Some of the Best Inexpensive Earbuds You Can Get — the Q:Electronics Noise-isolating Earbuds

Right now, you can get not one but 2 pair of these nifty earbuds for under $15, along with cheap shipping.  Keep a pair for yourself and give the other as a gift.  Or keep ’em both — one for the office and one for the gym.  (Limited time; don’t wait.)


Q Electronics Noise-isolating Ear Buds with Volume Control

Click to purchase from Overstock while they last


If you give them as a gift, the recipient will probably think you spent more than you did.  Customer reviews for these noise-isolating earbuds from Q:Electronics are almost uniformly positive.  I did manage to find one review where the person thought they were uncomfortable (they are small and fit into your ear canal).  Everybody else liked them.  And they come with 3 different sizes of earbud tips so you can customize the fit to your ear.


These are from Q:Electronics, which is one of those unprepossessing British companies that understates what they do but deliver the goods.  (Remember “Q” in the Bond films?)  On their website, they state:  “Our goal is to provide equipment that solves our customers’ problems and fulfils our customers’ requirements at a cost-effective price.”

Mission accomplished.

Customer reviews state such things as:  “The true definition of a value deal…  Surely the best value that you will find in headphones…  These earbuds do the job…  Great for the price…  Great phones, great value…” 

The noise-isolation function is intended to cut out higher frequencies, such as talking, keyboard clicking, and the like.  In that respect, they’ll help you enjoy your music or audio book while isolating distractions at the office or gym.  They are not designed to cut out, say, the sound of jet engines when you’re a passenger on a flight.  But one reviewer stated that they worked so well in his office that he almost felt creeped out that he couldn’t hear people around him or walking up to him (on the plus side, he got a lot of work done).  On Overstock, reviews average 4.5 out of 5 stars.

One online reviewer wrote:  “I am listening to these IEMs right now and they sound great.  For what it’s worth, I own Sennheiser HD-595s ($180) and Grado SR-80 ($100) headphones and while both are clearly better sounding than these, the difference is not huge.  These Q buds have good dynamics and nice midrange and highs.  The bass is decent on classical music but it tends to sound somewhat muddy on rock music.  They are better sounding and definitely more comfortable than the stock buds that came with my iPod Touch…”

The deal on Overstock won’t last forever, so if they’re gone there, you can also find a single pair at for under $20 — and with this set you get volume controls on the cord and several different colors of pads to choose from.  Not a bad deal.  (Also, for what it’s worth, other reviewers mentioned they liked the bass response with music such as rap and hip-hop.)

This price probably won’t last long, so don’t wait to pick up these buds. 

And, by the way — you would already have found out about this deal if you had gone to my Good Deals and Outlets page and clicked on the “Deal of the Day” banner. 

Just sayin’…

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