Get 2010 NBA Playoff Tickets for a Discount. Fan Gear, too.

Now that the dust of the regular season has settled, it’s time for the “real season” to begin.  Get discounted NBA playoff tickets from TicketNetwork.  And to express your enthusiasm, find fan gear here, too.

LeBron JamesAt last, the NBA playoffs are set.  The top 8 Western Conference teams have been gnawing on each other like rats in a too-small cage for the last month and the seedings came down to the final game of the season.  Only 7 games separate the number 1 seed Lakers from the number 8 seed Oklahoma City Thunder.  The Western Conference is obviously the class of the NBA — the bottom four playoff teams in the Eastern Conference (Miami, Milwaukee, Charlotte, and Chicago) would not even have made the playoffs if they’d been in the West.  The Western Conference would be the class of the NBA, that is, except for one thing:  LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Well, and Dwight Howard and the Magic. (Okay, that’s two things).  Both of those teams had better records than any team in the West.  Of course, they were in weaker divisions, too.

Who will be the first champion of the new decade?  (10 years ago it was the Lakers, with Shaq getting MVP honors and Kobe his first ring.)

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Remember some of last year’s dramatic series?  Who can forget Boston over Chicago in 7 games (with a total of 7 OT’s), or the Lakers squeaking by the Nuggets in 6?  This playoff season bodes well for more on-court fireworks, with several teams and stars peaking at the right time.  The red-hot Phoenix Suns, with the ever-creative Steve Nash (who again led the league in assists) and the almost-forgotten-but-still-formidable Amare Stoudemire, have perhaps been the best team in the NBA since the All-Star break.  The Mav’s have drastically improved with some effective trades.  The Spurs finally have their “Big 3” back.  We’ll be treated to Kevin Durant’s first playoff appearance (after he became the youngest player ever to win the league scoring title last night).  LeBron James is rested and Dwayne Wade is healthy.  And Dwight Howard is coming off a monster season.  You can never say for sure which series will be spectacular but one thing you can say for sure is that some of them will be.  How will your team fare?

Of course, you’ll want to make it to some of the games.  So I thought you’d like to know that TicketNetwork is offering a 10% discount on NBA playoff tickets.  Just enter promotional code PLAYOFF10 during checkout to get the discount.  And don’t wait to buy — a lot of these series are going to sell out.  Check out the ticket prices now; they’re probably a lot more reasonable than you would expect (as low as $8 each).  And if you spend over $250 today, they’ll give you $20 off on a future order.

Now, how will you be expressing your support as you attend the game (or watch on TV)?

How about a game jersey worn and signed by Tim Duncan?

Tim Duncan signed worn game jersey

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If that’s not something you want to wear to the game, you can get a regular Tim Duncan jersey… 

Authentic team jersey worn by the Spurs

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Or a Dwight Howard jersey

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Or a Kevin Durant youth jersey

Kevin Durant Youth Jersey

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 For something rather different, a Kobe Bryant Hesh from Skull Candy…

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Or a room-scale wall graphic of Derrick Rose from Fathead

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Or a cool Cleveland Cavaliers ball cap

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You can find gear and memorabilia for the NBA’s most popular teams:

 And there’s much more.  Click the banners below to find T-shirts, wristwatches, pennants, travel mugs — more NBA fan gear than you can shake a ballboy at.  Who are you rooting for and what do you think their chances are?  Leave a comment below.  (I already went out on a limb for the Nuggets.)

Here’s Bango, the Bucks mascot, really getting into the spirit of the playoffs prior to the series with Atlanta…



Enjoy the playoffs, man.   Don’t forget to get your tickets.

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