Paper Jamz Has Fun Musical Toys for Not Much Money

This is a Paper Jamz review of some of the most innovative and fun musical toys on the market.  With a Paper Jamz guitar, amp, and drums, you can play musical chords, songs, and jam with your friends.

When it comes to music toys, many don’t manage to inspire interest over time because they’re too simple. And they sound cheesy.  That’s not the case with the Paper Jamz guitars, amplifiers, drum machines, and microphones.

These are musical instrument toys that reward exploration and experimentation.  Paper Jamz instruments are fun to play.  And, unlike the “instrument” used in Guitar Hero, there is more of a connection to actual guitar technique with Paper Jamz than you get with a plastic-key-based guitar controller.  And since Paper Jamz instruments are very reasonably priced, they should be on your list of cool toys to check out this holiday season.

Paper Jamz Guitar - Style 4 - provides hands-on musical toy fun with its Active Graphics Technology that enables you to play without strings

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Paper Jamz guitars are not real guitars — they don’t have actual strings.  What they do have is Active Graphics Technology, which enables you to play chords and single notes in “freestyle” mode that sound just like an actual guitar (see Stevie Peavey’s Paper Jamz guitar demo video below).

You can even play Paper Jamz guitars through a regular guitar amp, although Paper Jamz has its own complete line of amplifiers that work well, too.  Active Graphics Technology detects the motion of your fingers on the fretboard and graphic strings.  The Paper Jamz software converts these movements into realistic guitar sounds. Monthly Coupon

The Bottom Line on Paper Jamz

These are musical toys that will provide hours of fun and inspire creativity.  The Paper Jamz guitars, drums, and amps are hard to beat for their price (for example, you can get several of them for under $30 at Best Buy) when you compare their functionality to other kid-friendly electronic instruments.

See the video below for a basic review of how Paper Jamz guitars, drums, and amps work.  You can get Paper Jamz instruments by clicking these links to online stores:, Best Buy, and Barnes & Noble (that’s right, Barnes & Noble, which is a hipper electronics store than you might imagine). 

As you’ll see, there are various styles of Paper Jamz guitars available.  Browse the selection of Paper Jamz instruments at these retailers to find the best current prices and availability.  Don’t wait, particularly as we get closer to Christmas, because they’re selling fast.


Want to know how you can have more musical fun with a Paper Jamz guitar?  Then take a look at the video below, where guitarist Stevie Peavey, of the metal band Deathsquad Demongods, has some fun reviewing a “Flying V” Paper Jamz guitar.  Then get your own guitar and you too can be on your way to being a rock god.


Paper Jamz Amp - Style 4 - from WowWee enables you to play real guitar chords and drum sounds with the Paper Jamz instruments; click to purchase this amplifer from Barnes & Noble

Click to get a Paper Jamz Amp – Style 4 – at Barnes & Noble












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