Free T-shirt from ThinkGeek for April Fools

Is the offer of a free T-shirt from ThinkGeek for April Fools an April Fool?  No!  I mean — yes, they will give you a hip, free T-shirt if you buy $15 worth of stuff!  Whatazüper deal!

ThinkGeek is, of course, where thoughtful geeks go to shop and think.  And right now, you can get a free T-shirt by clicking this link.  But the dudes at ThinkGeek are not just stuffy, intellectual, T-shirt-wearing elitists.  They can get down and dirty with some Ape-to-the-Fools, too…


Yeah — get the Playmobil Apple Store Playset.

So, if you go here, or click the banner below, you can take advantage of this insanely great T-shirt offer (yes, I graduated from Steve Jobs Marketing University).  You’ll get a T-shirt with Ken Jennings’ (legendary Jeopardy contestant, later crushed by Watson) assimilative pronouncement: “I, for one, welcome our new computer overlords.”



What should you buy from ThinkGeek that costs at least $15 so you can get your free T-shirt?  Well, they have thousands and thousands of other cool T-shirts, you know.  But maybe you don’t want another T-shirt if you’re already getting a free T-shirt already, you know?  Fortunately, they have many, many other things.  Many!   Like, such as:

 The Bucky Balls Toy of the Year

BuckyBalls Magnetic Building Spheres

BuckyBalls Magnetic Building Spheres

Now in Three New Executive Styles! Ah, carbon – how sweet you are. You are the basis of life on Earth, you let our pencils write, and you form the most fortuitous fullerenes. And what are fullerenes, but a collection of balls. Now, imagine replacing those hard to play with atoms, with rare earth magnetic spheres. Suddenly, you have BuckyBalls Magnetic Building Spheres, and now your life will never be the same. Because BuckyBalls Magnetic Building Spheres are really that cool. You can build basic shapes, complex sculptures, magnetic jewelry, or even outfit your refrigerator in bold and unique ways. Just look at all the shapes and forms you can make with these bad boys – it’s amazing! BuckyBalls Magnetic Building Spheres are just what you need to help you brave the boredom of the office. And really, when else will you get to play with your BuckyBalls at work and not get in trouble?


Butterfly in a Jar

Electronic Butterfly in a Jar

Electronic Butterfly in a Jar

When we were kids, we liked putting butterflies in jars so we could keep them forever and ever. But sometimes they always died. It was sad – extra sad because butterflies (in our opinion) are like rainbows and unicorns: unadulterated creations of magic and beauty. That why we got so excited when we saw this Electronic Butterfly in a Jar. Read on, and find out why you need one very badly. Each Electronic Butterfly in a Jar is a jar with a wire in it. The wire has a fake butterfly on the end. Somehow, when you tap the top or make a loud sound, the electronics in the cap make the wire wiggle. This creates the very realistic illusion of the butterfly flittering around your jar. It even just stays on the glass and flexes its wings sometimes. There is absolutely no way you can look at an Electronic Butterfly in a Jar and not smile. It is like having a piece of magic nature on your desk that defies death. Pick your favorite butterfly flavor (or collect the whole team) and get ready to feel good when you marvel at your Electronic Butterfly in a Jar. Electronic Butterfly in a Jar Looks just like a real butterfly in a jar. Responds to taps on the jar and sound. Four different flavors to chose from: Blue Morpho, Pink Morpho, Yellow Swallowtail, and Monarch. One butterfly per jar – butterflies cannot be combined into one jar. Batteries: 3 AAA (included). Dimensions: 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 7.5″


And the formidable Bag of Holding

The Bag of Holding Messenger Bag

The Bag of Holding Messenger Bag

When the last d20 is rolled, and Tiamat’s dying scream shakes the cavern walls, only two things remain: the distribution of experience points to the party, and loot. Your party’s dwarf fighter and that human paladin might be able to lug piles of gold and platinum, but your little gnome mage can’t quite heft that much stuff. What to do? The chaotic neutral halfling thief offered to carry a portion of your loot, but do you really trust “Shifty McFingers” with your well-earned booty, or can you find another way to carry it all? Luckily, amidst the ponderous piles of platinum lying about the place is a simple nondescript bag that everyone overlooked – except you, of course. Peering into the bag, you see nothingness – an almost infinite depth in which you can place way more loot than your entire party combined! While the rest of your party is trudging away with a backbreaking mass of booty, you’re happily plundering ton after ton of coins, and casually flinging your new bag over your shoulder. While transdimensional space is, as yet, impossible in this plane of existence (Doctor Who fans, keep quiet for now), ThinkGeek Labs has developed our own messenger bag that comfortably carries way more than a bag of its size normally could! It’s big enough to carry a 17″ laptop, Large 3-ring binder, two college textbooks, two paperback books, Amazon Kindle, iPod, cellphone, cables, pencils, business cards, spare batteries… I could go on and on.

 Don’t wait on this T-shirt deal, because when the free shirts are gone, they’re gone, and you’ll be out of shirt luck. 

And who would like to be that?

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