Big Darth Vader and Little Darth Vader

Here’s something fun — a Darth Vader flash drive and final battle statue.  We’ll start with little Darth Vader…

Ever since the advent of the Mickey Mouse watch, there’s been a time-honored tradition of melding popular fictional characters with functional products.  The only thing that’s changed is the variety of technology that can be applied to express the homage of fans for characters they love (Hannah Montana musical toothbrush, anyone?).

So now we have this nifty Darth Vader 2GB USB flash drive.

Star Wars Darth Vader USB flash drive

Darth Vader 2GB USB Flash Drive


Just imagine how cool it’ll be when you’re facing a sudden need for flash storage and you can whip out your dark-side buddy, stick him in a USB port and download (or upload) a bunch of files.  Remove the helmet and there’s a plug.  He’s 3 inches tall.  (Is that a Darth Vader USB flash drive in your pocket or are you just happy to have all your photos from ComicCon stored?)









Big Darth Vader

But we know that Sith Lords always come in twos — and who better to pair your Darth Vader USB flash drive with than… another Darth Vader!  Big Darth Vader – the Star Wars Darth Vader ArtFX Final Battle Statue.  This is a 1:7 scale action figure.  He’s about 11 inches tall and stands on an exclusive Death Star panel display base.  This intricately-detailed sculpture includes LEDs to make the lightsaber, chest, and belt instruments light up.  Usually collectible figures of this size are quite expensive, but you can acquire this painstakingly-rendered dark boy for under $113 from Entertainment Earth.  He’ll be available in January, 2012.  Pre-order this collectible now. And put him… anywhere he wants to go.

Darth Vader Final Battle ArtFX Statue from Star Wars Return of the Jedi



















What’s the Deal with Darth?

When you think about it, you might wonder:  why would anyone want a Darth Vader figure?  I mean, he’s badass and all, but not really someone you’d admire.  Only Luke cut him any slack — Luke was like a broken record constantly saying there was “good in him.” 

Yeah…tell that to all the people whose necks he snapped, all the underlings he purged.  Oban Wan totally gave up on him.  Even the Emperor tried to downsize him. 

But then it occurred to me that Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker) was probably the most passionate of all the Star Wars characters.  He was a lover of life and of his wife.  He desired so much to hold fast to his love that he embarked on a quest for ultimate power — the power to keep the universe from changing, to stave off death itself. 

His fear drove him mad, more or less, but only an individual with strong feelings could ever get to that point.  So let’s acknowledge Anakin’s darker side for what it was:  the manifestation of a great, though doomed, attempt to express his passion for life and love.  Not too many 9-year-old humans win pod races, after all.  And he did build C-3PO, who is the single most polite Star Wars character.  All in all, you’ve got to give Darth credit — he rose to the height of power in the galaxy and ended up killing his evil master.  Not too shabby for a former slave.

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