Get Ready for Your Super Bowl Party, Part 2: Food

Serve huge slabs of ribs at your Super Bowl party - get them from Chicago Steak Company

Coach Ditka’s Baby Back Ribs – Chicago Steak Co.

The heart of any successful party is the food and drink.  The food you serve at your Super Bowl party should be at least as memorable as the game’s big plays and the commercials.

Of course, this is all about football, so your main dish should probably be meat.  The kind of meat is up to you, but you can’t go wrong by offering several choices to your guests.  The question then is:  where to get great meat? 

It may seem unusual that I’m recommending getting your Super Bowl party food online (after all, can’t you just go to the supermarket and pick up some ground beef?), especially if you’ve never ordered food online before, but it’s a sure way to get delicious eats that will impress your guests. 

Sure, most people are still not terribly accustomed to ordering food online.  But you, being intelligent, realize that the companies that successfully sell food online must be putting out a great product.  How else would they stay in business?  That being the case, you can’t go wrong by going to the following online vendors.


Steak burgers would be perfect for your Super Bowl party, and steak burgers don't get any better than the ones from Chicago Steak Company.

Click for Steak Burgers from Chicago Steak Company

First, the meat.  Here your go-to source is Chicago Steak Company.  They have a track record of delivering  the highest-quality meats from some of America’s best butchers throughout the US. 

Chicago Steak Company offers only USDA Choice and USDA Prime steaks.  Their steaks are aged for up to 28 days to ensure outstanding taste.

When you place your order, your steaks are vacuum-packed and flash frozen in their own juices to guarantee the best flavor. They are placed in a cooler with enough dry ice to make sure that they make the journey safely and arrive at your door ready for grilling.  Chicago Steak Company guarantees to deliver the worlds finest beef, seafood, and desserts to their customers.

 For the most memorable steak experience, try their Kobe Wagyu Steaks, which are even better than USDA Prime. 

However, since this is a Super Bowl party and not the celebration of your company being bought by Google, you might want to go with their gourmet angus gourmet angus steak burgers — or try their special Tailgating Package, which includes 10 beef frankfurters (which were the official hotdogs of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City), 8 beer bratwurst, 24 4-ounce steak burgers, and 6 teriyaki chicken breasts.  That should fill up your friends.

You don’t have to stick only to traditional football fare, either.  Chicago Steak Company also offers chicken, turkey, ham, ribs, and seafood.  And when you’re done eating all that, they have gourmet desserts.

Surf & Turf Two Free Lobster Tails


A side of smoked salmon from Mackenzie Limited

A side of smoked salmon from Mackenzie Limited

If you are having a really big Super Bowl shindig, you will score beaucoup points with your guests by offering several meat options.  To expand your fare, go to Mackenzie Limited.  Their claim to fame is smoked salmon.  I mean, really good smoked salmon, including smoked salmon from Scotland

In business since 1984, Mackenzie Limited has expanded its catalog over the years to include 350 of the best gourmet products available online.  (In fact, you might want to add to your bucket list:  “Eat every kind of food that Mackenzie Limited sells at least once.”)  They offer Whoopie Pieslamb, beef, pork, caviar, duck, turkey, and chicken — even vegetarian entrées (should for some reason you wish to go in that direction for a party celebrating football’s most intensive gladitorial mayhem).  They even have hors d’oeuvres — and for starters, you should definitely consider offering your guests some warm lobster spread and artichoke gruyere dip.  They have desserts, too.  For example, their Whoopie Pies, shaped like X’s and O’s — are perfect for a gridiron get-together.

Mackenzie Limited 468x60 Banner


Duck and pork sausage with figs from Gourmet Food StoreIf you’re a particular fan of hot dogs, you also might want to expand your links options with sausages, frankfurters, and knockwurst from Gourmet Food Store, such as the duck and pork sausage with figs (pictured at left).  They have a variety of sausages made in the old-world European style, including kielbasa and Spanish chorizo.  Get some good hot dog buns, a few condiments (from Gourmet Food Store — or see below for further condiment sources) and you’ll be set. 

To purchase hot dog buns in quantity and save, try the gluten-free tapioca hot dog buns from ENER-G (from in bulk).



Live lobster, lobster tails, lobster meat, and much more seafood and can be had from Lobster Anywhere.

How about lobster for your Super Bowl party?

If you want to go in a more premium direction — think surf-and-turf — you can add lobster to your steak burgers by going to Lobster Anywhere, a company located in New England that for over 3 decades has been shipping live lobsters, lobster meat, and other seafood throughout the USA.  For a truly impressive surf-and-turf feast, they also offer organic filet mignon, New York strip steaks, and Uncle Jimmy’s Baby Back Ribs.  Or just go for their chowder, shrimp, appetizers, and New England desserts (apple-blueberry crumb pie, anyone?).  Click here to see all their delicious offerings and to order (and to find out how to handle and cook your live lobsters after they’re delivered).




Pommery De Meaux Grain Mustard will go great with your hotdogs and brats at your Super Bowl party.

Pommery Meaux Grain Mustard from Touch of Europe

Getting back to hors d’oeuvres and other things to complement your meal, I wanted to mention that Sur La Table, well-known by cooking aficionados for their extensive inventory of high-quality kitchen tools and equipment, also has food — quite a large selection of good things to eat. 

And in that regard, if you’re in any way a cheese lover — and, when you have some crackers around, who isn’t? — you should check out their collection.  They particularly feature cheeses from the Di Bruno Brothers company of  Philadelphia and Academia Barilla in Italy.  If you want some unusual, excellent cheese for your party, try the Di Bruno American Cheese Sampler.  And for sandwich condiments and meat marinades, check out Sur La Table’s condiments section —  blue cheese dijon mustard, cranberry horseradish sauce, and smoky apple barbecue sauce,  among others. 

Plus, if you need a charcoal starter, an indoor grill (could be raining or snowing that day, you know), a meat thermometer, or a grill pan, they’ve got that covered, as well.

A second excellent place to get all sorts of unusual appetizers, exotic foods, and condiments online is Touch of Europe, a company that imports many interesting products — including gourmet food items — that are almost impossible to find at stores in the United States.  As an example, click on the image of the Pommery Meaux Grain Mustard above to get some for your burgers and brats (trust me, this is great mustard).


You'll find excellent and unusual cheese at Savorique

Cheese from Savorique

Another online store known for their comprehensive supply of gourmet food is Savorique.

They carry many delicious items, including caviar, chocolate, condiments, cakes and cookies, and coffee.  However, I particularly want to mention their cheese — you can find many rather rare varieties of cheese at Savorique.  Try, for example, one of the cheeses made by Academia Barilla.

And they offer fine wines to go with it.




Jamon Iberico Ham at La TiendaIf you want even more exotic food for your appetizers and main dishes, go to La Tienda — authentic food and kitchen items from Spain:  paella, serrano ham, bread, wine, cheese, olives, and more.  Their site repays repeated exploration — you can feel yourself absorbing more worldliness as you wander through it (not to mention getting hungry).  Even if you choose another direction than Spanish food for your Super Bowl bash, you’ll want to come back to La Tienda for a future event or just to try something for yourself.  Once you do, you’ll likely be a customer for life.

La Tienda banner_rotating_175x210_2









Now for a bit different kind of service:  if you’re in Green Bay Packers land (i.e., most of Wisconsin), and environs, you can order groceries from Peapod — everything from brats to pizza to pickles to beer to soda.  They deliver within certain areas on the east coast, too.  Click here to take advantage of food and related items delivered to your door, including fully cooked meals.  Why go out and shop at various stores when you can order everything you want online — from meat to fresh vegetables — and have it brought over for a nominal fee?  You can use the time you save to make final adjustments to your fantasy football team.  Or to get creative in the kitchen.  Or for sleeping.  Once you experience the convenience of Peapod’s service, it becomes habit-forming.  You’ll wonder why you ever wasted all that time driving and shopping.  Go to their site now to see if they’re available in your area (and, for a limited time, get $10 off your first order using code PPAFF10).  If you’re in Manhattan, you can get $15 off your first order using code NYCJ15.  If you’re in the Philadelphia area, you can save $20 off your first order at using code AFFL20.



Another extensive online shopping service is offered by Ozbo.  And not only do they have hundreds of thousands of products, including popular brands of prepared foods and other groceries, they discount everything, sometimes quite impressively.  People are finding they can use Ozbo to get many of their most useful and perishable household items (such as diapers, pet supplies, batteries, and paper towels), save money, and have everything delivered right to their door.  Party-wise, they have popular brands of chips, condiments, snacks, olives, pickles, etc., not to mention balloons and decorative napkins.  Additionally, customers tend to rave about Ozbo’s customer service (they’re a Shopwiki approved store, for one thing).  There’s a reason Ozbo has experienced explosive growth since its founding over 30 years ago — they do things right, now offering over 1,000,000 products on the Web, and prompt shipping.  Use the search box below to find what you want at Ozbo.

Search over 100,000 products



Chocolate-covered pretzels -- the ultimate snack

Chocolate-covered mini-pretzels from

You know, thinking about snacks and appetizers, I want to make a suggestion here for something that would most likely be a hit at your party:  chocolate-covered pretzels.  What could be better than a combination of two of the most popular snack foods ever?  If you go with them, your party will become legendary.  You can serve them before kickoff, during halftime, and for dessert.  Some of your guests will gorge themselves and beg for more.  They will be grateful.  You will be known as a party-hosting god.  Find over 150 types of chocolate-covered pretzels at  Offer different versions, and you will become a legend among your friends.





Gourmet cookies are a good way to wrap up your Super Bowl party with a special dessert -- click to get them from Dancing Deer Baking Company

Cookies from Dancing Deer Baking Co.

Speaking of dessert, have you thought about that?  You can’t have an outstanding feast without including something sweet at the end.  There are impressive dessert options available at the companies listed above.  However, I want to mention two more…  First:  Dancing Deer Baking Co..  In particular, their cookies are excellent, though they also carry brownies and cakes, too.  Cookies are easy to serve and everybody likes them (particularly from Dancing Deer). 

And second, if you want to go all out in a decadent direction, Savorique will supply the pièce de résistance your party deserves.  They have just about any sweet thing you can imagine, but their cheesecakes are a special, gourmet dessert treat.  (And this treat will help soothe the feelings of football fans if their team loses.  Though it might require more than one piece.)


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I know I haven’t mentioned much about beverages until now.  Obviously, you’re gonna want something to drink.  You’ll probably have some ideas about that (and maybe have your guests simply BYOB) and you don’t necessarily need to find your soda, beer, and whatnot online, but there is one thing that you can get online that might be better than what you’ll find at your local supermarket:  wine

If you’re doing a more elegant and sophisticated Super Bowl party, then you’ll probably want to offer some wine (for example, to go with your Ribeye Steaks or Spanish ham).  And the place to go for wine recommendations and good prices on top-flight vintages is Personal Wine.  They have high-quality wine for as little as $15 a bottle (and you can add a personalized label, which might be fun for the party) and, if you’re not sure what to try, browse the recommendations and reviews by their expert staff.  For example, to go with steak:  ’04 Wings Napa Cabernet Sauvignon.


After so much good food, some people will want coffee (particularly if it’s a cold day).  The best choice here is Marley Coffee, a company run by Bob Marley’s son Rohan.  Overstock carries a number of flavors and styles for a discount.

Though some might prefer tea.  After all, it’s getting more popular and the health benefits are pretty significant.  Who says a nice cup of green tea won’t complement the 12 ounces of beef you just consumed?  It might add the crowning touch to your satiation.  One of the best places to get tea, from Earl Grey to Rainforest Mate, is Mighty Leaf Tea.


Deluxe Sixty Special Popcorn MachineOn the other hand, maybe you just want to have a party focused almost exclusively on viewing the game — after all, that’s what everybody’s there for, right?  Football.  Some Super Bowl.  You want to concentrate on watching two of the most successful NFL franchises in history knock each other’s heads off.  Who has the bandwidth to eat much?  But you’ll still want some nosh, if only to have something to do with your hands when you’re not throwing them up in the air at the bad calls.  So:  popcorn.  That’s right, the snack that accompanies every quintessential American pastime.  But not just any popcorn…  you want popcorn made on your own popcorn machine from Stargate Cinema.  Delicious and plentiful.  Plus you can watch it pop.  Your buddies will be impressed.  Then, they’ll be even more impressed when it’s time to watch the game and you sit down on your Fortress Theater Seating chairs.

Popcorn, big overstuffed individual recliners, high-def TV, and the Super Bowl.  What could possibly be better?

Now you’re ready for some football.


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