Get Ready for Your Super Bowl Party, Part 1: Party Supplies and Accessories

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The biggest football day of the year is coming up and you’re planning on having a Super Bowl party, right? 

Whether it’s just some brews with a couple of your buds, or a houseful of people, football goes better with friends. 

Following are ideas and resources for football-themed party supplies, decorations, and other stuff to help you host a Super Bowl party that you and your guests will enjoy.  (Even if the game itself doesn’t live up to the hype.)

NFL Party Supplies

There are some good places online to get supplies for football game parties or a Super Bowl party specifically.  I’ve combed the Internet to find the best deals and prices, plus suggestions for fun items you might want to include, from football-shaped serving trays to NFL Team gear to the right TV on which to watch the game…

First, you need some basic football party supplies — cups for beverages, plates for brats, pretzels, and burgers, bowls for chili, utensils to spear and scoop things, and napkins to save your couch from greasy fingerprints.  How elaborate you get after those basics (table cloth, balloons, inflatable cooler?) is up to you (and is probably somewhat determined by whether you share your abode with a female).  Where can you get Super-Bowl-themed eating equipment like that?  Why, from BuyCostumes, of course.

For example, Super Bowl XLV plastic cupsServe beverages in Super Bowl XLV Plastic Cups


And a football-shaped serving tray:


You can serve drinks and appetizers on your Football-shaped tray

Football-shaped serving tray





BuyCostumes is a lot more than just a costume store.  Think of them as your one-stop event shop.  They have everything you need to focus your Super Bowl party, to give it fun authenticity.  Plus make it convenient:  plastic silverware, paper plates — everything that can be thrown away (or recycled) afterwards, which is the American way.  Or simply order a football party kit that’s pre-made.  This year, you especially might want kits for the Green Bay Packers or the Pittsburgh Steelers.


On the other hand, if you take environmental considerations into account, you can get biodegradable plates, utensils, and other stuff at BuyGreen (which is also the American way).


Click to get a Galvanized Steel Tub to keep drinks cold from Wayfair

Galvanized Tub for drinks

Want another good place to shop for sports-themed and football-themed decorations and gear?  Try Wayfair.

For example, get a Galvanized Drink Tub to fill up with ice and cold beverages:


And a personalized football bar sign with your name:

Decorate for your party with a personalized football bar sign








Kaskey Kids makes a variety of sports action figures that are fun to play with, including Football Guys, and you can use them as a decoration, too!

You can use Kaskey Kids football guys to decorate a cake…or whatever.

Another decoration option that you might not think of is to use the football guys action figures from Kaskey Kids to decorate a cake, or cupcakes, or just set them up for the kids to play with during the party, or put them out on your serving table.  They’ll lend a fun, almost “throwback” atmosphere, however you use them — the nostalgia for when you were first learning about the game as a kid.  And Kaskey Kids sports action figures are fun to play with the rest of the year, too.  See my in-depth post on all the fun things you can do with Kaskey Kids sports action figures.


A place that has more party supplies than Charlie Sheen is Target.  Go to their homepage, and search on “Super Bowl Party.”  You’ll find a lot of essential stuff at good prices and often with free shipping.

Target Bullseye Logo Brand static (141x178)


And another cost-effective place to get your Super Bowl accouterments is  For example, check their Super Bowl Tailgate Party Gift Basket and Green Bay Packers 60-oz. pitcher, among other things.

As you’re taking in the game, rooting for your favorite team, getting het up, fan gear helps.  For example, wouldn’t it be supportive to have an Aaron Rodgers jersey?

Aaron Rodgers White Reebok Green Bay Packers Super Bowl XLV Jersey


Or a Pittsburgh Steelers hoodie?

Pittsburgh Steelers 2010 Conference Champions Hoodie







Or any of a number of other pieces of gear?  The place to get all this is, the one-stop shop to get everything related to fandom.


Everything For The Fan -


Along, that is, with Fathead.  How would you like to decorate you wall with a life-size graphic of Troy Polamalu?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  Get that and many other exceptionally noticeable life-size sports guy emblems at Fathead.

Decorate your wall with a life-size Troy Polamalu Fathead Graphic


















Super Bowl Party Pack  - 300x250


The Right TV for Watching the Game

Of course, all the party supplies, delicious food, and fan gear will ultimately mean little if you don’t have a TV that lives up to the significance of the game.  You can’t watch the game on a 19-inch cathode ray tube television.  No, man, you need a good HDTV.  And if you’re going to get one, you may as well get the best:  the 54-inch Panasonic Viera TC-P54VT25 Plasma HDTV.   On this, the Super Bowl will become a religious experience:  Religious.  Experience.

And here’s a heads-up: Only until February 5, 2011, Sears has all Samsung and Panasonic TVs on sale for up to $1,000 off, plus free shipping on TVs $749 and up.


You don't want to watch the Super Bowl on an old CRT TV

Not this.


A great high-definition TV for watching football is the Panasonic Viera TC-P54VT25 1080p 3D Plasma HDTV













Play Football at Your Party with an Official NFL Game Ball

You can play football with your party guests with this Wilson F1100 Official NFL Leather Game Football

Official NFL Game Football — what the pros use

And, too, before the party you’ll want to work up a bit of an appetite so, after you become terminally bored with the 7-hour pre-game show, you’ll feel like going out and throwing the ol’ pigskin around with the boys (or girls).  For that, you’ll need a pigskin.  Don’t skimp on this.  Inspiration is not a factor to be trifled with.  Get the official Wilson F1100 Leather NFL Game Football from Online Sports — the place to fulfill virtually any sports-related need you have.



Free Shipping on $100 or more!


NFL Tickets

When it comes to not skimping on things, you might be one of those guys who wants to skip the home Super Bowl party entirely.  Instead, you’re the kind of guy who needs to be in the thick of things.  You want to be there, at the venue, live.  (Or even better, you want to throw your party in a luxury box at the stadium.)  If that’s the kind of guy you are, you’ll need tickets.  They’re still available.  Get them from TicketNetwork, one of the premier places online to acquire great tickets to the best sports events, including Super Bowl XLV packages.  If that’s the way you roll, check their website now.

Buy NFL Tickets!


And plan and book your trip to Dallas using Expedia, where you can save a bunch of money by booking both flight and lodging at the same time.  To see more good deals on flights and lodging, you can also try Easy Click Travel, too.

Are you ready for some football?

Not quite — you still have to get the food for your party.

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