Sure, Your Mom Would Appreciate Flowers for Mother’s Day — But What About Something Sorta Different?

Don’t get me wrong — flowers are good and you know she’d love them.  But why not go beyond the usual Mother’s Day gift ideas and give your mom something different and more memorable?  Here are some suggestions, and where to get them…

Okay, if you’re really committed to flowers, let’s cover that first.  You can still order in time for delivery for Mother’s Day.  You can order flowers from Fleurop, the most extensive flower delivery service in the world (I said “extensive” not “expensive”).  If you live in Poland you can order on Fleurop’s website and have them delivered to someone in Argentina.  Or Nigeria.  Or Iceland.  And of course the United States.  And vice versa.  I’ve written previously about Fleurop’s history and scope in my post on humans and flowers.  To order, click the text link above or the banner below.  And if you are in the UK (or you mom is), you can order from  Get 15% off an order using code 2012MD15 at checkout (through 5/31/12).


Now for some more unusual suggestions… 

How about some customized Chuck Taylor shoes from Converse?  I’ll bet you didn’t know you could design a pair.  Or she can.  Women are into Chuck Taylor’s now.  The easiest thing would be to go the Converse site and get your mom a gift card (everybody likes gift cards) and she can design her own pair (on the site, click “Shop” and you’ll see Gift Cards under “More”).  Or she can choose something else cool out of their selection of apparel.  You can have the card mailed. Or send it as an e-card, so it’ll be sure to be on time.  Or you can order something like the limited-edition Missoni woven print sneaker.  Lots of options, and she’ll like any one of them.

Double Upper- 234 x 60


Of course, when it comes to women (and moms are women) fashion is always in order.  But rather than get something ordinary from the local discount department store, how about a gift idea from Fossil?  Not what you’d ordinarily think about getting her for Mother’s Day, but originality is the whole point here.  Fossil has fashionable and well-made items and they’re offering free shipping right now.  Need a specific suggestion?  How about a stylish and feminine Stella Watch, a cool ceramic watch, or jewelry?  And if you’re not sure exactly what she’d like (there are hundreds of choices at Fossil) you could always get her a gift card.  If time is short, you can even have the gift card emailed to her.


A good Mother’s Day gift is something your Mom would never buy for herself.  Perhaps she wishes she had more time to read books but her busy life keeps getting in the way.  There’s a solution for that: is the premier online provider of digital audiobooks and audio entertainment.  Now, instead of having to sit down to read that bestseller she’s been yearning after, your mother can listen to it on her MP3 player, iPod, iPhone, Kindle, Blackberry, or Android device, among other options.  Obviously, this means she can listen while exercising, riding the bus, or any other multi-tasking opportunity. offers over 100,000 titles in many different genres.  Books, speeches, radio broadcasts, and more can be purchased separately or through an economical monthly membership.  Entertainment, self-improvement, and education at your fingerstips! (Or ear tips.)

Finally, she can catch up with her friends and read (listen to) The Hunger Games!

And right now, you can get the first 3 months of membership at for just $7.49 a month (regularly $14.95).  This entitles you to one audiobook per month, a free digital subscription to The New York Times or Wall Street Journal, and ongoing discounts on products.

A Mother's Day gift she probably wouldn't think of is an audiobook.  For example, click to get The Hunger Games from

Your mom might like The Hunger Games audiobook from










How about some great food from Spain?  That’s right, Spain.  This is not Mexican food, this is Spanish food, and the place to get it in the U.S. is La Tienda, a business that imports lots of delicious and one-of-a-kind products from Spain.  Their site deserves careful exploration.  And their food merits appreciative dining.  Maybe you can’t cook for your mom, but you can still give her something really tasty.  And unique.  They also have cookbooks, cookware, and beautiful ceramics, among many other things.



But let’s get back to customization.  How about making her a one-of-a-kind product at Zazzle?  You can make her a T-shirt, tote bag, apron, greeting card, mouse pad — they have almost 40 different products to choose from.  Use one of your own digital photos.  Go to Zazzle’s “Create” page and have at it.   You can add your own text, too.  Or, if you can’t quite come up with your own design, Zazzle has over a billion products to choose from, plus the Artsprojekt and Labz specialty sites (see the links in the top bar on their site).  Use the Zazzle search bar to search on one of your mom’s interests and lots of product options will appear.  You can often customize these products, too.  Or you could try my Zazzle store (it’s got women’s clothing).  You can select expedited shipping to make sure it arrives on time.

Zazzle banner




When’s the last time your mom had a nice vacation?  You can get her a gift card to and she can select from more than 4,000 B&B’s and other lodgings around the U.S.  and Canada.  Imagine the fun she’d have choosing a place to go and stay.  She could go with your dad, her BFF, or have her own adventure…  They’re offering a deal for Mother’s Day, too — 10% off using this code:  BBMOM10See details at the site.

Find Great Deals at!


If not a vacation, how about an event?  You could treat you mom to a show or concert.  Just go to TicketLiquidator to select from a huge array of current and upcoming events.  How about Wicked?  Or Cirque Du Soleil?  Or Josh Groban?  TicketLiquidator has good prices, oftentimes lower than the competition, and good customer service.  And if she’s a sports fan (tennis, anyone?) they’ve got that covered, too.  Click the banner below and use the coupon code to get a discount on your ticket order for Mother’s Day from TicketLiquidator (note:  applies on orders of $200+).



And if you send her on a trip or to an event (or even if you don’t), she might want to have some new luggage or a new handbag.  Fortunately, eBags, probably the best one-stop shopping spot for getting things to carry stuff in, has some good deals going.  Explore their site.  You could start by checking Mother’s Day handbag suggestions.  

Shop at


Corona Ergonomic Pruner

Corona Ergonomic Pruner

But maybe your mom wants to stay closer to home…  Does she like to garden?  How about a nice Corona pruner?  (Corona makes some of the best forged tools.)  Click the image to the right or here to find them for a discount at BIC Warehouse.

They feature a forged, heat-treated bypass blade.  The angled head reduces wrist fatigue.






A Mother's Day gift for someone who likes to bird-watch or watch animals, or otherwise observe things around her would be a pair of top-rated Redfield Rebel Binoculars.

Redfield Rebel 10×42 binoculars are top-rated

 Does she like to bird-watch?  How about a pair of binoculars from Bass Pro Shops?  These well-reviewed Redfield Rebel 10×42 binoculars should help her fill in her birding life-list.  They’re reasonably priced for the quality.





Is she into “green” living?  Then you’re sure to be able to find something for her at GreenandMore, which carries a ton of environmentally-oriented products, gear, and things for the home.

Real Goods Solar, Inc.



Glenn Gould plays Bach - The Goldberg Variations How about music?  Fortunately, I have just the thing:  Bach’s Goldberg Variaions, played by Glenn Gould, an absolutely legendary recording.  Everybody likes the Goldberg Variations.  Or find something else out of a selection of 500,000 works at CD Universe, including movies and television shows.








Maybe your mom is a reader, too.  So how about a magazine subscription?  It’s the gift that keeps on giving every month…  And not just any magazine subscription, but a discounted one.  You can get great prices on a big selection of magazines, including many 2-for-1 offers, at University Subscription Service.  It’s the only way I subscribe anymore.  The prices are consistently the lowest I’ve found and the customer service is good.  Just don’t get your mom Popular Mechanics (unless she’s a DIYer).  She’d probably enjoy Elle, Smithsonian, Self, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, or any of a hundred others.

University Subscription Service 120x240










Does she enjoy wine?  Then she would appreciate a bottle that you can personalize with a label just for her (and ratings of the wines help you choose).  Or choose from over 600 products at  There is no minimum order and prices start at $10 a bottle.



Click to see varieties of caviar from Savorique

Click to see the caviar selection at Mackenzie Ltd.

And to go with that wine, how about caviar, or another gourmet food item, from Mackenzie Ltd., one of the best sources of gourmet food on the web?  They import only the best foods from around the globe.  They have chocolate, too.  And I’m talkin’ good chocolate.








And then, of course, there’s a camera.  Mothers like cameras because, for some reason, they always want to take a picture of you.  So help her out.  An outstanding place to find all things photographic is J&R Computer/Music World, New York’s legendary, block-long electronics store.  Great prices and excellent customer service.  You can order and get expedited shipping to have it there by this weekend.  They have a ton of other Mother’s Day gift suggestions as well.
J&R Computer/Music World


Speaking of suggestions…  If none of the preceding ideas has grabbed you and you’re still wondering what to get, try Overstock.  They carry millions of products and they have a convenient suggestion page for Mother’s Day gifts (something they provide for every holiday).  Of course, their prices are second to none — and their suggestions are okay (not as good as mine, but not bad).  And shipping is only $2.95 on your entire order.  Give them a try.


If you want still more suggestions and discount deals (for example, Best Buy is offering some special promotions) that I didn’t have the space to include here, go to my GOOD DEALS AND OUTLETS page (for future reference, the link is in the top menu bar).  I’m continually updating it with coupons, best-buys, closeouts, interesting products, sales, discounts, and promotions from the best vendors.

Hope this has helped.  Just as dads appreciate something besides a steady stream of neckties, moms like variability, too.  It shows you put some thought into it.  Though, of course, you know she won’t complain about flowers

And for any moms who’ve happened to run across this post…  Happy Mother’s Day!  Are your kids sort of clueless?  Then share this post on your Facebook page or elsewhere with one of the social bookmarks below, or forward the URL.  Who knows — they might just get the hint.

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