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4th of July Card

Why not send a card for the Fourth of July? People send greeting cards for most of the other holidays.  Why not commemorate the 4th of July that way, too?  Who should you send it to?  Since the Fourth celebrates the birth of our country, as well as the conception of liberty, how about sending it to a member of the military […]

Death, Parenting, and a Zest for Life Read more

Death, Parenting, and a Zest for Life

A few thoughts on the Abby Sunderland sailing-around-the-world controversy As columnists go, Leonard Pitts Jr. tends to be thoughtful and eloquent.  He can even be upbeat.  Most newspaper columnists, however, are committed to whining — pointing out what is going wrong, the deficiencies of people and society, etc. — and with his column on Abby Sunderland (“Taking the […]