Father’s Day: Get Something Good for Your Dad (or Yourself)

Here’s a wide variety of Father’s Day gift ideas.  As you go through them, consider nabbing something for yourself.

Wait a minute…  Get a gift for yourself for Father’s Day? Sure.  When it comes to Father s Day gifts, if you get something for yourself, you know you’ll get what you want.  Besides, why not celebrate your own fatherhood?  You can do that even if you don’t have kids.  After all, every mature man is a “father” of sorts:  an originator of ideas, a shepherd of projects, a practitioner of art or craft, an instigator of adventures.  And if you do have kids, if you get a cool gift for yourself, you’ll be able to enjoy it along with your kids’ heartfelt (hopefully), competent (or not) gifts — their attempts to express their appreciation for your love, guidance, and support.

Of course, you want to get a good gift for your own dad for Father’s Day, something that expresses your gratitude for his presence and influence in your life.  Father’s Day deserves more attention than it gets.  (Mother’s Day seems to grab most of the headlines.)   Don’t get your dad a clichéd gift (such as a cheap tie).  Get him something cool and out-of-the-ordinary.  Following are suggestions for gifts that don’t suck — things he will actually enjoy and use.

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Let’s start with a classic gift idea that can’t miss:  a wristwatch, and for a good price (he’ll appreciate you being sensible).  Watches are useful, stylish and, when you think about it, cool pieces of technology.  (There’s a reason they’re given on important occasions such as  graduation and retirement.)  Every day, SharkStores offers a new watch at the absolutely lowest price anywhere.  You only get 24 hours to nab it.

I have a dedicated page to ChronoShark here).  And if today’s watch deal doesn’t do it for you, there’s a good chance that tomorrow’s will — they select from the best when it comes to performance versus price.  You could also try an excellent online retailer of watches:  Discount Watch Store.  They have thousands of watches for men, good customer service, guarantee the lowest prices on the Internet, and offer free shipping on all orders.


Polar FT7

Polar FT7


Along the same lines as a watch, but a little more specialized and beneficial — how about a heart-rate monitor?  Here’s a heart-rate monitor that’s well-reviewed:  the Polar FT7Outside magazine, among others, recommends it (“intuitive and powerful”).  It has everything you need and nothing you don’t, and the price is right.  Plus it’s cool-looking.  Encourage your dad to achieve his fitness goals.  Find the Polar FT7 at REI or Moosejaw.  And if you want something more top-of-the-line, check out the Garmin Forerunner 110, which adds GPS capability to workout monitoring.

Longer, Warmer Days Ahead! Get the inside line on



Everybody likes 007.  Whether your dad is trying to get fitter or not, guys appreciate action (even if it’s vicarious), and quintessential manly action has always been carried out by James Bond.  Get your dad a complete set of James Bond movies.  Here’s Volume 1: James Bond Ultimate Collection Volume 1

You can also find the complete collection of Bond movies on both DVD and Blu-ray at CD Universe, one of the best online sources for music and movies at good prices.

Or would he rather have a TV series?  See my post on the best television series for men available on DVD and blu-ray to get some ideas (for example:  The Wire and Fawlty Towers) .






Marc Jacobs for Men - cologne

 With regard to relating to women (your mom or whoever), a good cologne is always appropriate (unless she’s got MCS, in which case there’s a whole ‘nother set of things to worry about besides smelling good).  I have found only a few that seem to be universally appreciated by the opposite sex and here’s one of them:  Marc Jacobs for Men.  In my own informal polling, I’ve always had positive responses (I try it on at the store and ask random women if they like it).  It’s also endorsed by the PUA community, and they should know, right?  You can get it for an excellent discount from FragranceX.

You can also save $10 off any purchase of $40 or more at Perfume Emporium.  Through June 17, 2012, use code DADDY.






Leatherman_Squirt_PS4_Blue_Multi_ToolEvery guy should have at least one multitool.  They’re handy and confidence-inducing.  Here’s one that the editors of Outside endorsed as a practical, everyday choice:  the Leatherman Squirt PS4 (can’t go wrong with anything from Leatherman).  It’s got 9 tools (including pliers and scissors) in a compact form that isn’t annoying to carry around (just 2¼ inches closed).  And it’s only about $40 (or less).  Get it from REI.  Or from Altrec.






Sword of William Wallace

The sword of William Wallace



Here is something that is not a multitool.  It’s a single-purpose tool:  William Wallace’s sword from the movie Braveheart.  Of course, this is not an actual battle sword ( for that, take a look through TrueSwords.com and Budk), but it is an impressive 54-inch replica in hand-hammered forged carbon steel — a very good rendering of this historic sword.  Inspire your dad with the formidable weapon that helped establish freedom!



Entertainment Earth 120x60_BlueJesus Big Lebowsky




Guys need a top-drawer pair of knockaround pair of shoes, whether for late-night ramblings along urban streets or stalking across frosty stubble pursuing a great telephoto shot of a wild turkey.  Fortunately, Timberland offers various chukka boots that fit the bill — click here to see Earthkeeper shoes and the Rugged Original Chukka (pictured above) — classic styles that feature earth-friendly materials, such as organic cotton laces and Durable Green Rubber outsoles.  Intended to protect a man’s feet during diverse activities while simultaneously making him look good.  Get these and other styles from Timberland.

And if you don’t think these boots are exactly your dad’s cup of tea (or you don’t know his shoe-size), then get him a gift certificate to Zappos and let him choose his preferred footwear.  That goes for all the companies linked to on this page — if you’re not sure about a specific item, get a gift certificate:  it always fits and is totally in style.

Shop this Fall at Timberland.com


Kansas City Steak Company

Click for Chicago Steak Company

You get hungry after a day of stomping around in your boots, swinging your sword, and when a man gets hungry, the food of choice is meat (unless he’s a vegetarian — in which case, well, get him a carrot).  Anyway, if you want to treat your dad to a premium steak or other great hunk o’ beef, you can’t go wrong with the Chicago Steak Company — one of the best online companies for steak and other meats.  And of course they’re offering some good deals now — for example, get free shipping and 2 free gifts by clicking here (use code FATHER at checkout).  Or just get your dad a gift certificate and let him select his own feast.  This makes a mouthwatering gift…

Delicious beef delivered to your home from Kansas City Steak Company


Savile Row makes some of the best shirts for men in the world, along with suits, casual wear, even pajamas.  Click here to shop.

Savile Row, London

You want your dad to look good and, believe it or not, he wants to look good, so how about getting him a shirt or two from one of the most renowned shirt makers in the world:  Savile Row.  They offer exquisite tailoring, use the finest cottons, and carry a variety of styles (all posh).  

They also carry men’s suits, casual wear, and accessories.  Which means you can get him — yes! — a tie!  But Savile Row ties are pretty cool.  They have a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.  Shipping to the US is only $19 and is free on orders over $200.  And, for the quality, their prices are quite reasonable.





Laser-engraved flasks from the FlaskShop

A laser-engraved flask makes a personalized gift


We’ve handled your dad’s steak needs but what about when he gets thirsty?  I’m not talking about when he needs a bit of agua after running a 10K.  No, I’m talking about when he needs a drop of something a little more flavorful.  For that, he doesn’t want to carry a Camelbak.  He’ll need something a bit more sophisticated:  a flask.  And why not get him one that’s laser-engraved with art or a message of your choosing?  This will be a gift that keeps on giving.  See more flasks than you can shake a stick at at the FlaskShop, including photo flasks, stainlessMartini Shaker Set from the FlaskShop steel, novelty flasks, leather designs, monogrammed, and martini shaker sets (which he can use while unwinding with a Bond movie).






TaylorMade R9 Driver at IntheHole Golf

TaylorMade R9 Driver at InTheHole Golf


Your father must have a few hobbies.  Is one of them golf?  If so, my commiseration.  No, just kidding…  My 81-year-old dad plays golf and loves it.  I know he always enjoys upgrading his equipment.  So why not get your dad a new club or something else from InTheHole Golf, one of the best online destinations for everything you need to play the Game of Gentlemen.  Check out the TaylorMade R9 driver — an advanced, adjustable design that is getting rave reviews.  Or maybe he just needs a new golf bag (consider the Ogio Nexos Stand Bag).   Or simply get him a gift certificate.  You can’t go wrong at InTheHole Golf.  Their helpful, informative website will help you choose a great gift.

And, from now until June 20, get 10% off for Father’s Day at IntheHoleGolf — just enter code DAD at checkout.












This is not your dad.

This is not your dad.


Of course, maybe your dad’s inclination is toward a sport that’s a little more mano-a-mano (as opposed to mano-a-course-o).  How about tennis?  Does he need a new tennis racket?  Then the place to get it for a good price, with a wide selection, is Tennis Boom.  Of course, if your budget is limited you could always just go with a can of balls.











The Daiwa Saltiga Surf Spinning Reel is one of the best

The Daiwa Saltiga Surf Spinning Reel is one of the best


Or maybe your dad prefers the contest between man and fish.  A new rod or surf reel could be in order (such as the high-quality reel from Daiwa pictured and linked to at left) .  Find a huge selection of fishing equipment, from fly-fishing to deep-sea trolling, at Bass Pro Shops, the premier outdoor recreation/adventure outfitter, all offered with excellent customer service.

 Also check out Telluride Angler for the best in fly fishing gear by clicking the banner below.



Utrecht Artist's Convertible Easel - on sale for over $400 off

Utrecht Artist’s Convertible Easel – on sale for over $400 off


Is your dad a visual artist?  Remember how I mentioned that a man can be the “father” of art?  Well, if your dad fits that category, you can get art supplies and equipment for him at Utrecht.  They’ve been supplying equipment and materials for artists since 1949.

They are currently offering their Artist’s Convertible Easel for an excellent discount.



Save 40% off 1 item at Utrecht.com with coupon code AP1




Ray-Ban Wayfarers designed by Matt Moore, exclusively at Sunglass Hut

Click for exclusive designs at Sunglass Hut


Now that we’re coming into summer, every guy, including your dad, needs some cool shades to wear with shorts and Hawaiian shirts.  You can’t get cooler (or higher quality) than Ray-Ban and Maui Jim.   See an excellent selection of Ray-Ban models, including one-of-a-kind designer styles such as those done by graphic designer and muralist Matt Moore above, at Sunglass Hut.   A pair of Ray-Bans, whether Wayfarers or aviators, is a can’t-miss gift.  Also, to provide a little more incentive, Sunglass Hut is offering free next business day shipping and free returns during the month of June.  Use code 0612NXDY at checkout.


Click to see the Droids at Wirefly

Click to see the Droids at Wirefly


A new phone — something he can use to call you or just surf the web.  The new iPhone is about to come out and the Google Nexus One is getting rave reviews.  Those aren’t the only excellent phones out there — the various Droid phones are also top-of-the-line.  Is it about time for your dad to have a cool communication/Web/photo/GPS machine that won’t break the bank?  Find many good selections at Wirefly (such as the Droid Incredible pictured at left, or the featured model in the banner below).





Shop Wirefly ang get the Sprint Hero for $19.99!



Nintendo Wii consoleMaybe your dad isn’t much of a gamer.  But he could be, especially when he finds out about the cool sports games you can play on the Nintendo Wii.  Or he is a gamer but he hasn’t gotten around to getting the Wii yet.  Or he’s gotten a Wii but he doesn’t have Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 yet.  In any event, get him one or all of these things and he’ll have fun.  Include Resident Evil 4, too (also find it here).  And don’t forget Super Mario Galaxy 2 (about which CNET wrote:  “…the new standard against which every 3D platformer must now be judged”).  You can also find the Nintendo Wii in black at Buy.com, plus a bunch of accessories.





MEZZI WOODLine Aluminum Briefcase

MEZZI WOODLine Aluminum Briefcase

When you combine style, a cool gadget, and uniqueness, you’ve got an unbeatable combination for a gift.  And that’s what you get with the   MEZZI WOODLine Aluminum Briefcase — a well-made aluminum briefcase with a wood finish and a chrome handle from Mezzi.com.  The WOODLine Aluminum Briefcase was featured on Mission Impossible 3.  (Mezzi has supplied cases for a number of TV shows and films, including all those nifty silver cases on Deal or No Deal.)  This briefcase is made of high-quality aluminum and has chromed corners.  The black interior has 4 compartments, 3 pen/pencil holders, customizable foam, and will securely hold a laptop of up to 17 inches.  It’ll keep your dad’s stuff safe with a dual keypad combination lock.  And he will own the most distinctive briefcase of anyone he knows.  MEZZI makes stylish, durable briefcases at sensible prices.  Check the customer reviews for this case on their site.  You can also read an independent review of another MEZZI case — the LuxSlim Aluminum Laptop case in black — at Gear Diary, if you want additional input about their products.  But really, all you need to know is that, in addition to Mission Impossible 3, the WOODLine Aluminum Briefcase was featured on NBC’s Chuck (one of my favorite shows).



 By the way, in case your father isn’t into material stuff much, or he already has everything he wants, you might want to consider giving a charitable gift in his name.  That way, you can do some good in the world, still give your father a gift, and impress him with your creativity.  Check my post here about Gifts in Action.

Another option, especially if you live in the UK (though you can shop there from pretty much anywhere in the world), and also if you’re looking for something unique and unusual for Father’s Day, is to check out Presents for Men, a site that offers things you’re not likely to find anywhere else.

Top 30 Bestselling Signed Books at Abebooks

Top 30 Bestselling Signed Books at Abebooks


Does your father like to read?  All readers enjoy having a book signed by the author.  And you can find a whole bunch of signed editions at AbeBooks.  Here’s a link to the latest, most popular signed editions at Abebooks.  If you don’t see an author that you know your dad likes on that page, use the AbeBooks search function to search for signed editions by authors you know he’s a fan of.  It makes for a cool, one-of-a-kind gift.  And here’s something especially for Father’s Day:  books by father and son writing teams.





Subscribe for the ridiculously low price of $5.97 from USS online

Subscribe for under $12 for a year

Then again, maybe your dad is a reader but he doesn’t like books.  He likes his reading short, practical, entertaining, and with plenty of pictures.  In that case, get him a subscription to a car magazine.  Every guy likes car magazines.  Me, I like Car & Driver best.  But hey, some people swear by Road & Track and AutoWeek.  Also check other titles at University Subscription Service, which is one of my favorite online discount magazine subscription services (along with Blue Dolphin).  You can’t beat the prices and the service is good.  And a magazine subscription is a gift that keeps on giving every month.  And don’t you want to let your father how much your care about him every month?

Happy Father’s Day!



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