets up ‘clean’ and square at address.  Forgiveness appears to be excellent, especially mis-hits on the toe.  Distance is excellent, and feel/playability performance is not compromised as a result of the improved distance.  I’m really not into the adjustment features of a number of new clubs, so I really like the clean set-up of this club, and simplicity.  The last thing I need is a wrench or some other tool to tote around with [sic].  Sometimes, great clubs should just be left alone.”

Get a Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver for yourself, and you’ll want to be left alone to hone your driving distance and accuracy.  And, after all, isn’t golf ultimately about hitting the ball in a satisfying way?  Lower scores…impressing your buddies…feeling confident in your game are all great, too, but when you come right down to it, a well-hit golf shot is its own reward.  And you should seriously consider adding the Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver to your bag if you want to experience that feeling more often.  You can get it from In the Hole Golf or Golfsmith right now — two outstanding places to shop for a huge selection of the best golf equipment online, with good prices (featuring frequent coupons and sales — see the various banners and links on this page for current deals) and excellent customer service.  (The RAZR Hawk Driver comes in a Tour version and other models, too.  Click here to see current Masters-related deals at Golfsmith and shop for the entire RAZR Hawk line, but note: some items from the Callaway brand and other brands are excluded from some deals.)

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As for the fate of Alvaro Quiros in the current Masters Tournament, time will tell…  Today he gave up a little ground, but he’s still in the thick of things.  As the final two rounds loom, and he finds himself in contention on the weekend for the first time in his career at Augusta National, this is what he’ll be carrying in his bag:

If you want to emulate a player who’s starting to break into golf’s upper echelons, consider taking advantage of what the above excellent golf equipment can do for your game.  You can get it all at Golfsmith (where you can also take advantage of their “Playability Guarantee”) or In the Hole Golf.  It remains to be seen whether Quiros can prevail in a major* over veterans such as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, as well as young guns like Rory McIlroy, but with his ability to go long and the best equipment modern technology can offer, he’s given himself a fighting chance, and that’s all any tournament pro can ask for.

And when you want to see how long you’re driving the ball with your new club(s), use the Garmin Approach G5 Touchscreen golf GPS unit.

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*Update 4/11/11: Quiros shot 75 on Saturday and 74 on Sunday to finish tied for 27th — the same position, incidentally, as Phil Mickelson.

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