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Will this be Kevin Durant's MVP season? (NBAE/Getty image)

I’m used to the NBA season starting on November 1 but, like daylight saving time and the advent of winter, basketball nowadays isn’t keeping to its traditional schedule (the opening game was October 26).  Regardless, what should be one of the most interesting and dramatic NBA seasons since the 1990s is now under way. 

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Of course, if you’re any kind of basketball fan, you’ll want to catch the Heat (if only to boo them), as well as Kevin Durant’s potential MVP performance, the debut season of rookie John Wall, and Tyreke Evans’ follow-up to his Rookie-of-the-Year honors, plus track whether the Lakers can get it together sufficiently to ride Kobe’s coattails to a three-peat.  And then there’ll be Monta Ellis whirling like a dervish to the basket, Chris Paul racking up about 39 assists per game, and Shaq (egad!) in a Celtics uniform.

Miami has a group of basketball players you’ve probably already decided you’ll love to love or love to hate.  But if nothing else, the over-Bloviated Three’s opening-game loss to the Celtics proves yet again the basketball truism that it’s the best TEAM that wins, particularly on the defensive end.  Sure, nowadays you have to have at least one superstar and a couple of stellar supporting players to win a championship, but a superstar or two or three is no guarantee of getting it done.  Without the team approach, defeat is inevitable.  Case in point:  the Lakers, with the best trio of offensive players ever assembled — Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain, and Elgin Baylor — never won a championship.  Who did they lose to?  The aging ’69 Celtics and the fanatically team-centric Knicks.  (By the way, as of today, Miami isn’t even leading their division.)

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In any event, NBA 2010-11 should be a fascinating season for basketball fans.  Will we see Miami against the Lakers in the Finals?  Or will most everyone’s expectations get confounded and the championship be contested between the Magic and the Thunder? 

73 games?  Really?

What we won’t see, I guarantee, is Miami winning 73 games.  It’s a long, arduous season and neither Dwyane Wade nor LeBron James have yet proven themselves to be consistently Jordan-esque in durability or impact (though Wade came close in the 2006 Finals).  I can’t believe actual experts have predicted 73 wins.  Still, you can follow the drama on ESPN’s somewhat breathless Heat Index.  (Since the Heat lost to the Celtics, they can only lose 8 more games.  Which would those 8 potentially be?  They play Boston 3 more times; they play the Lakers twice; they play Orlando 3 more times; they play Oklahoma City twice; they play San Antonio twice; and they play Chicago 3 times.  And some other team is bound to upset them at least once. (For example, in their 72-win season in 1995-96, the Bulls lost a game to the Raptors, who finished that season 21-61.)  From here on, if they lose only one game apiece to each of those other top teams and get upset once by a lesser team, they can only lose 1 more game all season.  What about the Nuggets, the Mavericks, and the Hornets?  Heck, even Cleveland might dig deep into their ball-bag of hatred and pull out an upset.  73 is a very tall order, though the Heat do have the advantage of playing in the weaker Eastern Conference.  So I would suggest 68, maybe…  What do you think?

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