A Summer Essential for Guys: Ocean Minded Southern Baja Leather Sandals

There are hundreds of models of flip-flops, based on one simple design:  a footbed, a thong between your toes, and a couple of straps.  All of them work, more or less, including the rubber ones you can find at the supermarket for $3. 

They’ll get you from the parking lot to the beach. 

But for lasting utility, comfort, and style, you should have a pair of leather flip-flops.  When the weather turns warm, they’ll be your go-to footgear.  They will last the whole summer through.  And, unlike the cheap rubber versions, they’ll also take you from the ocean-side restaurant’s valet parking area to a nice table by the window, with no apologies for your style to your date. 

This is a case where better is better.  Don’t buy 10 cheap pairs flip-flops when you can get genuine leather sandals.  They are the best sandals for men.  Especially men who love the beach.

The Ocean Minded Southern Baja Sandals fit the bill.  Comfortable, with classic style, they feature a leather upper and an anatomically-designed leather footbed,  reinforced leather footstraps, a 100% recycled traction outsole, and a midsole made of recycled OM Foam.  After you get them, you’ll wonder how you did without.  Ahhh, the comfort…  Everyone who owns them loves these sandals.

Click here to get them from Zappos (hands down, one of the best Internet retailers).  Note that these sandals tend to run a bit small, so consider sizing up.  You can also find them at West Marine and at PlanetShoes.

The best sandals for men are made of leather -- durable, comfortable, and stylish -- and you can't find a better example of men's leather sandals than the Ocean Minded Southern Baja Sandals.

Click to enjoy the comfort and classic style of Ocean Minded Southern Baja Leather Sandals















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