A Valentine’s Gift Sure to Please Her

What will please your main squeeze?  In a word — jewelry.

Freud asked the question, “What do women want?” and apparently never came up with a satisfactory answer.  Millions of other guys have continued to ask that question, particularly on Valentine’s Day.  Are you having trouble figuring out an answer?  Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not that hard — there is a can’t-miss Valentine’s gift that will have your significant other expressing passionate gratitude to you.

If only a guy like Frank Harris could have sat down with Freud over a drink and said, “Look here, Sigmund, I know exactly what women want.  There’s no mystery,” we wouldn’t have all this second-guessing about satisfying feminine desire.  (By the way, Harris was born in 1856 — the same year as Freud — only Harris was born on (hey!) February 14.)

Yes, there is no mystery.  It’s known what women want.  They want jewelry.

Preferably diamonds.

Of all the options for a Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetie — flowers, chocolate, perfume, etc. — jewelry is number one, and diamonds the jewel of choice.  They really are a girl’s best friend (thanks, Marilyn Monroe).  Below are some excellent jewelry options from some of the best jewelry merchants in the world.

Your girl wants a gift that will both celebrate and enhance her desirability and femininity.  Jewelry fits the bill — and diamonds, being one of the highest-status adornments, particularly so.  She wants to feel not only acknowledged, but treasured, as a woman.  She appreciates a symbol that tells her that no woman is more important to you than her.  Diamonds do that — though sapphires, rubies, and emeralds work well, too.  For whatever reason, women “get” the significance of precious jewels more vividly than the average guy.  Why?  Well, maybe it’s the advertising — but we know that a woman like Cleopatra was as gaga over jewelry as, well, Lady Gaga.  Basically, women’s lust for jewelry is one of those constants, like gravity, or the Yankees winning the pennant.

So get your girl jewelry for Valentine’s Day.  She will really, really like it, Freud notwithstanding.



Diamond Stud Earrings

Now, statistically, as I said, diamonds are your best bet.  And the easiest and most versatile style of diamond jewelry to get — something she can wear just about any time, or to dress fabulously on special occasions — are diamond stud earrings.  Following is a choice selection of diamond stud earrings, in order of price.  These will do the trick.

These white gold princess cut diamond earring studs from Katarina would make a memorable Valentine's gift.

Princess cut diamond stud earrings from Katarina

Here are some one-fifth carat diamond stud earrings set in 14K white gold.  These are from Katarina, an online jeweler that specializes in a wide range of diamond jewelry and is known for good customer service.  These studs are elegant without being overly ostentatious and they won’t put a hole in your budget big enough to drive an armored truck through.  Your girl will be pleased and impressed.  But if for some reason she decides she’d like something a little different, Katarina has a 30-day return policy (unlikely to be used).






Diamond jewelry is a classic Valentine's gift that will be sure to impress her -- especially these quarter-carat brilliant cut diamond stud earrings.Moving up a bit in quality, these round brilliant cut diamond stud earrings are quarter-carat designs (pictured at left) that are a step up in color and clarity than those described above and thus a little more pricey — but still won’t break the bank.  (For those who care about such things, the color is G-H (near colorless) and the clarity is SI2-I1 (slightly included to included).)  They are set in 14K white gold and are, again, from Katarina.  They are a nice size and the round cut complements just about any look, from jeans to a little black dress.




Katarina Valentine's  Day Promotion

Diamond Flower Earrings set in 14K white gold - by Morris and David

Diamond Flower Earrings in White Gold from Allurez

Finally we have these beauties from Allurez:  Diamond Flower Earrings set in 14K white gold.  These are by jewelry designer Morris & David, known for their historically savvy yet modern designs that are carried in upscale department stores throughout the USA (and favored by a number of Hollywood celebrities, among others). 

These earrings each contain 7 brilliant cut diamonds arranged in the shape of a flower.  The 1.19 carats of diamonds are set into white gold and are a quarter-inch wide — a stunning pair of earrings with which to grace your lovely lady.  The dealer, Allurez, is located in the heart of New York City and is known for their high-quality jewelry and custom designs (including the capability to create your own).  Their prices are good (for example, the diamond flower earrings here are discounted 48%)  and they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They have a selection of hundreds of jewelry designs for men, too, so do some exploring of their site while you’re getting your Valentine gift.

Diamond jewelry-blue background


Custom-made Jewelry

As I said above, diamonds are (statistically) a girl’s best friend — but maybe your girl is interested in things that are a little more iconoclastic than mainstream diamond jewelry.  Well, we’ve got you covered there, too.  For the woman who looks for unusual expressions of creativity and personal style, there is jewelry from Gemvara.

A custom piece of jewelry from Gemvara would make a perfect Valentine's Day gift -- or you can go with this pre-made Rose Gold and Pink Sapphire Necklace.

Click to see this 14k Rose Gold and Pink Sapphire Necklace at Gemvara — and customize it with your own stones if you prefer.

For example, at left is the rose gold and pink sapphire “Naked Pavé Pendant” from Gemvara (a pavé is a piece of jewelry with stones set very close together). 

This pendant necklace can be customized with your own choice of stones, and is just one of hundreds of customizable designs at Gemvara. 

For example, if you didn’t like this with pink sapphires (though it would make a good choice for Valentine’s Day), you could have it set with aquamarine or lolite. Instead of gold, you could use silver for the setting.  Or you could change the shape entirely.  And you can accomplish all this customization online at Gemvara’s site.

Gemvara has rapidly become well-known among jewelry connoisseurs for its large selection, creative designs, high quality, and attention to what its customers want.  For example, the “Naked” collection of jewelry from Gemvara debuted on the red carpet at this year’s Emmy Awards and appeared on the runway at Spring 2012 Fashion Week.

Matt Lauzon, Gemvara’s founder, must be doing something right — he was named one of Inc. magazine’s “30 Under 30 Coolest Young Entrepreneurs.”

Give Gemvara a look — if you create a unique piece of jewelry for her, just imagine how that will go over!

Alternatively, get a gift card for your sweetie from Gemvara and she can create her own unique design.

When you get jewelry for her from Gemvara  — either something made by one of their own designers in the U.S. or something you create yourself — you will impress her with your thoughtfulness and knowledge of quality jewelry.

Besides, what could be more impressive than a gift you design yourself?  Click the banner below to explore the options at Gemvara.  They have a ton of cool designs priced around $100, which will leave you enough money left over to get a really good bottle of wine, too.

262502_Gemvara Homepage


Handmade, Artisan Jewelry

The next source of unique jewelry I want to recommend is Artful Home — jewelry made by hand by some of the best North American artists working in jewelry today.

Artful Home connects art and art-lovers by offering a huge selection of juried and curated works by artists working in the areas of furniture, home decor, glass, apparel, painting, photography, sculpture, apparel, ceramics, jewelry, and more.  Over 900 artists provide more than 13,000 unique works of art for Artful Home’s online gallery and catalog.  Pieces are shipped direct from the artist’s studio, while Artful Home provides a customer-friendly guarantee and ensures top-notch service.

For jewelry-lovers, Artful Home provides a lifetime’s worth of beautiful, artisanal jewelry to explore and wear.  When you buy from Artful Home’s artists, you know you’re getting a one-of-a-kind piece.  Most of these jewelry designs will not be found in stores.  

Handmade jewelry makes a unique and beautiful gift for Valentine's Day.

Silver Turquoise Sculptural Cuff from Artful Home

For example, here is a beaded bracelet made by Julie Powell, an embroidery artist who works with glass beads, natural stones, needle, and thread.  The Silver Turquoise Sculptural Cuff (pictured at left) consists of Czech glass beads, glass seed beads, turquoise, aquamarine, and crystal, woven together by hand with filament and needle, bead by bead. 

As you might imagine, each of these beaded bracelets is unique in color and patterning, though each one follows the same style and color palette.  Only 50 are produced.

Of course, when you shop at Artful Home online you can view all the works by a particular artist that you like and begin collecting them.  Artful Home’s website is easy to navigate and provides in-depth information about the art and the individual artists.  If you have a request for a custom piece or adjustments to a particular item, you can also communicate with an artist directly.

There are many unique ring designs available at Artful Home that would make memorable Valentine's gifts.

Diagonal Square Ring — silver, gold, chalcedony

At right is another unique piece from their jewelry collection that would make an outstanding Valentine’s Day gift — the Diagonal Square Ring made by Linda Smith.  This ring uses sterling silver and gold bars to hold a single chalcedony stone.  Gold beads around the ring provide a sculptural aspect to this beautiful design.  Imagine this ring on the finger of your gift recipient.  It can be customized to her size.

In addition to many unique, beautiful, and interesting jewelry designs, Artful Home carries many more works of art that would make excellent gifts, whether for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion.  It is one of the best places online to shop for gifts.

Click here to explore more than 13,000 works of art Artful Home.

artfulhome - Making a statement of style.

If you’d like more in-depth info about jewelry and what it signifies, see my post entitled “The Jewels.  It’s All About the Jewels.”  That post also provides further options for buying jewelry online, including another excellent site for artisanal jewelry, NOVICA, which features handmade jewelry from around the world.

More Valentine’s Gift Options

Okay, I’ve been going on about jewelry and, you know, I’m right about it being about the best Valentine’s Day gift you can get.  But it’s not the only Valentine’s Day gift you can get.  Most women are sensualists at heart when it comes to their other senses, too, and in keeping with that, I want to mention another option for your consideration:  perfume.  Think about it:  it also fits the bill with respect to accentuating and enhancing her femininity and, for some women, the realm of fragrance is a gateway to a world of passion.  And Valentine’s Day is about nothing if it’s not about passion. 

In addition to the previous link, you can explore various scent options for her at Perfume Emporium (shop now and get $5 off a $20 order using code KL1966) or FragranceX (see the banner below).

After all, can’t Valentine’s Day be a multifaceted expression of love and lust?  In that respect, you can also consider chocolate and lingerie.  Combine them all and she won’t know what to do with herself.

Shop well and thoughtfully at one of the merchants above, buckaroo, (and expedite shipping) and your Valentine’s present(s) will be a passport to a passionate reward that she will be happy to bestow.

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